Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outdoor Play Today

Today topped out at 42 degrees at our home and we are in for about a week of this weather. It's really going to melt some of the snow. I am sure there are some who would want my head for saying this, but I hope after this warm spell we get back to the 20's and some snow for a week. This mama still has some winter sports she wants to do and do more of.

Anyways, we went sledding late this morning and them went down the park to play. We had a lot of fun. The snowsuits were necessary to keep up dry, but boy did we sweat in them.

After naptime we had some friends come over to play in our driveway with us. We have such a nice long cul-de-sac driveway that stays plowed. So, with the warms temps, sun being out, good plowing and asn asphalt driveway, we had a large area to play outside with bike and soccer balls. And Henry reminded me that daddy had hung two of the swings in the garage, so the kids enjoyed being able to do more swinging (did some this am too!) After almost an hour outside this afternoon, we went inside to play and then had supper together and some more play. The daddies were both ice fishing with each other all day. Daddy caught a Northern that he brought home and he fried up tonight and we all had some. It was good. I hadn't had fried fish in quite some time.

Indoor Fun Today

After lunch, during naptime we had some indoor fun. Mommy taught her how to use mousse and scrunch her hair to add the curl back in. She thought that was pretty neat and has been wanting to use product in her hair. I am not sure why since I usually wear my hair in a ponytail, altough daddy puts gel in his hair everyday so he could be the role model there.

She was taking differnt soaps, lotions & hair products from the bathroom and mixing them and said she was trying to do an experiment. So, I told her I would give her some white solids and clear liquids to use and she could figure out what each was and what happened when she mixed them together. Her white solids were: Flour, sugar, salt & baking soda. Her clear liquids were; Water, Vinegar & 7th Generation dish soap. She had a fun time.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

Timberland Playland - Day 2

It is such a great workout running through all the tunnels and climbing structure. She is the perfect height for the climbing structure as she can easily get through everything yet she doesn't have to duck. Mom, on the other hand, has some strained neck muscles from ducking for an hour straight as we ran through all the passages trying to make sure we went down every slide today.

Right now she & daddy are at Cubby's Cove waterpark (Henry was just too tired). She will have been there 3 times on this trip.

WI Dells: Wild Waterdome

This was visit #1 on our third day in WI Dells. It's naptime now and afterwards we plan to hit the dry park again and then another waterpark after dinner. Isabel just loves the wave pool.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

WI Dells: Timberland Play Park & Cubby's Cove

This evening (during part of the Super Bowl), just Isabel and I headed back to the waterpark at our complex. During the hour we were there, it was just the two of us and a lifeguard. As we were getting ready to leave, 3 other moms with kids came to the waterpark (presumably kicked out of their condos at halftime.) We had a blast. We got to do everything with no waiting and no worrying someone was playing water basketball by us & might his us in the head. It was just as cool as when you go to the movies and have the place to yourself.

This afternoon we took the kids to the one dry play park there. We had a lot of fun. Lot of crawling through tunnels and throwing balls (or trying to escape being thrown at.) I think we will head back there again before we leave.

WI Dells: Wild West Waterpark

This is actually the waterpark we missed out on going to last time. It's open very limited hours, but we made it this time. There is more big kid stuff here, but without getting my camera wet I couldn't go to these area, so taking pics in the smaller kids area has to suffice.

She acquired a head cold yesterday and is bothering her a bit today. Actually, it's better when we are in the water cuz I think all that humidity & activity just makes everything just drain. This afternoon she used out in-room jacuzzi again. I think it has become her favorite way to get the chlorine off her body. After she wakes from her nap she is hoping to go hit the dry park they have here.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

WI Dells Vacation

We drove to WI Dells today and on the way we stopped at McDs in Onalaska. Isabel had a fantastic time. It is the best McDs Play Place we have ever been to. It has a huge climbing structure, a separate enclosed play area with balls for 3 & under, 3 arcade games with vintage games, plus whack-a-mole, a foosball table and a kids reading area.

This year we sprung for a 2 bdrm condo. It's huge & very nice and Isabel loves that we have a 4-person whirlpool in the room. The first night we went to Cubby's Cove Waterpark which is in the same resort area as us. This is the one that is meant for families with small kids. It's perfect.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


We had not been to the RADZoo in a while and Isabel asked if we could go this week. She got to fee the turtles and tortoises again and this time she got to pet a kingsnake. They also took out a treefrog (can't hold that since their skin is so delicate) and the cockatoo so we could have a closer look.