Monday, July 12, 2010

Art Projects Inspired by Frugal Family Fun Blog

We have done several other art project in the past that have been inspired by the Frugal Family Fun Blog. I just love her ideas. I will link the title of each one of these to her blog post about how to make that item. You will notice that we took some artistic liberties and did some different things to our projects.

This first project is a pencil holder for daddy to take to work with him. I suppose we could have made two, but decided to hang up the other half of the painted piece. This one we followed pretty closely, but I did add some clear contact paper over the painted colored paper to make it water resistant. Daddy likes it and thinks it is pretty neat.

Ok, for this one they made a card and had taped down some blue paper for the water, so it was more of an inspiration piece that inspired the fish and then she painted the seas as it was in a scene in "Ponyo". So, she calls this her Ponyo picture.

You know, I took a lot more picture of her making all this art work, but I just don't have time to make all the collages and post about them when we are so busy making the art. So, you just get to see the final projects.

We did a good job following the instructions, but in the end she decided that the seeds needed to be in different spots since they aren't lined up straight in a real orange and are all over in side.

ok - well, the idea was the same for this one, but instead we painted with food coloring thinned with water. And she had to place a flowered jewel in the center of each one "to make it pretty."

I thought this project was so cute. Not sure where the mom from Frugal Family Fun got her leaf paint chips, otherwise I would have used them too. So, I just cut out leaves using patterned scissors on some leftover green tissue paper and I let her draw the branches and veins in the leaves.

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