Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Halfway point of summer

Sharing a bunch of pictures of both of the kids today from the first half of Summer.

Our annual summer bowling afternoon. None of us are any good but you still try anyways.
A couple of pictures from belt testing at the beginning of June. She earned her blue stripe. She is two belts behind her brother. That's what happens when you are in junior high and have sports every night.

she hasn't gone to the Medford pool too much. Here is from the first time she went this year with her friend Hannah.
One of the camps she did this summer is called scrubs camp. It is a medical field based camp and they get to wear a scrub stop during it. They actually keep their top and she is leaving it at the cabin. She wouldn't wear it anywhere else but who cares if she's just hanging around up north where nobody knows her plus she says it is super comfy.

Playing at Lone Lake Beach in Aiken.

Shooting her BB gun. She also got to shoot A's airsoft rifle.
Playing with bubbles outside the cabin.
Riding a bike at the pump track and then playing pinball

she attended 4-H Camp this year. This year it was at Camp Victory which was a new location torrid. her brother was also there but the teen & Youth camps had their own tracks and really only saw each other in passing for meals.
Here she is being presented with her blue stripe at class.

We bought butterfly kits this summer again but due to the timing of when they emerged and our trip to the cabin we had to let them go right away this year.
this is her sixth year completing this Northfield kids triathlon. Our summer show at the Guthrie was "Guys and Dolls" it was really good. Choreography and costumes were awesome.

some photos of her at throwers Camp. They worked on both shot put and discus but I was only there for a while at the end to take pictures of shot. It was at the same college that she has gone to swim camp. She still keeps saying she wants to go to school there when she gets older.

Being up at the cabin means we try to get out on two different lakes in different ways. Sometimes it's a boat or a kayak or swimming or on our new rubber dockie.

Spent an afternoon at the Northland arboretum in Brainerd with both kids so they could learn more about a couple trees they are learning about for a project for the fair for 4-H.
I totally forgot to mention tubing when I was mentioning all the ways we get onto likes. This is big Mable, she's our newest too. And she's lots of fun. Wasn't sure if Andy was going to be able to dump the kids on this one but he found a way. this one can be hooked up where they can be kneeling are standing like they are shown here or turn it around and they can be seated. Being the old lady that I am I prefer the seated way when I ride with them.
one of Isabel's adventure choices was to go white water rafting in Duluth with me again. next year her brother is old enough to go so it might be the three of us or perhaps all four we'll go. We'll see.

Here she is with one of the sparklers before we set off all the good fireworks later on. While she and I white water raft the boys went to Wisconsin to purchase some fireworks.

We had a concert to go to this summer. It was Ariana grande. We were actually supposed to see her in April but then she was asked to play at Coachella and rescheduled a couple of her concerts and one of them was the one to saint Paul so it ended up being a summer concert for us.

another fun thing we did was check out seaquest and went snorkeling with The Stingrays. She thought that was really awesome and love touching the Stingrays and I think she became best friends with one of the pufferfish. She said she really wants to do this again and perhaps we could bring her for her birthday.

So far she is only gone to the faribault water park once this summer but we'll get there a few more times as I bought a book of passes this year. Mixing things up a little bit this year with what we have typically done and didn't buy some memberships we normally would in favor of trying a bunch of different things.
she's decided to take advantage of the tent that was set up that Henry and his friend didn't use. Glad someone used it. I bought this huge new tent to use when I take the boy camping and this was the first time we set it up. I wanted to set it up at home to see how hard it was before we actually take it on the road.
This past weekend we went to the Saints game. She's not really into baseball but her brother plays and her dad likes to watch sports, she likes to go along for the snacks. :-)

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Nickelodeon Universe

I took the kids to the MOA and Nickelodeon Universe when they had a day off in March. I bought them unlimited ride wristbands and they had a lot of fun!

Swimming Videos

So, we aren't sure if she will continue on with swim or not. She turns 13 soon and will age up, meaning her time standards are faster again. And between having basketball and track at the school she is quite busy. She is sad to think she might be done with competitive swimming as it has been a huge part of her life for 6 years. Who knows, she might still fit it in. She loves to swim.

This top video is at a home swim meet at the Frbo pool. The rest are from Regionals the first weekend in March.

More, more, and more videos (Discus Throw_

After sharing all the videos I had uploaded to YouTube, I realize there are more on my phone I didn't upload and share....more work to do....

This is her first meet trying out a spinning throw. This was the junior high conference championships and she ended up getting 7th in discus and 6th in shot in the conference. I think that was out of 24 throwers. The following meet she got 2nd place in shot and 3rd place in discus. That meet gave out ribbons if you placed 1st-3rd, so she was pretty pumped about that.

Shot Throw - Varsity Meet, 7th Grade

This was at a home varsity meet. She has actually throw further since this video, but now you can check it out. She really likes throwing. Junior High track & field is done, but she still has at least one more varsity meet to throw in, maybe 2 other additional ones.

Winter Jr High Band Concert

Next week she will have her spring you at least get to see these before those. Ha!

She is in the back in the middle, so you can never see her on the videos. Heck, we can barely get a glimpse of her when we are sitting there.

7th GUP TKD testing

Here are some videos from her last belt testing....

Playing Catch up with the girls videos too!

Whew! After getting the videos of the boy shared, I figured I better get caught up on the girl's too.

There is the boy flossing again.....I accidently took this video.....I wanted to do still pictures and didn't realize for a handful of seconds it was recording.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Art "Head" Project on Display

The head project that Isabel received a purple ribbon for at the county fair this past summer has been on display at school on the elementary side for the past cpl months. She started this project as part of art class last year as a sixth grader, which in our school is still part of elementary. The elementary art teacher was pretty proud that two of her students received purple ribbons, at different county fairs with projects they started at school. Isabel continue to work on her project and added more to it after she brought it home from school and before she entered it into the fair. I think all that extra work she did had made the difference.

One of my readers!

We barely even got out of the library parking lot before she started reading this book, PS I Love You. it is the third in a series. Actually I didn't know there was three in the series until she finished reading this and asked me about ordering it online. She thought maybe it would take too long for the library to get here and wanted to order it on Amazon but it looks like the library should have it for us very soon.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tubing at Buckhill Video

I took her tubing at Buckhill a couple weekends ago. We wait about 15 minutes to get a 21 second run in. Crazy. We did 9 runs that night before we got too cold. We would have only had time for one more after that anyways before our time was up.

She is in the far left lane.

6th grade gym class gymnastics

They do this every year in 4th-6th grades at our school. The last 2 years, she hasn't been in a class with gymnasts or cheerleaders which consequently left her with the most experience in this area in her class. What the do is the class is divided in to small group and they make up their own routines together. Then they perform them and compete against all the teams in their classroom and the teachers rate them. Each year, the group she has been in has won their classroom.

They do this for all 3 classrooms. Once it is narrowed down to the 3 classroom winners, then those teams perform again and are then placed by their teachers. In 4th grade, she was on a team with a skilled gymnast and they took 1st place. The last 2 years she won her classroom with her team, but they end up taking 2nd place (they gave a tie for 2nd place last year, this year it was a tie for 1st place). So, she got 1st place in 4th grade, 2nd place in 5th grade and 6th grade (technically the phy ed teacher should have said it was 3rd place, but oh well)

 Then in between the 6th grade teachers did their own routine.

Mid- Winter 6th grade concert

You can't really see her very well, but she is in the back row towards the center. The light is shining down on her and with her blond hair and pale skin, she is just washed out.

People thought they were done, started to clap. Apparently, they were playing their first longer piece. So, continue with Part 2 to hear the rest of it. LOL!

We were sitting in the back row so we could actually see her. If we sat too far forward then we would never be able to watch her playing as there are 2 rows of kids in front of her.

Monday, February 12, 2018

This Past Weekend

 We had another busy weekend. These are in no particular order of the time occurrence of the events.

This top photo is of her at the Science Museum and working on the different experiments and projects they had that were special for Saturday.

 Here are a few shots while she is playing basketball at the tournament this weekend. We have seen much improvement but really she had nowhere to go but to improve. She did finally make her first two points in a game. She is getting good at getting the rebound and trying to jump up and take another shot and getting the follow but now she needs to learn how to sync those free throws. They keep bouncing off the rim.
 This next picture is from our monthly for each meeting. They did a science experiment across three different tables of kids.
 Here she is with the Harry Potter golden snitch Valentine box that she made. She  brought it to the 4H meeting for the Valentine Fox contest and both she and her brother one one of the prizes.

Next up is a boat project they had to do for science class, I believe. There were a couple of rules they had to follow one main one was that the bottom of the boat that touch the water had to be completely metal. Another rule was that it had to float for a certain length of time with 50 pennies in it. They had to work on their own and design something that would work. She had three cups to balance out over her pie plate to split her pennies into so it wouldn't tip over. 

Here is a class at Shattuck Saint Mary's  where she is about learning about hearts that included a dissection of a pig or cow Heart during the last hour of the class. She had a friend from school go with her and four friends from swim team were there as well her friend from school didn't care for the smell during the dissection part so she left the room so the other kids in the pictures above are from swim team.

Finally, we took the kids to the winter carnival in St Paul for the first time to see the ice castle and all the amazing ice sculptures there. I thought that was pretty neat to see.