Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Weekend in WI

Catapult Science Class at Shattuck

She loves to take these STEM classes at SSM. This class was a catapult class and she had 4 friends there with her. She was in a group with 2 friends from school and her 2 friends from swim were in the group next to her.

MN State Cheerleading Competition

Here is a short clip her friend's mom took, but then their coach did buy the videos at state. They did get 1st place at State.

These are their pictures take at state. The top one is both the younger group and older group and the bottom picture is just of the older group. Not sure if she will do this or not next year. She initially said no she wasn't when this finished, but if it turns out that several of her friends are doing it again, plus another was talking about doing it that didn't do it before, then she might change her mind. She is talking about trying out basketball next year and she wouldn't have enough time in her life to do swim, cheer and basketball. So I guess we'll find out this fall.

5th Grade Science Project - Gumball Machine

A couple of videos of the gumball machine in action. They had to make it as a group, but if we are being honest she did most of the work.

TO "win" their class gumball project they had to use as many simple machines as possible of the 6 then learned about (they were the only in their class to use all 6) and have it go as slow as possible. They won their classroom, but there was a different one in a different classroom that was slower so they didn't win the grade.

Katy Perry Tickets

I took this video because I thought she would be more excited and make a video worthy excitement when she found out that I bought her tickets to see Katy Perry, when what happened is she was confused and she thought that Katy Perry (December concert) was opening for Shawn Mendes (August concert). She knew about Shawn Mendes and I probably should have printed off the actual concert tickets and only gave her the Katy Perry stuff I made her.

She is wearing a mermaid tshirt and swim sweat pants I had made for her and given her previously for her birthday.

2017 Talent Show - Science Experiments

Izzy really wanted to be in the talent show but was very particular about what she was willing to do on stage and who with, finally she decided to push people's ideas of what makes a talent (not just singing and piano playing and gymnastics) and show that being smart is a talent too. She asked her friend Savannah to do this with her and they spent a lot of time coming to out house to try out a variety of different experiments to find 2 that would be "show worthy", meaning they could be seen from the stage and quick enough to do. They didn't always agree (as you see in the audition tape), but as you will see in the final production for the talent show they pulled it all together and put on a great show and I think they opened a few eyes as what consitutes a talent ad maybe we will see some other "different things" next year.

They also made this poster for the front of their table.

5th grade Spring Concert (Choir & Band)

Isabel is in the back of the band in a turqoise top. She is playing the French Horn. This is her first band concert and they actually sounded fairly decent and when you consider they have only been playing together for 2 months then they sound really good.

I only recorded the band stuff, you can view the whole concert on

11th Birthday, Party with Family

 The outside ring is flower petal cupcake liners so this was her flower birthday cake.
 Opening her present from Uncle Al and Aunt Lisa.
 Still opening it.
 A bunch of girly stuff to do her nails and a journal from them.
A crafty paint your own beads set from Uncle Jason and Aunt Stephanie.
 A wooden TV from Grandma and Grandpa that she can slide her Kindle into and watch TV. They made this. It is pretty neat.
 We celebrated Lincoln's birthday to and put his cupcakes in the shape of a 2.
 Lincoln with his present from us. It was a water and summer beach theme. He is a little peanut and actually wears a size 24 months or 2T at that age. Isabelle and her brother were always in a size above their age.
Opening his present from us.