Sunday, December 31, 2006

Other Pictures from Christmas at Grams & Gramps

How Does That Baby Do That?

She likes to watch HBO's Classical Baby, The Music Show. There are no words, just classical music set to animation with an animated baby as a conductor. I know that some people think you shouldn't let a baby watch TV until they are 2 years old, but I think you need to monitor what they watch. I generally watch it with her and I tell her what is going on in each of the songs. Yesterday when she was watching it she started giggling when the music was over and it showed all the animals clapping. I am not sure why she thought that was funny, but she was certainly giggling as she looked at it.

Isabel & Aunt Phanie

Auntie Phanie was having a good time playing with Isabel. She kept playing Upside-Down Baby with her. She just loves it. Isabel gets a lot of attention from family when we are with them. It helps that she is so smiley, it makes people attracted to her and want to play with her.

She got a lot of nice presents again. I am going to be picking out a bunch of her toys she got for Christmas form both families and us and putting them aside for a while and bringing them out later for her to enjoy. Right now there are just too many. Her favorites definitely seem to be the black and white items (2 cats, 1 panda, 1 panda puppet, 1 cow, and 1 cow print blanket). Although I believe she thinks they are all just like her kitties at home. She also really likes her stacking cups and stacking rings and a couple of toys that make noise

Don't Drop Her!

Auntie Phanie was a little afraid that Uncle Jason was going to drop her. Isabel got lots of play time in with her aunts & uncles. Her Auntie Razz and Uncle Shane came over early this morning to get in some play time before Auntie Phanie woke up and stole her attention. Uncle Al was even coaxing some smiles out of her. And Grams and Gramps got some quality play time and conversation time in with her.

Although, I make it all sound smooth and it was anything but that in the beginning. Stranger anxiety, as well as separation anxiety, as started to set in. When we were at Christmas at daddy's family she didn't want anyone touching her other than mom and dad. That wasn't much different when we first got to mommy's family, but since we were there from Thursday-Sunday she had time to warm up to them and get comfortable with them. Although, the separation anxiety was still present. If mom disappeared (even if she was with daddy) she got distressed, so mom hasn't been able to go to far from her.

She did ok on the long drive, but she certainly would rather be in mom's arms than strapped in. When we took stops, she would resist getting put back in the car seat again. She seemed very happy to be home again. All the familiar sights, sounds, & smells. She could see her kitties again, and play with her usual toys, take a bath her her bathtub, play in her exersaucer (this she was overly excited about), sit in her own highchair, have her normal nighttime routine with everything normal for her. She wasn't upset or anything at grams & gramps house, she was just REALLY excited once we got home. When we were there we kept her routine as normal as possible and have some of her familiar things there (like her classical baby dvd and her cd of music - we burned her cds to one cd to leave and grams house so we won't forget them all like last time.) It's just neat to see that she recognizes home and is excited to be there.

32 Weeks Old

Week Photo
I got this great photo album from my friend Jessi as a baby shower gift and I am using it to keep pictures for Isabel. It starts out with some maternity photos and then after that there is a picture from her birth and following that is a picture of her for every week. I should have it filled around the first year. So, I only put the "week" photo in there and try to have a full body shot.


She has gotten very wiggly and is moving all the time, so it's getting harder to get stills of her. I used to be able to also tell her to look and smile for mommy, but now she's more interested in her toys than in mommy. So, I have to start using toys to get her attention to me to take pictures.

Just for Fun!

A cute little coloring page of Isabel. You can see she is reaching for something. She has gotten a fast little grab and reach on her recently. You have to really be on the ball now. She is trying to grab absolutly everything.

These pictures were taken Saturday (today is Sunday).

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ok - Pictures w/ Macros (per Daddy)

I'm Not Sad, I'm Tired.

Well, when I do the Macros, I really need her to sit still as it doesn't take as clear of pictures when she is moving around a lot. And since she tired, she's a little slow. But the macros do make better close ups. Plus, I need to make sure I have decent lighting to get a good picture with macros, although since I am doing close-ups I don't really care about the background anyways. Those I just adjust the exposure & shadowing in the editing program.

Foot In Mouth

We went to the county family clinic this afternoon and she weighs 19 pounds 13 ounces, so a gain of 4.5 ounces this past week. She hasn't really been eating solids well (probably because of the {non} teething), but she has been nursing well.

I stopped at daycare to pick up the top ring to her stacking rings and left her in the car quick while I ran in and all the other kids were asking, "Where's Bel? Is she coming?" It was very cute. They like her there and she likes them too.

Playing with My New Camera

Back to Posing

So many things to experiment with on the camera and on the accompanying software. This camera is so much better. Daddy exchanged the Fuji for a Kodak. The other camera didn't come with editing software either, so it was nice that this had some. I had never been a huge fan of sepia, but this looks nice. I did shadowing in the background too.

I'm a Good Girl.

She's napping right now and hopefully she naps good again today like she did yesterday. After her nap we are going to go to the county family clinic. It gives us something to do and besides, I need to go back into town to return some books to the library. I forgot to bring them this morning.

Mommy, You're Friggin' Hilarious

This morning the three of us we to the library book sale. I got 21 "new" (new to her, but used from the library) books for her for $2.80. What a fantastic price! It was crazy there. People were there with huge boxes and huge bags and were hoarding books. While mommy shopped for books for Isabel, daddy played with her in the play area and then we switched and he went shopping for books (a few for him and some for other people, that he thought they might like.)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Isabel with her Cousins

These are her two cousins. Grandma took the picture and sent it to me today. She might not have anymore cousins than this on daddy's side of the family, but hopefully someday she'll have cousins on mommy's side. Right now she is the only grandchild on mommy's side.

After Christmas

Some Close-ups
I was trying out the new camera and I just don't like the quality of the pictures. I really expected something better from a 5.1 megapixel. Our current one is a smaller megapixel, but I thought it had better pictures. I was messing around with it all yesterday and this morning and was just not have with the quality of the pictures, so daddy returned it and got a different one for me, a different brand and an even higher megapixel. Hopefully this one will be better.

My Teeth Hurt
Teeth? Naw. I'm not getting my hopes up, even though I can feel the bumps there now. I am saying it is a figment of my imagination. Although yesterday and today she was quite cranky. I did get her down for some good naps today and this afternoon after she woke up she was in much better spirits.
Her nose is still stuffy, but this time it's just clear stuff. And she's not much into eating -- just nursing. But she's so exhausted that within minutes of nursing she falls right to sleep.
Is This Number 3?
On the bottom of the stacking cups it has sequential numbers. And sometime between yesterday and today the number 3 cup went missing. I think it got sucked into the same oblivion that socks go to.

Just look at the huge drool wet spot on her top. Crazy.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

They Never Let Her Play Any Reindeer Games

That could be because she's been kinda cranky today. Not sure why, but she is also all stuffy too and not wanting to eat any solids, just nurse.

She was disturbed from her normal routine last night because we took her to church. It was the first time we ever took her to church, which is mainy because the church we choose to go to has a Sunday evening mass - which was great pre-child, but now it puts her schedule off by an hour. She did pretty well there. There were other babies and when they would cry she would just look at them as if to say, "Why are you crying?" I think what is nice is that the music at our church is lively, so she hears me singing to it (she likes my singing) and we can bounce/dance to it in the pew, which she likes too.

Pedal to the Metal

The Leapfrog Driver was one of the toys Sanat brought her. He also brought her the Leapfrog Hoops, but she's not quite into that yet. She just wants to chew on the ball and watch us put it through the hoop and watch the screen talk & light up.

I'm Thinking About Becoming a Professional Present Unwrapper

She has gotten pretty good at unwrapping, and she will have more to unwrap this weekend when we go visit mommy's family.

This child has gotten very spoiled with toys. Some of them we will put aside until she has an interest in them or it the right age for them, although most are age appropriate.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Day

Opening Presents
We decided to open presents this morning. What fun is it to open up stuff right before you go to bed; you don't get a chance to play with your toys that way.

Her Favorite Part

Eating Paper.

Here you see her in one of her Christmas outfit that mommy bought for her.


She would play with this kind of toy at ECFE class. You push the top and it spins these balls around inside. She likes it. Daddy picked this out.

Other Presents

From mommy & daddy she got that spinner toy, a panda bear puppet, that box with the alphabet is filled with small board books - one for each letter of the alphabet, 4 other books, and this dangly thing that rattles and has lots of nice ribbons that she can grab (that's still wrapped in this picture.)

Mommy got a new digital camera for Christmas, so we'll see some pictures from that soon.

BTW - we named her fat stuffed cat Lulu.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Pictures from Today

Christmas @ Grandma's House
Christmas at grandma and grandpa's house was nice. Daddy is actually still out with the family as they were going to a Wild Hockey game tonight. Isabel needs her sleep, so she & mommy came home. Anyways, I think one of her favorite toys of the day was this very fat stuffed B&W cat. The coloring was like Lucy and the fatness was like Larry. It is perfect. She got that from her Uncle Tony & Aunt Carol. She received several other stuffed toys, some musical toys of various kinds, pajamas (other than those below), a print about her name, a blanket, some books, and a handmade tote that her great-grandma Mary made. I think that is everything. If I forgot something I am sorry, I don't have them here as they are in the trunk of daddy's car and I am trying to go from memory.

I like books.

Here she is playing with some toys that grandma has at her house. The dress she is wearing s one that grandma bought for her. Mommy likes to make sure that is grandma buys her an outfit she gets to see her actually in it. Guess she'll have to babysit at night if she wants to see the pajamas she bought her.

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) we will open presents to each other, just the three of us. And then we are going to try to go to church that evening (we'll see how the baby is doing and is we think she can handle the disruption in her routine.) The Christmas Day I am cooking a meal for the three of us (well, just daddy & I will eat it.) Nothing too fancy, although I did buy a ham. And on Christmas Day morning we will open presents from Santa. At our house, Santa bring presents for everyone's stockings and then has a big present for Isabel and a present for the family (something we do together -- like watch a movie together or play a game together, etc. -- this is something that Santa always brought for mommy's family too).

Christmas Pajamas

Daddy & I had decided that a tradition we wanted to do is to always get new pajamas for Christmas that we can we then & continuing on. So, this morning the 3 of us opened our gift pajamas. These are Isabel's. They are from Carter's & Are 12 months. The short & bottoms are actually nice & long & they are meant to be snug fit. I put a long sleeve onesie on underneath because the top is short sleeve. I always put a onesie on underneath her pajamas during the winter so she has that extra layer to keep her warm.

There will definitly be more pictures the next 2 days, as mommy bought some other Christmas outfits that I told you about previously.

31 Weeks Old

Giddy Up Eyore.
She's not sure about the rocking yet, but she loves the back hair on Eyore's mane and she loves pulling on his tail too and sticking that in her mouth. She's almost too big for it already since she is so tall.

I measured her head circumference today and it is 17 3/8", which is a half inch bigger than last month. And it makes sense too because the pink Winnie the Pooh winter hat she had is now too small and I just went to the Salvation Army and found a decent purple one for her for 50 cents.

Playing with Daddy.

Daddy was having fun stacking the blocks and then Isabel was having fun knocking them down.

She'll be wearing something different a little later. Instead if the yellow sweater she will be wearing a dress to grandma and grandpa's house for our Christmas celebration with all of daddy's family. I didn't want her to get breakfast or lunch on her dress, so I just put the sweater on for now and after lunch the dress wil go on.

Today I packed up her Baby Einstein play mat. She's just not that interested in it anymore. She would ratehr sit up and play. And now she is too tall to sit next to that and grab at the dangly things. Her head it right at the top and she would have to lean over to see anything at all. Our little girl is growing up.

The last couple of days she has done much better at sleeping during the night, which makes mom happy. She might be sleeping through the night after 10/11, but I wake her up around 3/4 to nurse because since I am still taking antibiotics for the mastitis and have had several plugged ducts recently, I just want to make sure everyting keep feeling ok.

We think she should hit a plateau right now in her growth spurt. When I look at growing trends of babies and how she falls in that, she should have a month here where she doesn't grow much. Last time that happened that was also the month she slept through the night. So, I don't want those teeth coming in anymore - at least for a month - I want some sleep!

Friday, December 22, 2006

7 Month Pictures

So, this afternoon, after work, I took Isabel in to get 7 month pictures done. Both mommy & daddy had these pictures taken, so we can compare again.

I am not sure if it is this photographer or just photograhers in general, but she gets so easily upset. You would not realize she is as happy as a baby as she is during the half hour we spend getting pictures taken. I must say, she does better when she can see me, rather than having me sitting next to her. The photographer was trying hard to get her to smile, but for some reason Isabel hates it when this lady makes kissing noises at her. We did get a few smiles out of her by singing, she really likes being sung to.

Teh daycare lady gave her another present for Christmas. Her first present was a really nice dress set I told you about and now she gave her some Fisher Price Stacking Rings. It was on Isabel's Christmas list and I don't know if anyone else had bought her that or not. Oh well. She can always have one upstairs and one downstairs if need be. The daycare lady bought both babies a set of rings and they were playing with them today. Isabel likes taking them off and sticking them in her mouth and then throwing them. She's really into throwing toys.

Now she is home with me (or wherever we go for the holidays) for the next 10 days. The next day she goes back to daycare will be January 2nd.

She fed herself some puffs again tonight, so she is getting better at that.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Charts

Weight Chart
She weighed 19 pounds 8.5 ounces yesterday and that puts her at 91st percentile.

I talked to the nurse at the Family Clinic about my starting to feeling jealous about friends with babys close in age to her crawling already or about to crawl. She told me that generally boys start crawling earlier and are working on their gross motor skills while girls are working on their communication and social interaction skills and generally say their first word before boys. Wel, she is definitly been working on that. Some of her babble start are starting to sound like actual English words. Plus she's been working on her fine motor skills and is working on that pinher grasp, which she is getting better and better at every day. The nurse also said they only work on one skill at a time, so if one week they are working on speech then they won't be working on the fine or gross motor skills. Makes sense I guess. I feel better now. But she did talk to me about how I can help encourage her to develop her gross motor skills more.

Length Chart
And the length of 29.25 inches is still off the charts.

We've been brushing her gums since she was about a month old - yes, it is STILL gums. And I have a little song I sing when we brush her teeth;
Brush the bottoms, brush the bottoms
Then the top, then the top
Brush the bottoms, brush the bottoms,
Now the top, now the top
Well, anyways, the last week or so we've also been giving her the toothbrush to try it herself (she likes getting her gums brushed) and last night she actually did it the way the songs states and switched the toothbrush around to do the top when I sang that, then the bottoms again when I sang that, and again back to the top. It could have been a fluke, but I was amazed. She does a good job at her brushing too and doesn't like to stop. Up to this point she just watched in the mirror as we brushed her teeth. She also watches as we brush her hair, but she isn't brushing her own hair yet, she wants that to go in the mouth to.

I have been working with her on some sign language. She hasn't done any of them herself, but she seems to know the sign & words we say before we pick her up, as well as taking a bath, and seems to know the sign for more (when talking about her banana puffs) and is starting to seem like she knows the sign for milk. But I will be really impressed when she does one of the signs herself.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Amber Alerts to Your Cell Phone

I heard a radio advertisement for this yesterday and just signed up for it - Wireless Amber Alerts. It say that they will not sell your phone number to any third parties - good!

It has you enter in 5 zip codes that it will send you notification if an Amber Alert has been issued for that area. You can always change it or unsubscribe if you want. But I think it's a good thing to know and you could be help ful to other parents who just had their child abducted. That has to be the most awful feeling in the world.

7 Months Old Today

I Like Frog Eyes.

Our child has exotic tastes I guess.

This afternoon after I am finished with work we will go to the Cty. Family Clinic and get a weight on her. I measured her length this weekend and she is 29 1/4" long, which put her over the 100th percentile. She's a long baby. It looks like on the growth curve that her length will slow down to about a 1/2 inch a month. I didn't measure her head yet.

I am Feeling Blue, So I Don't Want to Smile

She went to bed better last night than she has the past couple days, but she still needed to be rocked for quite a while whenever she woke, which was 3 times. Plus, I had to use the booger sucker (that's what we call it) in the middle of the night. She screams as if I am torturing her. Silly girl, I am only trying to help her breathe better so she can nurse more efficiently.

We have figured out that she has an allergy to ibuprofen like mom has and pretty much has the same reaction as I do - throwing it up within a few minutes of ingestion. I suspected it last time she was sick and puked a few times during the course of her illness, always after having ibuprofen. The thing that was nice about ibuprofen is that it lasts longer - twice as long as acetominophen. Well, now we know and she'll only get acetominophen.

You can tell looking at this picture that she is all stuffy and miserable.

What are you doing?

So, last night was her party at daycare. The babies exchanged presents and Luis bought her some pajamas from Old Navy and a Care Bear. Imagine getting your first gift of pajamas from a boy at 7 months old. Luis is going to be crawling any day........he almost has it. Isabel doesn't seem so interested in crawling. Maybe she will be one that will go straight to walking. It was kinda funny though, he was trying to crawl and was on all fours rocking back & forth (he just can't figure out the moving arms & legs at the same time part) and Isabel grabs for him and knocks him over. She was just trying to touch him, but it was funny in my mind because she could have been thinking "Hey, knock that off, you're making me look bad" and then pushed him down.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let Me Tell You a Story in Pictures....

Hi, I'm Isabel and This is Santa
Santa came to the daycare Christmas party this afternoon/early evening. Isabel does not seem at all phased by Santa, especially this time. But I suppose it's because he's some place she feels safe, plus she likes red.

What I Really Want for Christmas is...

My two bottom teeth.

Hey Luis, Just Pull On It! Like This!

All Luis can think is "Who is this big white guy?"

Santa was very tolerant of these two babies. Isabel seemed to do much of the pulling. Poor Santa.

This Here is My Boyfriend Luis.....

Luis thinks -- "Seriously, who is this big white guy?"

Both of them are such flirts. You should seem them together -- they can't keep their hands off of each other. They are always grabbing each other and holding hands and sticking their hands in each other's mouths and kissing each other. Daddy told her no boyfriends until she's 30, but do you think she would listen? It's no wonder that both of them have a cold. Aren't the kiddies so cute all dressed up like Santa themselves.

I'm Serious Luis, He Doesn't Mind if You Pull....

Luis Ponders, "Is anyone ever gonna tell me who this big white guy is?"

My daughter is such a troublemaker already.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Outfits

I'm A Good Girl
I may not have slept through the night, but I did let mom have 2 full sections of 4 hours of sleep. She's happy with me.

Last night she was working on her pincher grasp with he banana puffs and trying to feed herself and up until last night she had not been successful. She has now fed herself for the first time.

We did go bowling with daddy's family (well, mommy & Isabel didn't bowl, we played). She did a great job and played nicely. The bowling alley was loud, but kinda that white noise loud, so I don't think it bothered her really. And since we were on an end and had our own little corner to set up in, she didn't seem as bothered by all the people like she has at other places.

I Like Red.

Gramps asked us the other day what her favorite color is and we have to say red. She just seems drawn to it. Whenever daddy when his red shirt or his red & white sleeping pants she just can't take her eyes off of him. She that way with this orange shirt he has too, but it's orange in the same brightness as the reds. She likes the bright Baby Einstein blocks, but they are a little hard to put in her mouth. She got a little freaked out by her Lily frog today. I'm not sure I ever really gave it to get to play with before. When she went to eat it's head and was pushed against her body it turned on and said, "Hi, I'm Lily." Kinda freaked her out a bit. She has not really been that interested in toys that makes sounds or vibrate. She likes lights though.

So, Am I a Present or What?

Mommy scored some good deal on NWT Christmas outfits on eBay. This one I suppose could be a for a boy or girl, but we added a nice bow on top and you can't mistake she's a girl. The other outfits are dresses. All nice 3-piece outfits & all 12-month size. This on is a shirt, vest, & pants. Although the pants are a little long and we had to roll them up (but they still creep up when she sits). We should be able to wear the pants with other tops for a while. It's a very comfy outfit.
The dresses are a romper dress and come with a shirt and tights. Well be seeing those soon - I think I have those for actual Christmas days.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

30 Weeks Old

Isabel Had a Little Lamb
Well, both mommy & baby are exhausted today. Mommy went to Urgent Care last night to find out that she had mastitis (which is what I figured) and now have antibiotics that I am supposed to take 4 times a day and drinks plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. But will Isabel let me sleep last night? Noooooooo! This was one of the worst nights in a while. She did not want me to put her down in her crib. Every time I tried she woke up and cried. And these cries aren't just little cries or whimpers. She did let me sleep for a 4 hours stretch at one point, but honestly, that was about it.

I just have mastitis in one breast and it's the same breast I have been struggling with plugged ducts for 2 weeks. So, hopefully this acn all get fixed and my boob won't hurt anymore. Last night I was getting these shooting pains that were unbearable, which I why I finally went to Urgent Care. I tried to go on Monday because I couldn't get an appt. with my Ob-Gyn or my Family doc for a week (or I could get put on a cancellation list) or I could wait a day and see some other doc. Well, anyways, the wait @ UC was over an hour long and it was all these sick hacking people. I decided to wait a day and see the different family doc and then went home and proceeded to do what I was supposed to do -- apply warm wash clothes and massage it and keep breastfeeding frequently. Well, by the next day it was starting to feel better and that duct got unplugged and there were not masses in there, the redness was going away and the swelling was giong down. And things seemed to continue to get better the next 2 days. But then yesterday the shooting pains started and well, you know the rest. There are still some shooting pains, but not as frequent as last night.

We're supposed to go bowling today with dad's family and daddy will go, but baby & I are going to play it by ear. If she's napping, I am not waking her (because she needs the sleep and hopefully I will be sleeping as well.) I know people want to see her and will be disapointed if we don't go, but I have to take care of us first and foremost. Yesterday, daddy's family in Spain arrived and are here for 2 weeks and that is the occasion for the get together (but there will be others these next 2 weeks as well.)

Cute Hair

I thought her hair looked cute. It's fine for when she is playing, but when she nurses she likes to play with her hair and then pulled them out & I have to take them from her right away because they are small and could be a choking hazard. Plus, they would have been in the way when she nursed on the other side. I like making her look all girly-girly, but clothes and hair pieces are as far as it will go. We decided she won't get her ears pierced until she is old enough to want it and take care of it. I just don't understand the people that pierce the ears of little babies. That can't feel good for them, especially when they sleep with their head to the side (on their ears). I remember when I got my ears pierced and that hurt for a couple days as it healed and I had to kerep putting that solution on it to make it feel better. She needs to be old enough to do that herself.

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Friday!

Again! Looks Can Be Deceiving
The angel outfit - maybe it should have been the spawn of satan outfit. It was a rough night for mommy because she got me up 3 times and kept me up about a half hour each time. But she was in a great mood this morning - playing & talking.

Do You Think I Can Fit The WHOLE Thing in My Mouth?

I bought some hairpieces from her off of eBay. This woman makes them and sells them. They stretch nicely and Isabel doesn't seem bothered by them.

I know this outfit was one of her Halloween outfits, but it's so soft & comfy that I didn't think it ONLY had to be for Halloween. The downside though is that to change her you have to take it all off because there are only buttons in the back and not in the crotch. I am sure the dayacre lady will love me for this.

Last Night

Looks Can Be Deceiving
You might look at this pictures and think it looks like a sleepy baby. Well, I thought so too. Then we started nursing and she wouldn't stop talking and sputtering. And ell, you can't nurse very well if you are talking and sputtering.

What is Larry Doing?

Larry is by far her favorite of her pets. But do you blame her, who could resist that huge ball of white fur. He's getting more comfortable with her as well. He's been coming in to visit while we take a bath at night, which gets her all excited and she starts flapping her arms as is she could fly over to him. And he's started sleeping in the trndle (filled with sheets and blankets) underneath her crib. So, he is getting close enough for her to want to play with him, but not really close enough for her to atually play with him. It might be him that gets her crawling. Although she doesn't seem to have much interest in crawling yet, but she does like to have help walking to things.

Mommy, How Come This Santa Looks Different than the Other One?

Since she wouldn't fall asleep and was wide awake I thought we would go to our town's ECFE Holiday party. We had registered to go to it on the off chance that she might be awake. So, we went and saw Santa. She didn't much care about him but was more interested in all the kids that were there. And there were a lot of kids.

She should get to see 3 different Santas this year. That could be confusing in a couple years. Anyways, her Christmas party at daycare is next Tuesday evening and Santa will be showing up there as well. And the kids are excahnging gifts, the two babies are exchanging with each other.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Thursday! ( I Know I Used that Title Before)

Such a Pretty, Drooly Baby
No teeth yet. I've decided that they are just not coming in. So, now I am not waiting for them to come and if they do come - well - good for her.

Her onesie today says "If You Think I'm Pretty, You Should See My Mom!" Darn right!

She's worn everything here before, except the socks - they are new. Her feet are finally growing a bit where we need to stop wearing the 0-6 month socks and can move onto 6-12 month socks, although those are a little big too.

Poster Child for Early Reading
I saw a picture of Geri Halliwell and her 7 month old baby in a magazine and she has chubby cheeks just like Isabel. Same all over chubbiness that Isabel has. Her baby's name is Bluebell Madonna. I am not sure about the name Bluebell.

At work I have the kids making scrapbooks about themselves and I sometimes like to do the things with them (but a step ahead) so they can see what I am talking about. So, I am making a scrapbook about Isabel and her first 6 months and using all the double pictures I had for myself at work. I neer really did the scrapbooking thing, but I think this is nice. Some of the kids seem to be enjoying it too.

While I was pregnant, I started a journal of letters to her. That slowed down after I gave birth to her and really slowed down after I went back to work. Although I have been keeping up very nicely in her baby book and in her "Baby's First Year" calendar (both were gifts.) But, those things sometimes miss the little things, so this scrapbook will have some of that. It's just a homemade thing out of construction paper, but it does the job. Not sure if I will ever really get into scrapbooking though.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Upside-down baby!

Another video --

She loves "upside-down baby!" I think she's camera shy, because she's a little reserved in all of our vids, but you get the picture.

Er, video.

Is She Ever Going to Get Any Teeth?

Where did my arm go?

It's kinda a freaky picture now that I look at it. Yikes. She's got the high pitched screams cooking again and is chewing on everything. She's not sucking on the pacifier - but chewing on it. We though we would try it and seemed ok chewing on it.

Can't You Tell How Sleepy I Am?

You can only imagine if baby looks this sleepy -- then how sleepy does mommy look. She took an hour nap right after this.