Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Such a Good Eater

We took Isabel to the "Amazing Newborn Clinic" today. It's a free clinic on Tuesdays from 12:30-2pm where you can bring your baby in and have them weighed and ask the nurses any questions you have about the baby or feeding or whatever.

So, she's 10 days old and we were excited to see how much weight she put on. She's a pretty good eater; I should know. Sometimes I feel like I am just one big boob. Anyways, at birth she weighed 7 lb. 2 oz. and it's normal for babies to lose about 10% of their weight in the first couple days. So, when we left the hospital her discharge weight was 6 lb. 9 oz. They like to see a baby be back to their birth weight by 2 weeks of age.

So, today at 10 days old she weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. I knew she was filling out nicely. I didn't have any worries about her not getting enough food. I knew I was producing it and they are leaking all the time. I could have had a couple of kids, maybe get a couple from a third world country and fatten them up too, I certainly have plenty here.

Actually, my milk supply is so plentiful and my let-down reflex is so quick that sometimes Isabel is lazy about latching on because she doesn't have to. The milk just squirts out when she touches the nipple with her lips. So, sometimes she just licks and smacks at my nipple. The nurses at the clinic laughed at that and said she was smart and resourceful.

Well, gotta run. Feeding Time. Again.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

One Week Old Photos

She's such a character. Her facial expressions are just adorable.
I was able to remember to take some pictures when she was in an alert phase and not just the eating/pooping/sleeping phases. So, now people can see what she looks like with her eyes open.

"I'm ready for my close-up mom!"

She's just so adorable.

"Pbrrrtt!" She's sticking her tongue out, well, kinda.

She's got pretty good color doesn't she.

She's starting to fill out nicely. When she was born her hands and feet were all wrinkly, like they belonged to an old lady, but she's such a good eater and is working out all those wrinkles.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Song for Isabel

Daddy's aunt Dawn made up a little tune for Isabel. This was something she had done for her own daughter to help her learn how to spell her own name. Isabel won't be spelling anytime soon, but it is cute and she will already know how to spell her name. Maybe daddy will put some guitar music to it. He played for Isabel the other day when she was fussy and he said she settled down & made her surprise look on her face (actually the same one she makes after she poops her pants or farts -- as if she was surprised what had just happened; it's a very cute face.)


You’ve got the cutest Isabelly button, Isabelly button that I ever did see!

Eyes and nose and mouth and the cutest Isabelly button that I ever did see!

I-S-A-B-E-Ly button (Note: say it like I-S-A-B-E elly button), push the belly button and she goes Tee Hee!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Here is the percious one sleeping during the day yesterday -- of course, she didn't want to sleep at all last night. It was a long night and we are all very tired.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First day home

A couple of pics from our first day home. We're already looking pretty sleepy, and Dad sure could use a shower.

Isabel, with guests

Grandma M. finally gets a granddaughter!

Daddy's brother makes a good uncle.

Our friend Jessi. She came with a bag of brownies, so we let her stay for a bit...

Day 1 pictures

The first picture taken after she was born.

On the scales. She's a keeper.

Proud Daddy.

She's such a good eater -- she was "rooting" right after birth. Sometimes I call her Rooty McSmack because when she gets hungry she roots and smacks her lips.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First picture. Click for full size.

More to come later.

Mom's Thoughts on Labor, Delivery, & the Early Days of Motherhood

Another feeding done and she's down for a nap. I should really be trying to nap right now too, but if I don't type up something soon it's all just going to be old and forgotten.

It all happened so quickly. It was pretty amazing. We were pretty set and prepared for being at the hospital laboring for an entire day. I was pretty happy that when we arrived at the hospital I was dialted to 5cm. I didn't want a repeat of the week before. I wasn't so sure about the doctor since I had not met him before and they seemed to really be pushing breaking my water. I held out on that to the very last minute because I had been told by more than one person to not let them break your water because then the contractions get worse because that water bag is not there to cushion them. When the contractions started to get unbearable I asked for a vaginal exam to see where I was at so I could determine if I wanted meds. I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to do it without meds, until I was doing it without meds. When she checked me I was dilated to 8cm and I knew that the worst contractions were between 7-10cm and I was living through them, so let's so this without meds.

Even when we first got there, the nurse was pretty reassuring that I probably would not need meds and thought if I would let them break my water we would have our baby before noon. She was a really great nurse to have in there. She was very encouraging and so helpful to both of us. When I was at about 9.5cm she asked about breaking the water again, I turned her down until I was fully dilated and by that time those contractions were so intense and they said if they broke my water we can start pushing and get this baby delivered. Ok - break the water NOW! It seemed like the doctor was taking forever to get in there and break it.

I ended up only having to push for 16 minutes which is amazing. I did have to have an episiotomy (I did have a local anestetic for that though) because her heart rate had dropped to low and we needed to get her out quick. I guess there was a whole bunch of people waiting outside the room in case there were problems with the baby. I am glad I didn't know that. All I knew was they said I had to push longer & harder. It took several pushes to figure out what was going on and what I was pushing at. Daddy was couting to 10 (how long I was supposed to push). Once I figured it out I knew I could push for 1-2 seconds longer and would make the last part of the push count. Once her head came out they were able to determine that it was the cord wrapped around her neck that was making her heart rate had dropped. I was surprised how that last push to deliver the rest of her was so easy. But getting head out sure did burn, hurt, sting.

When it came time to deliver the placenta I didn't even have to do anything. It all just sort of happened.

I couldn't help but cry when I saw my beautiful Isabel. It was so great. But I certainly wasn't signing up to have another anytime soon, like you see so often on the birthing shows on tv.

Having the epsiotomy has left my bottom side quite sore and I have taken pain medication for that. The lochia was pretty heavy on Sat. & Sun. and has been decreasing. I'm glad I don't have to wear the big diaper things anymore and can wear regular pads now.

Isabel has made parenting during the day easy. It's at night when she is more active and alert and wants to nurse more. Sunday night was rough because she was frustrated because she was hungry and my milk wasn't in yet and all she had was the little servings of colostrum. She spent most of the night attached to my breast. I originally thought we would have her be in the nursery at night, but I just couldnt bear to have her leave so she roomed in with me, actually she slept on me most of the night. I think that was reassuring to both mom & baby.

I feel like I am getting more rest now that I am home, not that it's much more, but it's some uninterrupted time. It seemed that starting @ 6am both mornings there were people coming in and poking & proding and drawing blood from both of us, ad this continued all day.

So, we've been home for about 24 hours now. She'll sleep in other things (bassinett, playpen, bouncy seat) for a while but not for too long. She starts to get fussy and would rather be in our arms or on our chests or sleeping next to us in bed (which is something we said we wouldn't do, but have changed our minds on that.) We'll keep introducing the other places to sleep.

My milk did come in yesterday and today I experienced leaking and engourgement. That lanisoh lanolin stuff is great. I did find time to get on the computer with Isabel sleeping in my arms and begining to master typing one-handed. She gave me enough time to find a couple of nursing pajamas I wanted & also get another nursing bra tank ordered. I didn't have any nuring sleepwear and after wearing the ugly but functional gowns at the hospital I knew I needed something that was more functional than my current sleepwear.

We are both enjoying parenting Isabel. Daddy has been completly fantastic with everything and he is doing such a great job. He went from never changing a diaper ever to being a master diaper changer (he does the majority of changes) and has been very helpful in making sure that we keep dishes & laundry going. I am so glad he wants to be so active in parenting and running the household. I really don't know how someone would do this alone or with a partner who is not very interested in either the parenting or the household.

Time to go get a few more things done again before it's time to nurse again and then I'm down for a nap with her after that.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

She has arrived!

I'm pleased, honored & excitied to announce the arrival of Isabel Grace. She was delivered at 10:21am Saturday morning, without any major complications. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 2 oz and is 21 inches long.

Both Mom and baby are doing fantastic. They're happy and healthy, and are resting in the hospital until Monday.

For those good at math, you can see that labor only lasted about 5 or 6 hours. We got to the hospital around 7am, and things got started quickly. She was already dilated to a 5. About an hour later (after some very intense contractions) she was at an 8. It didn't take long after that to be fully dilated. The doc came in, broke her water, and we were off to the races. She started pushing at about 10am, and delivered shortly thereafter. Everything went by really fast... much faster than I ever expected.

The kicker is that Mom never needed any drugs. She is such a strong person... I never could have done it! It wasn't something that we planned on, but the quick labor and her strong will prevailed.

I'm home for the night. Had to take care of the cats and a few other things. I'll be headed back in the morning. If you want to leave any comments, I'll print them off in the morning and bring them in for Mom.

Take care,

Try Again?

Well, for about the last hour I have been having regular contractions about 5 minutes apart. They are definitly increasing in intensity. Right now I am laying over my ball waiting for the next one.
I took a shower earlier as I was timing them to make sure before I woke up daddy.
My water has not broke yet. So, I'm not getting too excited yet. We're not jumping the gun yet.

Ouch! That last one REALLY hurt.
Daddy is worried I'll have the baby in the car. He said if I have he baby in the car and get blood in the seats, then we are selling it - no questions asked. He specified blood, so I got a pass on the amniotic fluid.

Another one. My mind just draws a blank right now. I have been up since 3:30. I slept like crap last night. I finally got up because my back was was hurting. So, I got up, made myself some tea and surfed eBay and read email.

Ok - maybe this is really happening this time. Just had another. Man they suck! And they are only going to get worse. Hmmm....3 minutes apart....I suppose we might need to go in soon. My doctor is off this weekend...the other doctor I never met is on call this weekend.

That one seemed small (in comparison) but lasted longer. They have usually lasted about a minute. Not sure if I like the minute intense ones or the 90 second medium intense ones.

Ok - getting ready to go to the hospital. That last one made me shake a little. The baby currently has hiccups. It's been fun seeing Kendra & Tim commenting as I update this. It is almost like they are here. Daddy grabbed some food to eat, as it might be a while til he gets to eat again.
Hmmm.....it's 6:07 and haven't had a contraction since the baby got hiccups. Maybe she had a change of heart.

Ok - that one was MUCH worse! It made up for the one being skipped there. As soon as the hiccups stopped the contraction started. We'll call people as soon as we know we are staying at the hospital. Hmmmm...thought my mom would have logged on by now and would see what's going on. She usually seems to check the blog before she goes out to the barn. Kate just called yesterday to see if I had the baby and said it was nice that the baby was waiting for her to get back to MN. She said she'll come to the hospital and massage by back. She's a massage therapist.

Even thought they are further apart than before, they are certainly getting more intense. That last one was a bitch. When I go in I better be further dilated. If I am still at a 3 I'm going to be wicked pissed. I was at a 3 on Monday, last week when we went to the hospital, and the previous Monday for my appointment.

OK- Time to go in. I hope no one else is using the birthing ball, otherwise I might have to send daddy home to get my ball. That last one sucked even worse. They are making me shake. Just gotta breathe.

Bye for now.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Deal or No Deal!

Ok - so there is only a 5% chance that a baby is born on their due date.

But as we get closer to the due date & a possible induction date, I am beginning to feel like we are playing Deal or No Deal, but I have sooooooo much less control than the contestants. In my case, it's the banker (or baby) who has the control.

So, considering that there are 6 days until the induction date (including that date), there is about a 16% chance that my baby will be born on her due date, but still a 16% chance I will need to be induced on Wednesday. But on the flip side, there is an 84% chance I won't have to be induced. We won't even think about that the induction might not take, I don't even know where to begin figuring out those chances. It's like the birthday is the amount inside that suitcase I picked, but I have a whole slew of people cheering on for a certain amount (date). My original choice was May 14th, maybe I should change it to Monday, since no one has it. Here is what people are picking.

Today (Friday - their chances are quickly diminishing):
* Grandpa S.
* Cindy

Tomorrow (Saturday):
* Grandma S. (hmmmmm, not sure she wants to be grandma, are you still wanting to be nana?)
* Daddy
* Oldest Uncle Brian
* Blog Reader Alison (it's her birthday Saturday, Happy Birthday!)

* Kinky Phanie Gates (teehee!, her aunt whose birthday this is)
* Sonya (co-worker of mom's)


* Kristin

* Uncle Al (although, he's going against the doctor and saing it's a boy)
* Tony (co-worker of mom's)

And then there are a whole slew of people who wait until May 29th.

I can't remember what all the dates the kids at work picked.

After today passes, there will be a 20% chance whe'll be born on those due dates and a 80% chance of no induction.

Still Here....

Just a little late getting a post on here this morning.....

Had a bad backache last night so I went downstairs and laid on the exercise ball, and finally went to bed around midnight. Then got up around 4am with another backache and went back on the ball (while watching the Tyra Banks show - I never knew she had a talk show) until 5am, then fell asleep watching the 5am news and just woke up again now at 8am.

I have a feeling there will be lots of naps today.....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thoughts on Maternity Clothes


I have shared my thoughts on maternity clothes with some people, but now I want to blog about it. Keep in mind, these are thoughts on maternity clothes in a first-time pregnancy. I understand that with subsequent pregnancies you show earlier, as those abdominal muscles & uterus are not as tights as they were before children ever entered your life.

No one tells you much about maternity clothes. Maybe because it seems trivial compared to caring a life inside of you or maybe they just have no clue themselves. Well, I want to talk about my experiences.

It's kinda exciting to have a reason to go out and shop for new clothes, but that excitement will wear off as you run out of money. I was lucky enough to have someone give me some of their maternity clothes, so I had a base to start out with. And a base it was because they were very plain maternity top & bottoms, but they did the job. One thing I did notice is that some of the pants fit right away at about 2 months, and others were huge on me at that time. I wasn't sure I would ever grow into to them. But grow into them I did. My belly grew into them and as the relaxin hormone does it's magic, your hips spread and well, they grew into them as well.

I think first time moms make the mistake of thinig you just need "one set" of maternity clothes (not one outfit, but one set). By one set I mean, they go out and start buying clothes when they an no longer really wear any of their bottoms anymore (this happens rather early, especally if you wear a lot of bottoms that are fitted and close by a button and zipper). But what fits you at this stage is most likely not going to fit you in 5 months.

In the beginning, a mom friend told me about the rubber band trick of looping a rubebrband (or hair tie) through the button hole on your jeans and attaching to your button so give you a little more time in your normal clothes. This can help keep you in your pre-maternity bottoms through the first trimester. You don't really need to go buy new maternity clothes at this stage, because what fits you here is most likely not going to fit very well in the 3rd trimester.

And of course, if you have pants that ride below the waist or have elastic in them, you can wear them much longer. I have "regular" athletic pants that I have been wearing the entire time, even now with my enormous belly. Keep wearing your pre-maternity tops though at this stage!

You don't really need to be buy any maternity tops until you enter the 3rd trimester. Unless you wear a lot of fitted tops that button, then you might need to go shopping for maternity tops earlier.

In the first trimester, it's easy to hide that rounding belly under your normal tops. You just need to pick tops that end below the belt line. During the second trimester you can hide it with layering, which won't be so easy during the summer. But if you have a jacket or a sweater that you can leave open, it will just hang there and disguise your belly because it will camoflage the protrusion. But by the end of the 2nd trimester, you are starting to really "show" to everyone else.

Now, what you may not realize in the beginning is that you think you are "showing" for a long time. You get to see yourself naked and you struggle with your wardrobe every morning and what might fit you today. But to the rest of the world, they just don't see it in your first pregnancy until you are 5-6 months pregnant. And even at 5-6 month they only may "kinda" see it. This was very frustrating because if you are like me -- you wanted to look pregnant, not like you were just getting fat.

Now, it's in this end of 2nd trimester that you may start to need maternity tops (depending upon how large your wore your pre-maternity tops). If you need or want to continue to diguise that you are pregnant, then you need to go shopping because your pre-maternity tops will only cling more to your belly and actually make you look pregnant. Now, I wanted people to know I was pregnant and not getting fat, so I tried to wear some of my normal tops as long as possible (what I did realize through this was that I have probably been buying tops too big for me beforehand, hmmmmm, maybe I should be on What Not To Wear.) Anyways, but what I did do was start buying a few maternity tops and sweaters for layering, but I shopped tops in the next size up and they provided ample room for my growing belly. Of if your parner is larger than you, raid their closet for tops.

And those "next size up" tops have worked nicely for making me look pregnant, but still keeping me adequately covered through most of my pregnancy. Plus, if you just go up a size in normal clothes, you have a better selection of choices (compared to maternity tops, selection can still be limiting even though it has gotten better) and you have a better chance of getting a deal (I'm always looking for the deal) in normal clothing. It really wasn't until about 35-36 weeks when baby is really increasing in size (about a half pound a week) that my abdomen started to really stick out and the length on those tops was just not enough and I needed the extra added length of maternity tops (which in the beginning if you wear them, it just looks like you are wearing a short flowy dress.)

So, in this last trimester you start to "fill out" those maternity tops, but also by this time that first set of maternity pants don't really fit anymore and you need to go buy some more. I am glad there are so many more maternity clothes options out there now. I could not imagine only having the options the previous generations had. One of the greatest options we have now is choice of waist height/style. You can buy the over the waist kind that may or may not have that built-in panel or you can buy bottoms with a thicker low waist that goes under yor belly. I like the latter. I have plenty of the over the belly kind and don't care for them. I learned I like them better if I folded the waist down to my hips, still leaving the double up panel/fabric covering my belly. But I always hated feeling any, even miniscule, type of pressure on my abdomen.

And when you go shopping -- have fun with picking out clothes. You don't need to go over-sized on maternity, because then you just look like you are wearing a circus tent. You can look cute & stylish and if you are smart you don't have to spend tons of money on new outfits, just be smart about using what you already have.

1st Trimester:
Tops - Keep wearing your pre-pregnancy tops. Maternity tops will just look silly at this point.
Bottoms - Wear your button pants as long as you can, then use a rubberband to extend the waistline for a little while longer. Either use or invest in some elastic waist pants that ride on the hips (these could carry you through the entire pregnancy & beyond).

2nd Trimester:
Tops - Keep wearing your pre-pregnancy tops as long as you can. If you need to, but a sizer larger in normal clothes. Start layering with a loose fitting jacket or sweater that you leave open over your top, this will camoflage yor stomach. Or raid a larger partner's closet.
Bottoms - You will now need to go buy some bottoms, unless you are sticking with elastic waist at the hips pants. Don't go hog wild on how much you spend and how many you buy, because in a couple of months you will be buying a new size.

3rd Trimester:
Tops - You will now need to purchase some maternity tops to fit over belly. You will need the length of maternity tops. Unless your parter is much larger than you and their tops are really long - I could do that with daddys clothes if I wanted.
Bottoms - You will need to go shopping again, as your belly has expanded as well as your hips and many of the bottoms that fit you last trimester won't fit so well anymore.

Now, don't worry that you spent all this money buying some new clothes and only wore them for a few months, because from what I understand, you will continue to wear your maternity clothes (especially the bottoms) for several months after the birth as you will still look 5-6 months pregnant right away and it takes time to get any sort of figure back.

Thoughts on other maternity accessories:

Maternity underwear - a must from the 2nd trimester because your hip joints are relaxing and your normal underwear will start to leave creases on your skin. Plus, then after the birth when you are bleeding, you can continue to wear them and ruin them rather than you nice ones (& then throw them away when you are all finished). I did have a few regular pair that I have been able to wear throughout, but normally people don't have loose underwear. And if they do, they are wearing them wrong in the first place. Buying these are well worth the money and you can get a 3-pack for about $10 @ Motherhood Maternity.

Maternity Tights/Nylons - If you wear a lot of skirts & dresses - then sure, why not. I bought some tights and wore a few times in the winter with my dresses. But like I said, I didn't like things that went over my belly and made me feel any small amount of pressure. Now that it's warmer, I go with bare legs (but then I have to find a way to bend & shave.)

Maternity Bras - Your bra size will increase. For some it will increase several times. But don't waste your money on maternity bras. Just buy a regular bra in your new size. You will find better deals and cuter styles this way. Save shopping the maternity stores for bras when you are nursing and need to buy nursing bras.

Sleepwear - Hmmmm....this is a tricky one, as in the beginning things I already owned fit for a long time. Then winter set in and I wasn't going to be wearing satin & lace, so I bought a couple of new pairs of pj's that were a size larger and covered more of my body. Now that I am at week 40, I still have stuff that fits (from the larger size purchase), but my large belly is pushing it too it's limits. If this kid doesn't come soon, I may have to just start sleeping in the nude because I will not go buy more sleep wear (well, not until I want to go buy something cute & sexy later on.)

Shoes - No, they don't make maternity shoes. But just as your hip joints & pelvis are spreading, so are other joints in your body. And do you realize how many joints there are in your feet? A lot. Many women will experience that their shoes (at a minimum) get tight in the width, some women will experience it in length (or both). I was lucky and only experienced it in the width at the ball of my foot, but I have had talked to people whose shoe size incread up to 2 sizes in pregnancy. Glad that didn't happen to me, as my feet are big enough already. By the 2nd trimester, most dressy shoes my not feel very comfortable (especially if they have a heel, which may be difficult to maneuver, as your center of balance will have changed because of the growing child inside of you.) Either get used to wearing athletic shoes (although, by the end tying your shoes becomes pretty difficult) or go buy a new pair of shoes that slip-on (you will thank yourself for that later) and are roomy. And if you are lucky, you will be able to wear sandals at the end of your pregnancy when you may be retaining water. I am very happy for this, but I do need to get those tennies on when I go for a walk and tying is just not something you take for granted anymore.

Jackets/Outerwear - I bought a lightweight maternity jacket (in the fall before I needed it, on sale of course) and I am so glad I did. Otherwise this spring I would have been chilly. There is not way I could close my normal jackets once I hit the 3rd trimester. I am glad I planned ahead and bought a jacket that would fit durnig this time. If you don't plan ahead, you may spend more money or go cold.

Swimwear - So, you only need this if you think you may go swimming while you are pregnant. I bought a couple of maternity swimsuits at the end of summer before I was pregnant for a very low clearance price. I got them for a steal at about $3 a piece (I bought a M & a L, as I didn't know what size I would need), rather than have to pay $30 later on when I needed it. The M fit me perfectly in the 2nd trimester, but I think the L would fit me much better now. I used them both on our trip to FL earlier this year. But I knew I would want to swim on a trip during my pregnancy, so I new spending those few dollars would be well worth it.

So, now I have a pretty big collection of maternity clothes, which I hope to lend to someone (maybe Carrie someday) later on, until we decide to have another child (if this one ever comes out that is.) I am glad that I did get that starting base of clothes, it helped to give me a few more options as I mixed & matched things from her & things I purchased.

I know this was a long post. But I like clothes and I think they are important enough to have this long of a post. Besides, nothing new has happened and I needed something to blog about.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Body

Actually, I am pretty glad that I am home now before the birth. I just would not be comfortable sitting in those chairs at work or walking around as much as I sometimes do there.

Yesterday morning I was having these contractions, much like the ones I have had before, and I was doing my best to ignore them, because like I said - they were like the ones I had before (which resulted in nothing.) Anyways, all of a sudden I get this pain starting in my left backside and slowly, ever so slowly, it makes it way across my entire back. And all I can think is F*ck that hurts. I am breathing through it and thought I would get up to see if it went away - nope! So, this already feels like it is lasting 10 minutes and probably only 10 seconds has passed. The next thing I can think is that the baby is digging her heel into some nerve and I gotta get her to change her position. This can't really be a contraction, because if this is how it's going to be - we're going to the hospital NOW in my jammies and I'll have to yell to daddy upstairs (who was still sleeping) and scre the living daylights out of him as he comes downstairs all disoriented and confused. But I got on my exercise ball, kept my breathing, and started to break out in a sweat and kept thinking. Sh*t, this REALLY hurts, I am so getting meds! High pain tolerance my ass. Of course while I was laying there on the ball in pain, I had the laptop in front of me, trying to look up information.

Just think of how distracted I could be from the contractions if I could have my laptop there while I was delivering....but Nooooo!....the hospital doesn't have wireless internet. Come on people - get with technology!

Anyways - apparently the baby likes the position where she lays on my back. But I am glad I have my exercise ball. When the back pain starts, I just get on there for a while and then it goes away as she changes positions. So, it's a good thing I wasn't at work because I wouldn't have had my ball.....and I was on it quite a bit. But anytime I started to feel even the sligtest back pain I went on it. I did go see my chiropractor neighbor yesterday to get straightened out, so that was good.

A couple months ago I had blogged about different birthing positions and how I wasn't so hip on the idea of all fours.....I am very quickly changing my mind on that one.....I still don't like the idea of my butt in the air, but I know I won't give a rat's ass about it when I am in labor or having contractions. Because the baby keeps pushing on my back and causing pains there, I just don't see sitting or laying working out at all. And I am pretty sure I don't want to squat -- that would take a lot of energy. So, there is the side position or on all fours....and since they have the birthing ball there which can support the upper half of my body, it might be the most comfortable for me.

Daddy was laughing at me & Larry yesterday. It takes me so long to move from side to side when I am in bed or on the couch - hey! I got this baby with all sorts of fluid floating around inside of me, you try moving fast and see how that works out for you. But then he noticed that the fat cat moves just as slow when he is trying to change positions. I told daddy to leave us alone because it's not so easy carrying around extra weight.

My arms are starting to get a workout now. It's much easier to push myself up with my arms than to use any abdominal muscles, but it's a slower process and I feel like an old woman. Daddy just giggles at me because I am so slow -- he can finally keep up. Although the other day on our walk he asked if I had a sudden burst of energy as he was having trouble keeping up with me & the dog.

I had this dream about breastfeeding last night. I guess it's the one thing I am still unsure about. Not unsure whether or not I will do it - that's not the issue. But it's something I have never done before. And I can read all I want on how to do it and what to do, but it really doesn't mean much until I actually have the baby in my arms and can do it. I know if I have concerns there are plenty of people to ask. The hospital has a lacatation consultant there (actually, one of the ladies who taught a section of our baby classes) and there is also a weekly "Amazing Baby Clinic" - which the lactation consultant is at and I can ask questions (& you get the baby weighed and everything else and they ask you a bunch of questions to make sure the baby is growing fine.) Plus depending upon when she joins us, my mom will either be here around the time of the birth or shortly after and she nursed all four of us. Plus, I do have supportive friends that live nearby who have nursed their own children who woud not hesitate for a second to run over right away and give me whatever support I need. So, I am not really worried. I just had this dream - you know how that goes.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Cats Are Funny.

We've been setting up things so that the cats can get used to them and hopefully their curiousity will wane on some of these items before the baby is born. But their curious nature has led to some laughter on our part as we watch them try to figure things out.

Crib: They haven't paid much attention to this. But I think it's because it's too tall to get in and there is no easy way for them to jump in & out. Although Larry did try sticking his head through the slots in an attempt. He banged his head against the slots a couple of times with no success and then finally gave up. It does have a trundle underneath which I keep blankets & sheets in. Periodically I will find a cat sleeping in there and will have sheets to wash, but if I just cover it with a towel then I don't have to worry about the baby stuff getting cat hair on it. Although they are less interested in it since getting the toybox.

Stroller: Since we had to "build" it, it's still in the house. Lucy jumped in there one day and was going to try to sleep in it. I just started pushing her around in it and she got seriously freaked and jumped out and has never returned.

Bouncy Seat: Larry seems to think that this is a cat chair. When I got it and set it up he was VERY interested in it and didn't care what I put in it, as he would lay on top of that in the seat. But he didn't like the vibration option. Once I turned that on low he looked mildy irritated, but when I turned it up higher he didn't like it at all and would leave. He would try again & again if the vibration was off. Finally I decided it just had to go in the closet until the baby comes. I hope he doesn't try to sit on the baby in it.

Swing: I finally picked up one of these. It's crazy how expensive they are. I just can't see paying new prices for something I will use for only 6 months or less. I did pay quite a bit to buy it used. But even the cost of it used with shipping & handling was less than buying it new, plus I am being more ecologially friendly by reusing things and not adding to new material items. I actually bought many items second hand off of eBay. I probably paid more than what I would have gotten them for at a rummage sale, but since the sales are just starting, I don't know that I would have the time to actually go out looking for them after the baby is born anyways or what condition I will find them in at the sales -- everything off of eBay I chose to buy has been immaculate. Anyways - Larry has been very interested in this. It is a travel one and somewhat resembles the bouncy seat. He has attempted many times to get inside the chairn and was successful 2 times, but then it starts swinging right away and he gets a little spooked and tries to compensate for the imbalance he is experiencing and just ends up making it swing faster and gets scared. But that certainly doesn't stop him from trying again, and again, and again. We just laugh at him.

Pack-n-Play: Again, another used purchase (actually I think the only new things were the crib, car seats, & stroller for the travel system - I did pick up a burley & jogger at a rummage sale last fall for great prices.) Anyways, I set this up yesterday. We're hoping she likes it well enough as the plan is to lay her in that when we are on the main level of the house. I like that it's big enough so that we could put her in the swing or the bouncy seat inside of it in case the cats are still too interested in her. Larry kept looking at it and the inside of it, but he just couldn't figure out a way to get inside. I was thinking of putting him in there, but I don't think he would like it. He might yelp to get out if he can't jump out, which I am not sure he would try if there was no place he could see to jump to. But he does enjoy playing underneath it. He's a fat cat and doesn't fit very well under a lot of things, so he was having a lot of fun last night squeezing underneath it and peering at us and trying to lurch out at Lucy as she walked by. Much laughter to be had there.

Bassinett: (Yes, another eBay find. You really should consider it. Personally I am addicted to eBay. But because these items are used for such a short amount of time, you usually find them in "like new" condition and like I said, you'll save money -- which will allow you to buy more used baby things -- and you are not adding to more material consumption.) Anyways, this was the first acquistion that was out and they were slightly interested in it, but never could get into the actual bassinett part, but they have camped out in the basket below a few times, but I don't think it was what they wanted. They like to sleep on things a little higher.

Toybox & Rocker: Both of these have towels over them so I can easily wash them and remove the cat hair, as the cats spend a lot of time on both. The toybox is something my parents made us and has a cushion top and it positioned by the window, so it is a particular favorite of the cats, especially Lucy. She's also pretty fond of the rocker (something we already had.) I am afraid the nursery used to be "Lucy's Room" and she still thinks it is. She might change her mind after a crying child is in there for a while. Although since having moved the bed out of that room (which was where she slept before in there) she does tend to sleep on the bed (now in the office) when daddy is on the computer playing his games.

There are a few things I picked up from eBay that I haven't put out yet (like the exersaucer - which by the way is almost new and hardly cost anything since I arranged to pick it up, or the Baby Einstein Play Mat/Gym). We don't need the exersaucer for quite a while, but it's there in storage. The play mat I think will be interesting to see what the cats do with that, because honestly, I think it will look like a big cat toy to them with all the dangly things on it. The cats have had run of the house & so much attention for so long, that this could be a tough transition for them, especially Larry, who ALWAYS has to be around us. He's not like a normal cat who is aloof with people, he is pretty attached to us. Lucy I think will handle it better. I remember when we got Larry, she was pretty pissed and got depressed & lost weight and pretty much ignored us for 6 months. Whoever said cats don't have personalities are completly wrong, because she certainly has one. Have you ever had a cat give you the "silent treatment"? I have. And she can hold a grudge for a long time too. We're not too worried about the dog, as she is outside most of the time & is relatively well behaved (if not, I raise my voice and she just cowers to the ground - she knows who is boss!)

Just Some Stuff....

I just finished reading I Wish Someone Had Told Me. The link is to a newer version than the one I got, but I don't know that it makes much difference. I like that is offers a historical perspective of how things came to be, as well as personal experiences from a bunch of moms. Each chapter there is the "ideal" that each woman might have, but then it is followed by the "fact". I found a lot of chapters really helpful in setting realistic expectations and gave me some things to talk to daddy about and figure out, because I was thinking the "ideal". So, I would definitly recommend reading this book. It's not your regular pregnancy book, it really addresses a lot of your concerns and feelings during labor & beyond. I had bought this "lot" of things off of eBay and this was one of the things in it. I had bought the lot for a couple of other things, so this was just an added bonus. I probably would have not thought or known to read it otherwise.

The above picture illustrates the pelvic bones. I couldn't remember what the doctor said was causing my back pain, it was an "s" word, that was all I could remember from my hospital visit. So, after researching online I believe he was talking about the sacoiliac joints. I should probably go over and see my chiropractor neighbor. (Actually, he sent a different neighbr over to do "neighborhood watch" and see how things were going, after she was at his house.)

The other pain I have occasionally experienced (actually happened shortly before I was told I was dilated more /effaced more /lower pelvic station) was this feelings that my crotch was just going to fall out. It's kinda hard to explain. That pain started yesterday. It is probably just ligaments loosening further and adjusting to the pressure of the uterus & baby upon it. But it feels like I don't have much control over my bones & muscles in the groin area. In the past weeks, these feelings have gone away in a couple days and then I see the doctor and he tells me I have dilated more, effaced more, & the baby dropped into a lower pelvic station. So, we'll see.

Although if it means labor is looming closer, like within the next couple of days, then I probably wont have my own doctor, as he said he is at a conference today, Wednesday, & Thursday (but is on call Thursday night) & back @ work on Friday. I found out the on-call schedule for this week. The other doctor I met yesterday is on-call tonight, and then the one I didn't meet is on-call on Wednesday & this weekend.

Hmmmmmm....Presents.....Presents can be so much fun to get. I got a couple last week. The first was a gift for the baby from Kendra & Tim. It was a witch ball. It is a yellow & green glass ball with a tree-like, web-like thing inside that is supposed to collect & trap bad feelings and thoughts, sort of like a dream catcher. It is very beautiful. I am just waiting until after the new windows get put in the nursery (can't have our baby feeling a draft from our old windows this coming winter) to figure out just how I want to hang it. It says you should hang it in a window. And I also got presents from Daddy (& baby) for Mother's Day. He bought me this necklace I wanted & them picked a bouquet from the yard of purple tulips, lilacs, & apple blossoms. It was very nicely arranged. I haven't been outside enough to enjoy them, so I am glad he brought them in. I try to do that myself throughout the growing season - bring the outdoors in. I do enjoy the smell of lilacs and apple blossoms, and the tulips are just so pretty.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Week 40 Doctor Appointment

Will it ever come to fruition?

Anyways - not a lot new from this doctor appointment. We talked about still having lots of contractions, but that I am basically ignoring them until they make me pay attention. He says he's a little worried that because I have a high pain tolerance (his perception, not mine) that I will end up coming in when I am 9cm dilated. Hmmmm....is that really so bad? I mean, I can't start pushing until 10cm. (Although, Daddy worries about the same thing and says that if I have a baby in his car we are selling it immediately - no questions asked.) I honestly don't think my pain tolerance is all that high, but I guess we'll find out.

The doctor did sign a note having me start family medical leave starting tomorrow. So, I guess I am out until summer school starts. Now I just need to get my short-term diability paperwork in order. I didn't have it with me (it's packed in the hospital bag) and wasn't exactly expecting it, so now I have to get it to the doctor. But I suppose I can still wait to have him fill it out either at my next appointment or at the hospital.

I did tell the doctor I was upset that he was giving me false hopes the last 2 weeks and I didn't want to hear it. But he still insisted on saying several times that before the week is up I should have a baby. I told him I still don't believe him and that I don't believe that we are having a girl anymore. He said he was really surprised that I didn't end up delivering on Friday afterall.

We also talked about an induction for the week after. We had a couple days to choose from (well, we could have chose others, but he wanted it to be on a day that he is the one on call that night so he can do the delivery.) So, if needed, we are planning for an induction on May 23rd. But I really don't want to be induced....so I hope this baby comes all on her own before that.

Guess that's it.

At Work Again.....

Everyone seems pretty surprised I am back here.....they figured that this baby would come. Unfortunately, I think they are forgetting that she has half my genes and is being stubborn.

But everyone seems pretty happy to see me, which makes me feel good. No mood swings today, yet.

This afternoon I have my 40 week dr. appt. We'll see what he says.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Glad I'm Not a Single Mom

Daddy & I were talking about this last night. I am so glad I am not a single mom, because when I went to the hospital I would have probably felt really bad by how they phrased some things if I were.

Daddy dropped me off at the door and then parked the car, and I walked in by myself. They asked what they could help me with and I told them I think I may be there to have a baby. Their response was, "You're not here alone, are you?" Now be saying that in a kind of condesending voice and you got the picture. They should have structured the question differently by saying Are you here alone? That way it doesn't sound so accusing and negative.

The next thing was when the OB nurse was doing this questionnaire thing and she asked me, "You're not on WIC, are you?" What the hell is with the accusing sentence structure. Dad was there for that one and thought it didn't sound right. Maybe we didn't look like we would qualify for WIC, I don't know. Not that every single mother is on WIC. There are couples on WIC and plenty of single mothers who would not qualify. But still, the way she said it could have made me feel like it was a bad thing.

And finally - this one isn't about stupid sentence structures - but when daddy left the room to go to the bathroom (he could have used the bathroom in the room, but he loves me enough to go #2 in the public bathroom rather than make me suffer)....but it was very lonely sitting in that room contracting with no one there.

Those experiences made me very happy to have a husband there with me and how some people can make you feel really bad if you are alone. Even daddy realized how lonely the whole experience could be if you don't have anyone going with you.

Freaking Irritable!

You know - I am about ready to believe she is never coming out of there. And I don't like these irritable feelings I am getting. I have about a 2-second tolerance with the dog before she gets yelled at and put outside.

I was thinking about how I am getting irritable & cranky while taking a bath and that just made me sad, so I start crying. And then I am sad because I can't control my feelings at all. And I cry some more. And none of this is funny. It is just irritating.

And I am irritated that of the 4 times I saw the doctor in the last 2 weeks, he has lead us to believe any day now, just a couple more days. And I know that it wasn't just me trying to hear something I wanted to hear, 'cuz daddy was with me the last 2 times. And when I go in tomorrow for my weekly appt. he just better do his vaginal exam and say ok, here's your stats and go home. Don't give me this crap that it is any day now. She's not coming out! She's staying in there as long as possible to make me feel miserable, to finally give me some stretch marks (there just ain't anymore room in there, she's gotta be getting uncomfortable), to make my back constantly hurt, to keep me up all day and night with contractions and a cramping back so that I can only sleep for 45-60 minutes before I gotta try & change positions & get up to pee. And let me tell you - it's not easy trying to change positions in bed. What once was something that was taken for granted is now something that takes every ounce of energy and last breath to do, and you STILL might now be comfortable and have to change again. I am Soooooo Tired and the baby hasn't even come yet to keep me awake with her crying and feedings.

So, don't give me that shit about she's coming any day now. 'Cuz I don't want to hear it and frankly I don't believe it. It's kinda like going on a trip - at least for me - you are all excited for it and you may lose sleep before it actually happens, but then whether or not you have a good time or are miserable depends upon your expectations. If you are expecting all these things will happen and they will happen in a certain way, then you get upset and disappointed when it doesn't go that way. But if you just expect that you will go on the trip and take things as they come, you are bound to have a lot more fun. That's how I feel right now. I was doing good thinking I was going to have a baby before June. I didn't know when, or if I will choose to use pain drugs or not, or just what will happen. But then I got the expectation that it could be any day soon, then probably in the next couple of days - well, not anymore! No more expectations! And stop setting me up for diappointment. It's pissing me off.

And I'm irritated by the advice already. Before I took it in stride and would decide what I was going to use and wasn't. Now - I don't want to hear it. None of it. Even if it is good stuff and I will appreciate it. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! If I ask you, that's different. But you know what - I don't even want to talk to people. I accidently left my phone off on Friday (since we couldn't have it on in the birthing room and I never remembered to turn it back on) and when I did turn it back on - there were all these messages. Bah! Leave me alone. THE BABY IS NEVER COMING OUT! I am half-tempted to turn off my phone and the home phone forever, you think I am exaggerating here - but right now I mean forever. When we have the baby, daddy will send out an email from my email account (I already have an email set up ion draft form so that he lets everyone know when she finally decides to grace us with her presence), and will put a post on here, and he'll make the necessary calls to those people that need to know right away.

And now I'm crying again as I re-read this post because I sound like such a bitch, but I don't want to change any of it because that is how I feel.

People have told me I should save all these postings and use them as a deterrant for my daughter (which who knows anymore - the doctor lead me to believe it's a girl - and I don't believe him anymore), in order to keep her from wanting to have sex early and possibly have a baby. But honestly, now I think I need to print it off for me. You hear from all these people how their pregnancy sucked or the labor sucked, but somehow after the baby was born there must be some chemical released in your brain (or maybe the doctor whips out one of those gadgets they have on Men In Black to erase your memory) and you forget about how sick you were, how much pain you were in, how irritable you were, and decide to have another one. Stupid brain chemicals and men with gadgets to erase your memories!

Time to go be irritable on the couch in front of the TV because there is nothing on and then cry because I feel stupid because I am mad at the TV. Sister Steph is probably laughing at this whole post right now - but you just wait! You wait until the dogs whining annoys you, and people are calling you wondering if you had the baby (but no! you just went home after many hours - I wish they would have just sent me home right away - but now I know! I am not going in until it's much worse and I can't talk and I am certainly not letting them keep me hooked up to those damn machines so much.), and crying because you are crying. Then I will ask you (which will totally annoy you), it's not so funny now is it?

Friday, May 12, 2006

We Need Them Stronger....

After spending a better part of last night and this morning at the hospital , I got the option to go home. My contractions were regular and increasing in frequency (got to 3 minutes apart) but were not increasing in intensity and I was not dilating further.

The doc gave me 3 options, 2 which involved staying at the hospital and 1 which let me come home. We came home.

Those beds are Soooooo not comfortable and you can't get any sleep with that band thing & monitors hooked up to you. Who are they kidding trying to tell you to try & rest?

We did what we were supposed to do - come in when they were consistently 5 minutes apart, but they just didn't get stronger. And I figured we would be more comfortable at home rather than sitting there with machines on and having someone check on us every 30-45 minutes.

Now I can take a bath or shower when I want (they have a bath & shower room, but it's not in the birthing room - doesn't exactly appeal to me), I can make my tea, watch my soaps, eat some breakfast (I can eat until they get to be strong enough where it's difficult to talk & that is when I need to go in next time.) You know, I wish they would have said that the first time and we would have just not gone in. But I suppose many woman start out like I did and the frequency & intensity BOTH increase.

The baby is lying in a position that causes my back immense pain....the contractions were a piece of cake to handle, that back pain is not fun. The doc offered to give me drugs (which meant I would have to stay there), but I decided to come home and trying different positions in hopes that she moves a little. She did. There is still some back pain, but it's not as bad.

My waters are still in place....so there is no reason I had to stay there and have a baby at that moment and the doc said it was too early to go the route of inducing by breaking the waters. Hmmm.....guess he doesn't realize that I want to avoid rupturing the water bag or taking pitocin at all costs. I don't want to take any drugs unnecessarily or do anything artificial unless we have to for health reasons for me or the baby.

He said I could have these same constant contractions for hours yet -- or even days! Wh-wh-What? Days? I may be able to hold on a conversation yet, but I certainly am not going to be able to go buy groceries or drive anywhere by myself. They are too distractingto really be anywhere other than home. This "days" of 3-minutes apart contractions is for the birds.

Time to try to find a comfortable position and get some rest. Still have plenty of time for her to be a full moon baby - full moon is tomorrow. I was betting on going in Saturday and actually delivering on Sunday. So, we'll see.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


C'mon. This has gotta be happening soon. I was home all day with irregular contractions, some more often than others. And the increase of mucus has gotta mean that I am getting close to being 100% effaced and be further dilated.

After being up all night I slept on & off through the day.....so my sleep schedule is a little screwed up......

Got a gift book in the mail today from Tony & Carol, The Amazing Newborn. Much of it is stuff I learned in my Developmental Psych classes in undergrad and graduate school, but I am learning a couple of things. There are A LOT of really sweet pictures, but because there are so many pictures it is a really quick read.

Co-worker has her baby

Just found out that a co-worker just had her baby. They did not know what they were having.

They had a boy and names him Charles David. He was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long.

He was born last night @ 6:19pm.

Not Quite

So, last night was a long night. Mildly frustrating since it did not result in going to the hospital to deliver.

I started out the evening with awful constant low back pains. Took a bath to help relieve that, but it didn't help much, but it is when my contractions started. They were about 10 minutes apart for an hour, then they went to about 7 minutes apart for another hour. It was towards the end of that hour that we called the hospital to see how "average" of 5 minutes apart they needed to be.

We found out who was on call -- not my doc, which we knew already -- but the doctor whose picture I find kinda creepy. Daddy doesn't help the situtation, as he says the guy probably has they long boney fingers, like Mr. Burns on the The Simpsons, and will tap them on stuff making an eerie noise and tap them together saying "Excellent!" Well, that doesn't help me too much at all and makes me even more creeped out by the guy. I've never met him, so I have no reason to be creeped out, it's all based on his picture (plus his last name is creepy sounding, but I don't think it's appropriate for me to type that here. But if you really want to know what he looks like and his last name - drop me an email and I will send you a link to the clinic's website and give you the name{s}) So, I have no experience to base those creepy feelings on.

So, after the phone call, the continued to be 7 minutes apart for a while. They said because I was low-risk I could choose to come in right away and get checked out or stay home for a while and see if they happen more frequently. I chose to stay home (daddy says it's because I wanted to avoid "Creepy Mc Long Fingers" - again, no reason to base any of that on, we have no reason to believe that he even has long fingers.) I asked daddy to rub my back because after 2 hours of CONSTANT low back pain, I needed some relief and the hot bath and the hot pack just didn't do it and Tylenol normally doesn't help & there is notthing else I can take right now.

Well, while he was giving me the back rub the back pain subsided THANKFULLY, and so did the contractions. I spent the next 3 hours with irregular contraction happening anywhere from every 7-15 minutes. Although all of the contractions the entire night last between 40-60 seconds. The irregular contractions didn't stop there, they have continued to be 20-30 minutes apart through the rest of (well, by this time is almost morning) and though now. My contractions have been about 20 minutes apart this morning as well and I am pretty tired.

I tried to sleep as much as I could though the 20-30 minute apart ones, but it does wake you up and you have to start over again.

The baby doesn't seem to care much for them. It's like she is fighting back after each one. When I have one, I don't feel her moving at all, but once it's over she starts kicking and punching as if she were saying "Knock that shit off!"

The good news is now it's working hours and my Dr. would be available and tonight is his night to be on call, so for about the next 36 hours I would be able to have my own doc if I go into labor. He's not on call this weekend, a different doc is (but not the one that creeps me out, actually I just checked out his picture {of the 3rd doc} again because I couldn't remember what he looks like & nope, not creeped out at all.)

So, here's hoping for a baby in the next 36 hours! I'm going to try to go get some sleep through these 20-30 minute ones, so that I am more ready for when the big ones come.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

On Becoming Babywise

Kate had recommended the book On Becomnig Babywise. I picked it up at the library last night and read 135 out of 195 pages last night. I'm going to go finish reading the rest now.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today's Dr. Visit

Ok - we'll just get down to the nitty gritty:

Dilated: 3cm
Effaced: 75%
Pelvic Station: 0
Baby's Heartbeat: 130's

He did membrane sweeping today; here are some comments people have about it. He says that about 25% of women will go into labor within 12-24 hours of having this happen. He also said I may experience cramping in the next 1-2 hours (hmmmm....great...not!)

Everything is looking normal for me as far as blood pressure & weight. The water retention has improved since I've watched my salt intake and increased my water intake.

I noticed the first date on the betting pool is today (this evening) - Tony has today. The next date is mine, which is Sunday.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Still Plugging Along

So, we just finished 38 weeks and are not 2 days into the 39th week. I've read that most babies are delivered between 38-42 weeks, so now we're in the average range.

I am very tired today, as I was having lots of BH contractions through the night. Some gave me backaches, and then some I was trying to stay awake to see how long it would last and the next would begin - just in case they might have been the real thing.....but nope - still pregnant. My uterus is getting a real workout.

We did the pre-birth blessing yesterday. I asked the minister to do a little blessing that she would come last night so I wouldn't have to go to work today. No such luck. I'm at work today and feeling uncomfortable. I would really rather be home with my feet up, but I have to work until "the" day.

Tomorrow I have my next Dr. appt, so we'll how much further along I am. I hope I am further along and not measuring the same.

The baby keeps moving between being on my right side and back facing my belly (all head down, she's been head down forever). You can feel her little butt sticking out depending upon where she is. When her back is facing my belly she kicks & punches at my organs and that has lead to some weird sensations. Some make you sit up and pay attention. She been hanging out there with back facing belly (the best position for delivery - check out the facing backward headfirst, this is what she's been like) quite a bit, so hopefully she favors that during the actual delivery and makes it a little easier on dear 'ole mom.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ahhhhh! Breathe.....

I needed this morning......I went to Northfield to the Meditation Center for the 9am sitting.....but before I get there I have a 1/2 hour ride to crank up the radio and sings as loud as I want and pretend I am the world's greatest singer (as a side note, only in MN can you find a radio station that plays only polkas & waltzes on Sunday, of course the radio station is from New Ulm which makes sense.)

So, after singing for a 1/2 hour I get to the Center and sit down and the bell is rung to begin meditation. As soon as the first bell was struck my body just sank and instantly relaxed. I might need to borrow it for the labor. And then I did the half hour sitting....it's just amazing how much more centered I feel. Wow.

Then I went to the Co-op, the 2nd part of my routine on Sunday mornings to Northfield (someday we may move there, we really like Northfield.) And it was like everything was on sale that I wanted to be on sale to help with these last days of pregnancy, the labor, and afterward.

The raspberry leaf teaf, the Mother's Milk tea blend (helps promote lactation), ginger hard candies (helps with nausea), Recharge juice blend (which the checkout guy said that they used when his wife was in labor at the advice of their midwife and he said they thought it worked), some of these organic wheat crackers (like Wheat Thins, but organic and lacking in hydrogenated oils) and this organic milk chocolate with a truffle filling (both the crackers & chocolate are snacks for us for after - you know after then make me starve for nearly a full day. I told daddy I might be a challenge during the labor 'cuz I get cranky when I am lacking in sleep or am hungry - I am fairly predictable with those things.)

And it's such a beautiful day. The sun is out.....the baby has been active this morning, so I know things are going good in there for her (which is something I worry about, as daddy had a co-worker who lost her baby last year a few weeks before her due date because the baby got the cord wrapped around it's neck too tight and she noticed the baby hadn't moved at all that day - SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME!)

Time to go outside. It smells fantastic out there....the tulips, the rhodednron bushes, the crabapple tree, the four blooming apples trees.....all wonderful smells.

Water Be Gone!

Help thy body heal thyself naturally. Please. I'm begging you.

I don't like it when I am retaining water. It makes me feel uncomfortable. This water retention is part of the reason why at 3am I am up typing a post. I can't sleep and my body feels uncomfortable being puffy. I haven't struggled too much with water retention during pregnancy. It has come & gone a few times. I like it when it is gone.

But tonight I am also a little hungry, so I thought I would do a little research to see what foods that I am in current possession of have diuretic effects, w/o caffiene (as I do want to get back to bed.)

So, right now I have a little plate filled with celery sticks and strawberries and a hot cup of tea that contains rosehips (non-caffienated herbal tea.)

If this doesn't work, then I'll start the day with a banana, as food high in potassium are supposed to counteract the effects of excess sodium in the system. Although, I didn't really have a lot of stuff with with excess salt. But maybe right now, even small amounts are too much for me.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Baby's Tree is Planted

Daddy planted the Baby's Tree, a red maple, today with the help of the dog. It's nice that's done, because who knows how much time we would have had to get that done after the baby is born.

Baby Name Anagrams

Daddy this a while back and emailed it to me. He found out what anagrams we could get from the baby's name (which is something we have done for our own screen names.) This is wat he came up with and his comments:

Is that the same as :) ?

Nice! Our little girl already has an axe to grind.

Mmmm... rib-flavored-beer...

Well, it's accurate.

Hi, Earl. I be Andy Miller. Or, at least she'll already have her male namefor reverse drag shows.

If that "I" is really roman numeral "1", then it's funny. Otherwise... meh.

I always could count on Slim.

I seem to remember that Liberia -did- have a funky odor!

That's just pretty sounding.

Oh, no! She can already sniff out my lies!

(One who attacks the reputation of another by slander orlibel)Yikes. Careful with that one.

Some of these are quite funny, or at least his comments are.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Pre-Birth Blessing & Baptismal Thoughts

Daddy asked a minister at the church we have been going to do a pre-birth blessing on the baby. They said they would and asked if we wanted to do it during the service or afterward. We opted for afterward, if I make it that long.


I think some people (because of a previous post several months ago) thought we were anti-religion. We just didn't feel right about baptizing a baby into a religion or church that we didn't attend or maybe didn't agree with. And we were going to start attending a service JUST so we could get the baby baptized.

I view the whole baptismal thing as a commitment to want to raise your child within the values and beliefs of that religion or church and you shouldn't be getting your child baptized because someone thinks you are "supposed" to. You should be doing it because this is how you plan to continue to teach your child to live with those values and beliefs long after they are baptized. I just don't agree with getting a child baptized for the sake of getting baptized and then never attending that church again.

So, anyways, we had decided that we wanted to start going back to (HOM)House of Mercy even if it was an hour drive each way. We had tried going to some churches down here and they just didn't feel right for us. We really likes HOM and were hoping to find something similar near us, but that just did not happen. We try to get to service as often as we can, but aren't going to get down on ourselves if we miss a weekend or 2 in a row. We go because we want to go, not out of obligation or guilt.

I'm done with the guilt thing, that Catholic guilt thing. It took years to work at getting over some of it. I am not sure I am completly over all of it, but I'm not going to let it bring me down. We considered ourselves to be "Recovering Catholics". That term was actually used by a boss I had in undergrad when our office was talking about religion and he used the term to refer to him & his wife.

So, in conclusion. We are not opposed to baptism. We are open to asking the ministers @ HOM (& probably will) to baptize our child. But we are doing it because we identify as a part of their religious community and want to do it and plan to raise our children within the values and beliefs that are a part if HOM.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Changing a Word

Through the wonders of Tracksy I was able to see I started getting some hits for searches on n*ked pictures.....not the type of people I really look to attract to my blog.....these are supposed to be beautiful pictures of my pregnancy......So, I am sure I may still get some hits even after I change the a to a *, but maybe I won't get as many.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Third Time's the Charm

This post of pictures, along with the next post took me 3 tries each to get posted. Very frustrating.

These are some pictures that she used special effects on the digital images. I put a link to Skye's blog on the first set of pictures below, but I thought I should link again, as it may get lost among the pictures. Skye's the photgrapher: Skye's Blog

So, a couple of headless shots that I chose here. Daddy think it looks like I have huge hands and am strangling the poor bear.

Ok, a head-included shot here. On the front porch with a purple tulip from our yard.

Looks like my last dye job has held up pretty decent. I think it was about a month & a half ago, but my hair has grown like weeds during this pregnancy. I was hoping that the color would last me through the rest of the pregnancy.

So, these pictures were taken yesterday after work and she has them to me already. Isn't that impressive? I hope someday she can really make a go of her photography skills. She is going to take pictures later on after the baby is born, as she doesn't have any infant shots for her portfolio. Mom may have to stay out of some of those pictures, or it could look like there is whole portfoli of me & my family (she took picture of me with my mom & sisters before - 2 years ago now, I believe).

A half-n*ked shot of me with daddy from behind. The bunny is a gift from my MIL. It is a wind-up bunny that plays music.

Pictures of Mommy

Man, this took 3 VERY LONG tries on blogger to get these ones uploaded. I was almost ready to throw in the towel on these one.

So, this first one is on the front porch. Like the pretty purple tulip I am holding. They are planted in the backyard. I forgot I had planted purple ones. I like them, they are a different color of purple and not like the yellow ones in the front yard.

Not sure how much I like this shot, but it's a good side view to see my belly.

I had this weird smile going on in a lot of the pictures. Almost like an awkward smirk. Some of the time I felt my smile was weird but it's hard to look relaxed & comfortable & natural when you got this whole other human being taking up all of the space inside of you and making your movements and stances feel unnatural.

Here's a headless shot. The little teddy bear actually came from my sister-in-law Lisa (well, I suppose Chris & Travis were in on it too, but we know who really went shopping) for Christmas. It's a very cute bear. I thought we better have a picture of it before the dog gets a hold of it someday and destroys it. Molly loves to demolish stuffed animals. So, I don't think our children will have too many to play with.

Some Half-N*ked Ones

On an episode of Yummy Mummy the mommy had some maternity photos taken and did some half-n*ked ones. I thought they looked nice, especially the one that were in black & white.

So, I guess I feel confident enough to share these ones with you. Even if I didn't, I better get over it, as these pictures are part of the photographers portfolio and others will see them. And since she lives in the area, there are pretty good odds that people I know (or might meet someday) will have seen these half-n*ked shots.

Actually, I found out last year that someone who I work with had seen the photos she took of my mom, my sisters, & I. Turns out they are friends. And tonight I found out that the photopgraher (Skye) is friends with my OB & his wife. Such a small world. But what do I expect when I live in rural MN.

Here's a nice shot of the bare belly.

Should I feel naughty putting these pictures of me on here? I don't. I have learned to appreciate my pregnant body. I am not so sure I will say the say thing about by post-pregnant body. Not even sure I would have sid that about my pre-pregnant body. But even if this comment makes me a little vain I am going to say it anyways, I think I make a cute pregnant woman.

They don't all have to be shots with our heads in them. The whole point was to showcase the pregnant belly.

It was really a lot of fun doing the pictures, but by the end I was just getting tired. It's hard work being pregnant.

Color Pictures of Mommy & Daddy

So, here are a couple of color photos of us in the backyard.

Now that I am seeing myself in print I realize that what people are saying is true, that I don't have a very big belly for being 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. I guess it helps to be taller and the baby has more room. I don't remember what we were talking about in the one picture that we were looking at each other, but we, of course, were being smart asses.

Blogger is being slow. I think I will start uploading the next pictures and then go find some dinner. I'm hungry.

B&W Photos

Here are a couple of black & white photos of Andy & I. Andy was supposed to be looking at the baby, but really he was looking at my cleveage.

You can't tell, but Andy forgot to put on his wedding rings and didn't say anything until she was doingt he close-up of our hands.

I'm going to try to get several photo on here tonight, but blogger is being slow at uploading them.

BTW - here is the link to the photographer's blog.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Saga Continues......

Just a few updates as we get nearer & nearer and then you don't see any posts for a while from me, or maybe a post from daddy saying we became parents.

We had maternity photos taken today. The photographer came out to our house to do them. We did a bunch in the backyard, some on the front porch, and some in the house in front of a drop cloth. I did some of the half n*de kind where I am clutching my bre*sts. So, we'll see which ones I share with you.

I closed the expectnet.com pool last night, since it looks like people have entered anything in a few days and in light of my most recent exam thought it best to keep people from changing. Tony has the earliest date, so we'll see if he gets the bragging rights, or maybe I'll go out a little later and get to my date. Or maybe those guessing the doctor is wrong and went for the boy will come out ahead.

Started passing the mucous plug today. Or maybe it was the whole thing - what do I know. I called daddy into the bathroom and showed him. I think he was temporarily grossed out, but he got over it.

Right now the baby is kicking the shit out of me.

We didn't get the tree planted yet, but it will happen. It would have just been sitting in the Garden Center @Lowe's waiting for someone to buy it anyways.

Monday, May 01, 2006

It's All Starting.....

Today was my latest doctor appointment. I just finished my 37th week on Saturday and am now in my 38th week. So, what that means is that the baby is full-term. She is fully developed now. Yeah!

I got my results for the Group Strep B and I tested negative. That's a good thing, so now I don't have to be hooked up to antibiotics while I am at the hospital.

I just started retaining water like it's going out of style. My fingers are swollen and at times I can't get my rings to budge. My toes look like overstuff minature sausages. I am starting to lose shape to my ankles. When I ate salty fast food stuff recently I got very uncomfortable, so I think it's plain rice & veggies tonight. I'll pass on the salty stuff.

So, this picture to the left here illustartes the different pelvic stages. When I was in 2 weeks ago, I was not dialted at all and the baby had not dopped and the baby would have been considered to be "floating" at the -4, well, today I am at the -1

My cervix dialation is 2, which technically puts me in the first stage of labor in the early phase. Now, I could be in this phase of the 1st stage for hours (meaning I could end up going to the hospital tonight/tomorrow morning) or days, or a couple weeks.

When I called daddy to tell him what the doctor said, he ended the conversation with "I gotta go puke now." That makes me laugh. He wasn't really going to go puke. I think he was just counting on me getting to my due date or beyond.

I set up my next 3 weeks of appointments with my doctor, but he said he doesn't anticipate me needing the last one for sure and maybe not the 2nd one, might not even need any of them actually.

I told the doctor I was thinking of a full moon baby (May 13th is the next full moon) and he said that was more likely than my actual due date of the 21st (Sorry, Steph, doesn't looks like the baby will be born on your birthday.)

So, I think I will be closing the betting pool now. As we don't want some cheaters changing their due date. :)

Oh - he also said she's not going to be a huge baby. No 8 pounder or anything like that. So, I am afraid some of you will not fair well with the baby pool. And my kids at school have a due date competition going on -- many of them say I am going late. Actually I think the earliest someone picked was the 17th. Maybe wishful thinking on their part, should that make me feel good that they want to see me there as long as possible.

So, until the contractions become regular and get to 5 minutes apart, I guess I'll be just doing my thing. Like I said earlier, this could take days or a couple weeks to get to the phase where I need to be going to the hospital.

In other news regarding the baby -- as long as I make it through tomorrow, we'll be doing some maternity photographs with this photographer that I had take pictures of me with my mom & sisters. She's coming out to the house to do them after work. And tomorrow is supposed to be a nice, warm, sunny day. Yeah!

We also finally got our tree from Lowe's that we are planting for the baby. It's a red maple. Daddy plans on getting that planted tomorrow. And also tomorrow we are signing the purchase agreement to put in new windows in the nursery (& kitchen). They are custom ordered, so they won't actually get put in for 4-6 weeks, so after the baby is here. But how long will she actually be in there. We plan to have her in the bassinet in our room in the beginning and when we had them put in windows in the master bedroom & master bath this winter, it only took a few hours (only inside for a couple hours.)

That's it.