Monday, April 24, 2017

Hip Hop Dance Class

 Isabel had the chance to do a free for our hip hop class at school. It was part of a senior project. They broke the kids into two groups. Isabel is in the group of third - six graders.
She had fun, but I think it was more about getting to spend a bunch of time with her friends that were in the class as well.

Friday, February 03, 2017

5th grade phy ed gymnastics

They won their classroom competition and advanced to the 5th grade competition, where they tied for 2nd place. The group that took 1st place had 3 gymnasts in it.

This was something they did as a part of their phy ed class unit on gymnastics.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reg & Slow Mo Video

We took the kids to the Science Museum today and they have a new exhibit called Sportsology and this was one of the activities they could do was to do some kind of physical movement and then watch in recorded in slow motion. I recorded her doing it regular than on the computer as she did them in slow motion. She did a cartwheel in one and a jump in the other.

Cheerleading Competition (Last Week)

There were 3 girls missing from the group so they had to rework some things and Isabel has to do different places for the stunts. She was still a base in all of them (strong girl!) and was happy she didn't have to mock it (go through the moves without a flier) like some had to.

I didn't start recording from the beginning....

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Videos from 5th grade Christmas Concert

Here you go......

I will post some pictures I took of her on my camera later -- these were on my phone.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Microscope Mania STEM class at SSM

 This is the first STEM class this year that Isabel has been able to take at Shattuck. She just loves science and taking these classes there. Wish we could afford to send her there but tuition is the same as a private college. 😔

Parents can come back 15 minutes early for this 3 hr class to see what they learned. Her brother can't wait until he is old enough to go too.

They offer one every month during the school year and then hopefully they will bring back their day camp in the summer.
 She can't make January because of a cheer competition but is considering skipping a travel swim meet to discuss the Feb one. Hopefully she can make the April one. And May she is for sure signed up for. It is working with their big catapult.

Her friend Bennett spent the night at our house and went to the class together. She goes to a different school but they are on swim team together and are the same age and grade. Bennett is her BFF.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

2nd Cheer Competition (in Prior Lake)

Here is the video from her 2nd Cheer Competition. It is slightly different from the one they did before. They had to change one thing so they wouldn't lose points (not sure how all that works) and then they had to modify the lifts that one girl was in because she got her at the practice the night before. She is a base in 2 of the 3 group stunts that Isabel is in, although thankfully it wasn't in one of the 2 groups she is with Isabel with that she got hurt, so there was no question if one of the other bases did something wrong. The girl ended up going off the mat and falling on the wood floor with the flier falling on top of her (at least, that's what I was told.)

Saturday, November 26, 2016