Friday, July 16, 2010

More Crafts

We've been home a lot this week (well she still had daily swim lessons & dance class twice a week) but we didn't have day trips planned anywhere, so we had time for her to make crafts while her brother napped.

The three crafts on this page are all from Crafts by Amanda. The colored ice cubes, just our own ide to do with the drip-free popsicles on the day we had a heat index of 104.

This top one is a cute little ladybug. We tend to use washable tempura paint, so our paintings don't appear as dark/solid (you can see paper) and in lieu of fabric circles I thought I would let her sprinkle glitter on and then make black dots with paint. She has been very proud of her crafts. They have all been turning out so well.

We made pink ice cubes for her to put in her drinks on that hot, sticky day. She made flower & heart ice cubes.

Some more little ladybugs made from lids. They were pretty simple. I did have to let her use acrylic paint for these because the tempura paint would not stick. We put them on the shelf in the window facing onto the porch so people can see them right away when they come to visit.

And finally we have our paper plate owl. It turns out there is no orange construction paperin the pack I bought anddug through my craft supplies to see what I had that was orange to use as a beak and decided on a pipecleaner. Who doesn't put orange in a pack of construction paper?

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Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, they are all so cute!! What an adorable little girl you have, such a sweetie! Thanks so much for trying some of my crafts :) I'll post a link to you on my facebook fan page :)