Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bath Time Puppets

"And that is why you use soap"
Daddy has discovered that he enjoys puppet play. For the first few times it seemed like daddy enjoyed them more than she did, but tonight she seems very interested in it. I think she sometimes get confused on where she should look because she sees the puppet mouth moving,
but also hears & sees daddy moving his mouth. I think daddy enjoys listening to himself make up stories. She has a couple bath time puppets & some dry playtime puppets as well.

"You be quiet, I want to talk."
As I type this I can her daddy and Isabel talking and singing "lalalalala". Isabel has been in a fantastic mood all day. If we get snowed in here, I hope that fantastic mood continues.

Owatonna ECFE Rummage Sale

There wll be a rummage sale sponsored by the Owatonna ECFE next weekend at Roosevelt School that will have kids toys, clothes, & maternity clothes, books, etc. It will be om Friday (March 9th) from 4-7pm and Saturday (March 10th) from 8am-12pm.

I think Isabel & I will go check it out right away on Friday evening. I don't have any immediate needs for her, but you never know what you will find.

The Baby's Doing It!

I think the other kids at swim class must think Isabek is a show-off or something. We would work with her on the different things, including dunking under water, and all the other parents would say "Look, the baby's doing it!" Trying to convince their 2 or 3 year old to go under the water (especially that one) 0r swim assisted across the pool, etc. Isabel doesn't know any different and just does what we have her do, no cries. Maybe because of this early exposure to swimming she won't be afraid like some of the other kids when she gets to be 2 or 3. She even dunked under the water a 3rd time last night because my co-workers little girl said she would watch Isabel do it again & then do it herself (she didn't.)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Tonight is the last night of swim classes for this session. Hopefully, we have a good time.

Last night at ECFE class she had a great time. She played really hard the entire time and just exhausted herself. We still have 3 more ECFE classes for this term.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pictures I Will Hate When I Grow Up

Rattle & Shake
At least I can tell her that her butt was dimply when she was born and it's not cellulite. I apologize to her all the time for giving her that hereditary trait.

Mom Thinks This is Cute....

Does she know how much I will be embarrassed if I ever see these pictures when I get older?

We stayed inside all weekend. We didn't get as much snow as some, but between ice, wind, cold & snow it was just smarter to stay inside.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

40 Weeks Old

Daddy is Helping Me Stand
She was such a good napper today. It's almost supper time, so I don't have long to post. She's been in a really good mood all day today.

It's weird today because we have so much ice covering everything. All of our windows to the east are covered with ice, so it's like looking at those privacy windows that let in light but no one can see through. It started snowing about an hour ago, which isn't good on top of all the ice.

If only we could remain this flexible.
When I was changing her diaper she kept bringing her feet to her mouth. I thought I would take a picture of it because someday she might not believe me that she was that flexible. Funny baby.

Breakfast Time

I Spy a Kitty.
We had picked up some placemats at Wal-Mart. This one is numbers (obviously), the other two are of dinosaurs and the alphabet. She loves looking at them and will take them off the table and look at them and also try to eat them.

New Way of Eating

Check out the position of her mouth. She put those new teeth to work and bring her puff snacks and cereal or just about anything to the front of her mouth so she can chew them with her teeth. It's very cute to watch her eat and figure out her new teeth.

She's 40 weeks old today. I haven't gotten around yet to taking her weekly picture. She's napping right now, so maybe later.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Reading Her Favorite Book

Blach, blah, blah......
She loves this Baby Faces book. I got in from the library book sale. It must have been a donated book because it was not one with a library code on it. Anyways, she loves it and she you take it out to read to her, she reads to you. She lays back on your chest and just talks through the entire time you turn the pages. She has started talking a lot while I read to her, but this one she just takes over on.
So Excited About Reading

She has really been enjoying looking at the pictures. She still likes to try and eat books, but now she likes to look at the pictures too.

She is starting to be more of a cuddler now. She likes to cuddle a little bit when I first get her out of bed and if she starts getting sleepy she likes to cuddle, or if I read her some stories (sometimes she is a cuddler, sometimes she is not.)

She was just relaxing with dad and reading while I finished getting ready. He's still in his jammies.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

9 Month Measurements

Weight: 20 pounds, 14 ounces
Her weight puts her at the 83rd percentile. She gained just over a pound in the last month. Her head circumference is also in the 80th percentile.

This doctor visit was pretty short once the doctor got in there. Everything looks good & normal. Next time we go to the doctor is for her 1 year appointment and then she will get two shots and they also have to draw blood to do blood tests.

Length: 30.5 inches

That gives her a growth of a half inch within the last 2 weeks. That must be her 9 month growth spurt. I'll have to measure her length again next week to see if it jumps up anymore like that. Obviously she is off the charts on her length.


Mommy: At 10 months, mommy weighted 20 pounds 3 ounces and was 28.25 inches long.

Daddy: At 9 months, daddy weighed 22.5 pounds and was 30 inches long.

Isabel: Well, obviously she is longer than both of us at 9 months of age, She weighs more than mommy did at 10 months, but considering she is at least 2.25 inches longers it seems right. It's interesting that she has now surpassed daddy in her length. Up until this point she was always just a little shorter but kept growing fast to catch up.

Tomorrow is her Gramps's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPS!

They always read the blog in the morning, so the stuff they see is from the previous day, so if I type Happy Birthday today then he will read it at the appropriate time.

These were her newborn footprints......

Now, keep in mind in these pictures they are not the actual size they were at birth. But look at the little toes.
I have this "kit" that I was supposed to make footprints or handprints with and then they go in a frame with her picture. I tried doing the footprint thing and it didn't take very well. Then I got the bright idea to scan in the prints made at her actual birth and have those made into photos.
A little bit of photoshop work and several copies printed off to make sure I had made them the actual size and I had beautiful footprint photos to hang in the frame with a picture from her birth.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

9 Months Old

So, how did I get this open before?
It is so hard to believe it has been 9 months already. When everyone tells you that times goes by fast, you just don't understand because you are just waiting for them to stop crying so you can get some sleep. But now it just seem like the days just coast on by.

Tetris on my cell phone is so much fun!

She got her 6th tooth today. The corresponding top one. I don't see any others coming in yet, but who knows when those other bottom two will pop on out. She was pretty cranky last night and today and I knew that it had to be cutting through. Although, so far, she has handled getting her six teeth in much more pleasantly than others have described it. Knock on wood!

Daddy's Home!

I took this picture of her just as daddy was walking in the door and she saw him. Tonight he came to swim class with us and came in the water with us too. She was loving all the attention from both of us and kept paddling her arms (so much more than ever before) to get to each of us. We tired her out. Hopefully she sleeps well tonight (last night she got me up 3 times, which she had not done in a few weeks). She always seems to sleep well on swim class nights.

Daddy, how did you get so tall?

He was standing above her and she was just staring up at him in awe.

Next week is our last week of swim classes for this session. I don't know if they are offering any other classes in the next few months. We may have to wait until summer to take classes again. At least we have the water park wristbands we can use some afternoons and we will go swimming (if the weather is cooperative) when we go to Texas for a vacation at the end of March.

Thursday is her check-up w/ her doctor. So, then we will get a nine month weight and length. Friday is her Gramps's birthday. And Sunday her grandma and grandpa and cousin Travis are coming to babysit her in the afternoon so that mommy & daddy can go see a play at the local theater.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Picture Day Again

Happy, Smiling Baby
We had a full schedule for her today with mommy having the day off work for President's Day. She was supposed to have her picture taken in the morning, then a playdate, and then a relaxed afternoon. Well, she took a long morning nap through her picture appointment, so we re-scheduled for this afternoon after her afternoon nap. And her playdate has the flu, so that was cancelled. It's all ok though. We were just going with the flow today.

This was the first time she didn't get upset and cry when we went to a portrait studio. I was a little frustrated that they once again changed the package type/size. It was much smaller and I didn't have enough of the right size pictures to give out. I'll have to make some minor adjustments. They also had a special going on for 20 picture cards for $10. I asked how big the picture is on the card and they said it was about a 3.5x5....Hmmmm....just the size I was going to get more of, but I was only going to get 4 of that size for $10. I mentioned this to the lady and she said I was the 2nd person to figure that out, but that most didn't. So, I ordered the package of the "first" pose and ordered cards of another pose. It's weird how they do the "pose" thing, but I work with it. We got some nice smiling pictures this time. I am glad she broke out of the "I'm Serious Baby" thing. She was probably not smiling much for a while because of her teeth coming in.

Speaking of teeth -- I forgot to mention yesterday that she got in her 5th tooth. This one is the 2nd one on the top left. The corresponding right one will be following shortly I am sure.

The outfit she is wearing is what she wore for pictures. I was a little worried that she would get it dirty since I put her in it first things this morning and out appointment wasn't until 3pm.


I just felt like taking some close-ups. Sometimes it's nice to see the little detail in their hands and face.

Just Looking

She has beautiful long eyelashes. Perhaps from mommy?

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Chicken Nuggets
We met Auntie Razz & Uncle Shane at the nearby Rock'n'Roll McDonald's for lunch today. She had her first chicken nuggets and liked them, plus she had fries again and some of dad's vanilla shake. We were in the play land side, but the other side has a bunch of rock-n-roll memorabilia in it. Kinda neat. They have a little slide there for toddlers. It was just big enough that I could put her at the top and lean grabs her hands as she slid down. The rest of the stuff in the play land will be fun for her in a couple of years.

Last night I gave her some leftover Tombstone pizza. The crust gets soft when you reheat it in the mirowave -- so that worked out well. It had pepperoni on it and she liked it just fine. Yesterday at breakfast, we tried pancakes again. It was the same pancakes I tried last time. This time she was loving it, where last time she didn't care for it.

And today for breakfast I made crockpot apple cinnamon oatmeal (w/ whipped topping) and she really wanted to share mine with me. She liked it just fine. Although she did learn that the middle is warmer than the outside. She likes to touch her food now and was touching the outside and then decided to shove her hand in the middle. It wasn't hot, just a little warm, but enough that it scared her a little. It's nice that she is really wanting to eat stuff that we do. In the morning she also likes to share pieces of my bagel w/ cream cheese with me.

Baby Toys

On the happy meal bag it said that toys for kids under 3 were available upon special request. So, I sent daddy to exchange out toy. They should have seen that we had a baby and offered that right away -- but the guy was an idiot that took our order. I took this picture just as we were leaving. She was very pleased with her new toy. I am glad they offer baby toys because she was trying to get at the other toy and I didn't want her to have it.

Speaking of rock-n-roll.....she's still not crawling, but this morning she rolled over halfway across the living room to get from where she was sitting over to the chair I was sitting in. It was very cute. She would roll over and then look to see how much further she had and then roll again and then when she got to a point that she couldn't roll anymore without rolling into the foot stool she yelled up at me. So, she certainly is figuring out ways to get around. She starting to show interest in pulling herself up, but hasn't done that yet.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bath Time Fun

What Do You Get When You Cross a Turtle w/ a Duck?
She got these set of big turtle and three little turtles as Valentine’s present from her grams and gramps. She likes to set all different toys on top of the big turtle. She tries to eat the big turtles face, since she can't really get it in her mouth like the others.

Mmmm! Turtle Head!

She was super excited when I first opened it and the baby turtle went straight in the mouth. The problem is that there are 3 baby turtles and she only has one mouth. She was playing with it in the living room last night (before we brought it upstairs for bath time.) She got super pissed when we tried taking them away from her. This girl could possibly throw some wicked tantrums when she gets older.

I Love Taking a Bath.

She loves taking a bath, but it the getting ready for bed that she's not that fond of. It's not all that fun to get jammies on and she is so tired. She goes to bed around 6:30pm on the average night and will normally sleep between 11-12 hours. The last couple of nights she has slept 12.5 hours and also added some extra time to her nap(s) as well. I was trying to find if babies sleep more during growth spurts or what. She is 9 months this week, another growth spurt time and she hasn't gone through it (as of my measurements on the 7th) yet. From what I have been reading, then get fussier - which she certainly has this week, but her sleep has also increased and it's been good sleep (so far!) So, who knows. We have her 9 month doctor appointment this week Thursday. I'll see what she says.

Say Cheese!

We had Auntie Razz help us with the bedtime routine. This is what her night looks like ona normal night: 5pm - Dinner, 5:15 Play in Room/Crib, 5:30 Bath, 5:45 Lotion; Jammies; Diaper; Brush Hair; Brush Teeth, 6:00: Nurse, 6:30: Asleep in Crib

So, Auntie Razz played with her. Isabel seems to like her and she makes her smile, so she seemed to have fun playing with her. Auntie Razz is pregnant with her first so we were just walking her through what we do.

Learning at the Science Museum

This One is Yellow.
We were in the area about learning about the body, genes, and nutrition. I am not sure what the blocks were there for, but she liked pounding them and putting them in and out of the box.

This One is Red.

They has had boxes of play food there, but when she saw those she immediately would spit out her pacifier and try to stick them in her mouth, so block play it is!

How Come None of these Look Like Me?

They had a little play area in the Race Exhibit. This was the special exhibit that I wanted to see. I certainly did not learn as much while having Isabel with. By time we got to the Race Exhibit she really wanted to get out of the stroller and play and move around. So, I carried her and she seemed super excited about every area we moved to within the exhibit. I was glad they had a little kids play area ni that exhibit.

I tried finding one that would look like her or her friend Luis, but no such luck. No blond hair white women or girls or any Hispanics at all.

So, What You're Saying is Race is a Relatively New Concept.

I really wish I could have read more of the items in the exhibit. It was really interesting, but she was getting really restless.

We were smart and went there in the morning. By the time we left in the afternoon, parking spots were at a premium and our spot was very desirable.

Playing in the Car

All Smiles.
As soon as we got in the car and were ready to go she just got silly and was all smiles.

That’s Funny.

It was like she was purposely fake yawning to make me yawn and then she would laugh about it when I started yawning. But then it got the best of her and she would end up really yawning too. She thought it was hilarious though. Good picture of her top teeth here.

Yawning Contest w/ Mom.

I can't even type up this post without looking at the picture of her yawning and yawning myself. Can you look at the picture and not fight back the urge to yawn?

39 Weeks

I Look So Cute Today!
It's so hard to believe that she is going to be 9 months already (Tuesday). She's still not crawling, but she gets where she needs/wants to by scooting on her butt, rolling all over the places, or push herself backward with her arms, Oh! And screaming loudly to be picked up if nothing else is helping her.

I Have Visitors This Weekend!
Her Auntie Razz and Uncle Shane are here visiting this weekend. They babysat her last night so that mommy & daddy could go out. Today we all plan to go to the Science Museum.

The outfit she is wearing today is a Christmas present from Auntie Razz & Unce Shane. It's a little big on her, but Auntie Razz really wanted to see her in it. It has a leoprint caplet that goes with it as well.

How Did You Get That Duck in There?
She won't smile on command for me anymore. I thought it was the old camera she liked, but that didn't make her smile. It is this yellow block with the duck noises that she can resist anymore. It quacks ans she loves it. I am bringing this along on Monday for pictures.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

She got a new valentine's sweater from mom & dad. It is very cute on her. I thought she would play with the fringe, but not really. She got valentine's at daycare with lots of treats that she can't eat but mom & dad can. I made homemade valentine's from her for daycare, daddy, & grandparents. I thought they were nice. She got a valentine in the mail from grandma and granpa and chewed the ears off the bear. Silly girl. Her valentine from grams and gramps is coming with her Auntie Razz & Uncle Shane who are coming to visit this weekend. They are going to babysit one night so mommy & daddy can go hang out.

Apparently her little boyfriend at daycare was giving her lots of kisses today. The daycare lady took lots of pictures of them and showed them to me this afternoon. I asked her to get me a copy of the one where they are both kissing each other. I'll have to scan that in for all to see.

Happy Belated Birthday to Uncle J!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Going to Swim Class

Here she is getting ready to go to swim class. The locker room situation is less than ideal, so we just get out suits on at home and put clothes over than and go there. The hotel is only a couple miles away, so it's fine. We do change out of our wet suits there.
Tonight she was squeling with delight once we got there and got in the water. She has never done that before. So, it was pretty neat to see that she enjoys being there. The water was warm tonight and we had a good time.
ECFE class was fine last night. She fell asleep in my ams before it was over. I was worried about trying to get her back to sleep once we got home, but she did fine with it.
I am thinking it may not have been eczema, but I am not a doctor, so what do I know. We started using hypoallergenic soap & lotion (& lotioning every day) and now the dry spots seem to be going away and she isn't getting red much. So, maybe it was just irritation to her dry skin. I know I have had some really dry skin and what looked like rash after I got out of the tub too. I seem even more particularly dry this winter.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Like French Fries & Ravioli.

After Skye had posted about this being about the time she gave one of her boys frie for the first time, I had to try. We had fries from Mickey D's on Tuesday and today she went out for lunch with mom & dad to El Tequila and well, she had fries. There wasn't much on the menu that we thought she would be interested in. Daddy gave her some guacamole, but she didn't like that. But she does like the fries.
Tonight she had some Gerbers Graduate Beef & Tomato Ravioli. It was on sale at Target, we though we would pick one up and try it out. She loves it.
She did really good with her naps this weekend.
We also bought a new diaper pail. Daddy couldn't handle the old one. He can't handle baby poop smell at all. We bought the Baby Trend Diaper Champ. It has to be better than the current diaper pail which is just like a garbage can. This is the old one.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

38 Weeks

38 Weeks Old
Look Mom! I pooped out Link-r-doos!
You can kinda see her bottom teeth if you click on & enlarge this picture.

This is so much fun!

She's playing "Where's the Baby?" with dad. He would swipe a towel over her briefly and say "where's the baby?" and pull it off of her and say "there she is." She loves it. she loevs having things swipe over her. Daddy will distract her when she gets crabby at bathtime/bedtime by swiping her jammies over her as I put her diaper & onesie on. She thinks its fun.

You can see her top two teeth in this picture. Click on the picture to enlarge it to see th teeth bigger.

Just one more time! Please!

Do it again! Do it again!

We spent a good couple of hours today playing on the bed. Rolling around, falling down, playing "upside down baby", playing "where's the baby", giving her zerberts, playing "bouncy", and some quieter times playing with toys.

We think she has eczema on her torso and a little on her arms, nothing on her face or legs. It looks like what eczema is described as. Not sure if daddy or I had it has a baby. I am not sure if the Burts Bees stuff I have is hypoallergenic and their customer service line is only open during the week. So, we are going to switch to using the baby Aveeno stuff we have that says it is hypoallergenic. From what I read it says that it gets worse in the winter because of the dryness. We do have a humidfier running in her room at all times. It seemed to get irritated today while we were playing pretty physical on the bed and then I rubbed her in with lotion and we calmed down for a while and it got better. It also gets more irritated during bath time, but that might be because of the temp of the water (or it coudl do with the soap we are using, whish we are going to switch for a while and see if it helps) and we'll make the water more lukewarm. She doesn't seem bothered by it at all. She used to get heat rash easily when she was just born, so maybe she has a hyperimmune system.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Always Snacking
I knew she was going to be a snacker from the beginning. She never started drinking larger quantities of breastmilk at one time like other babies do. She still drink 2-3 ounces at a time several times a day. She hasn't increased in her food intake either, she just prefers to eat more often. She does this at home and at daycare.

This is My Teething Biscuit

She really likes her teething biscuits, Ritz sticks, puff snacks, Clifford Crunch, and sliced cheese. She tried some of my bagel with cream cheese this morning and seemed to like it. I also gave her a partial Oreo yesterday - boy did she make a mess with that. It was a good thing it was right before bath time.

She pretty routine on when she likes to have her meals, snacks, and beverages. She really likes routine. I read books on putting babies on s schedule before she was born and in her first few weeks. But that didn't really jive with us. I knew I needed some sort of schedule, but we let her dictate her own schedule. Some people can't believe that she goes to bed at 6:30pm. Often she doesn't see daddy in the evening because she is already asleep. She would be a bear if I tried to keep her up. She sleeps 11-12 hours every night. The days she sleeps less she usually takes a short nap in the morning and always take a 2-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. We have the same routine most days after I pick her up.

Her daycare lady is starting a preschool program at her place. It will officially start this coming fall. She has hired a licensed teacher to come in twice a week for a couple hours to teach the pre-schoolers. She figured it was the best thing to do since it is inconvenient for her parents to get their kids to daycare at the public school.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Curls & Toys

I took this picture to show two things. 1) Her curls when her hair is allowed to air dry w/o combing and I don't comb it down before it it dires and 2) Her new favorite bath toy (an empty travel conditioner bottle.)

When we went to the hotel last month she wanted to play with the travel toiletries more than the bath toys I brought a long. So, I used up this larger travel bottle of conditioner I bought from Bath & Body Works and then gave it to her to play with. It has been a favorite bath toy the last few weeks.
It's hard to get her to smile for pictures now. She just wants to be serious for pictures. She smiles a lot when I am not taking pictures.

Another New Tooth

She just got her top right front tooth. She now has 4 teeth. The next top ones are getting ready to break through soon, maybe in the next couple weeks.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some Measurements

Grandma is going to make Isabel a dress for her Baptism and needed a chest measurements, so I decided to get a couple other measurements as well.

Whole Body Length - 30 inches
Head Circumference - 18 inches
Chect Circumference - 18 inches
Foot Length - 4 inches

She is just going into a size 3 shoe. Her foot is the size of an average 6 month old now (she's 8 1/2 months.) Her feet just recently grew here in the last couple weeks, otherwise they were in a size 2. Actually a 4 inch foot takes a size 2.5, but I am not messing around with the half size right now. It only needs to grow an eighth of an inch to be a size 3. Check out the shoe sizing here.

Her length has not increased much in the last 3 weeks. Only 1/4 inch in the last 3 weeks. Her head increased by over a half inch. Daddy did say the other day that it looked like her head got bnigger.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ECFE Class

Class was good. I guess the preschool teacher is in charge of "Sib Care" and we have someone else. But she will still see the other teacher everytime we go, so her face will be familiar.

There are 5 families in the class. Daddy was the only daddy there. I like that daddy wants to be so active in doing things with us. Makes me proud to have him as my hubby. One family was missing and the other babies are 4.5 months, 5 months, & 9 months (Isabel is 8.5 mo.). I am not sure how old the missing baby is. It was fun to watch her interact with the other 9 month old girl, Annette.
Annette started taking away all Isabel's toys in the beginning and she just watched, as Isabel is kinda slow to warm up to people. But once she got warmed up she started stealing toys back.

She did really good at class even though it threw her sleep schedule off my an hour. She seemed to like it. She likes being around other babies.

One of my hopes with this class is that I will get to know some moms that might want to do some playdates this summer, since Isabel will not go to daycare much at all during the summer. I guess two of the moms are teachers at the school there, so they should have the summers off too. So, I guess we'll see.

The thing I found very interesting is that we were getting to know some of the families & kids that will eventually be in her class. Our town is small, so we will already know about 10% of her classmates just from taking this one class. We'll probably get to meet more through the years of taking local ECFE classes & local pool swim classes. Actually, now when I think of the kids ages the 4.5 month old probably misses the age cutoff for her and depending upon when the birthday of the 5 month old is she may or may not be in her class. Next year her classes will be different because her ECFE classes will be 1-3 year olds.

It was a nice class. I learned a couple new things.

Swim Lessons

I've had people ask me why I take Isabel to swim lessons because they believe she can't learn to swim yet. Well, first of all we want her to be comfortable in water, in a pool, at a waterpark, etc. The first day she was a little unsure, but now she is just fine with it. And she might not be learning how to do the crawl (especially since she hasn't yet crawled on land.) But what she has learned so far is:
1) How to float (she used to curl her legs up to her chest - now she put her legs out.)
2) Starting to learn how to kick (previously she would never even move her legs, now she will give a few kicks.)
3) How to hold onto the floaty kickboard thingy (before she would just rest her hands on it, now she will grab the sides of it and hold on as floats around.)
4) Grabbing rings a few inches down in the water (I don't let them sink to the bottom, but the water distorts the image of where they are at, so it can be tricky to grab them. Before she had to fish around a little bit to grab it, not she can accurately grab it.)
5) Going under water briefly is ok (everytime we do it she gets more and more ok with it and has never cried from it.)

Of course, I am in there holding on to her the entire time.

There is a 2 year old girl in our class and I talked to her parents tonight about how long they have been taking her to swim classes. They said they just brought her swimming in a pool a couple times before she was 1 and then at 1 years old they brought her to a class and she learned things slowly (much like Isabel) and now she is 2 and she loves swimming all over the place and going under water. She's a little fish. So, it's encouraging to see so much improvement in such a short amount of time.

The water was REALLY cold tonight. Apparently, the boiler quit working and was not heating the water. Really, they should have just cancelled classes. A co-worker of mine takes her daughter to the same swim class and she complained to the management after class (& kinda dragged me into it as well) and we ended up with free wrist bands that we can come back and use anytime we want in the waterpark. So, that was very nice of them. We got wristbands for all three of us and we'll use it some day after swim classes are over and we want something to do. The cost for the wristbands are $9 during the week and $12 on the weekend. So, the 3 wristbands themselves cost about as much as our 8 weeks of swim lessons (less if we go during the week or more if we go on a weekend.) Crazy.

We have 3 more weeks of swim lessons. I am not sure if we will sign up for them again at the waterpark. The changing situation is less than ideal and it's pretty noisy. Although I am sure daddy likes the concession stand. He has snacks and watches us as we swim. The Tennis Center doesn't offer classes unles 1 1/2 years old and another hotel does swim lessons, but I am not sure the changing situatio would be much better. This summer we will take swim lessons at our local outdoor pool, plus we'll buy a family membership to the pool and go there during open swim times. I hear we are supposed to have a scorcher of a summer, so we may be using that membership a lot.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Today / Tonight

Today she got her third tooth. This time it is her front bottom right tooth. The corresponding top tooth will follow soon.

Tonight we go to our first ECFE in our own town with the teacher she will have for all of ECFE and all of pre-school.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I added a slideshow above - which I am sure you noticed.

There are a few pictures on there you have not seen on the blog.

I think it's kinda fun to see a bunch of pictures and see how she has changed.

Sunday Poses

Check Out My New Hat!
I bought this hat when I was pregnant and we were in Tampa. I thought it was so darling and wanted it for her and as fast as she is growing I was beginning to worry I might not see it on her.
On Your Mark, Get Set!

No crawling yet, but she's working on it. She getting that butt in there air. Daddy almost made her crawl to get the pacifier she really wanted.

This Kitty Will Let Me Pet It.

She got this little kitty at Christmas time from her Aunt Lisa & Uncle Chris. It has a rattle in it, so she likes to bang it around. Once she starts crawling, Larry will have to run for cover. He got a little taste of it on Friday when Noah went crawling after him. Larry just looked at him as is he was thinking, "Hey! This one moves. You're not supposed to move."