Friday, April 15, 2011


She asked me to take these pictures of her. She just wanted to sit cute with her jump rope. Honestly, I think she was a little jealous that there was so many pictures of her brother from the bounce house (since he was with me all the time and she wasn't.) She does look cute regardless.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pump It Up

Today there was no preschool, so I scheduled a playgroup with some preschool friends and some other playgroup friends to go to the Burnsville Pump It Up! They had so much fun. The picture above is of her with three of her friends there, there is one more friend that wasn't in that bounce house at the same time. This bouncy place had 4 different bounce structures with slides, two of those had obstacles to get to the slide and the other two were very tall slides. And it also had 3 other bounce houses that were for bouncing (1 was a basketball court). They also had out a couple of Little Tikes Coupes for little ones and hula hoops. I was impressed with the price of snacks. They were all 50-cents, all juice boxes & a good variety of bagged snacks that were larger in size. The other thing they offer there is a monthly Sensory night that is geared towards autistic children and kids with sensory issues. They also do birthday parties. Can't wait to go back again!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Science Night

An area church sponsored a free Science Night for preschool and young elementary children on Thursday this week. This collage just shows some of the activites they had for the kids. There were several other things we did but didn't get pictures of and a few things we never got around to doing because we ran out of time, but they gave the parents instructions on how to do everything so we could do them again home again (or for the first time.) It was a good program and I was very happy they provided it. Isabel loves to do experiments at home.

Alpaca Show

Isabel wasn't as hip about the smell of the Alpacas, but she got use to it and really loved that many of the alpaca farms had candy dishes for the guests.

April in MN

It was above 70 degrees, actually was 73/74 when we were out playing. We filled up the water tables and little kiddie pool and put swimsuits on the kids. They thought it was great. Too bad it might not happen again for another month.

As the cold front started to move in during later in the afternoon, the winds really picked up and were consistently strong. It was perfect kite weather. I have never so successfully flown a kit before. We had a good time with this.

In between these two pictures, brother took a nap while I took Isabel to meet her BFF and her mom and we all saw the Movie "Hop" together.

MOA Day Trip

Isabel didn't have school on Monday this week, so we met some friends at the Mall of America to have some fun and check out some of the places that had made some changes since we have been there last. The MN SEA Life Aquarium (formerly Underwater Adventures) recently reopened with more animals and a larger exhibit. They reopend in March. Also, Legoland reopened with new statues & play areas in December (I think.) There were no character visits at Nickelodeon Universe on this day, so Isabel asked if she could at least have her picture taken by the murals. We also had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe which is a fun experience too, but I didn't take any pictures there. It was a good day and we got to spend times with 4 other families at the MOA.

Spending Xmas Money

Three months later and the kids are finally spending some Christmas money from Grandma & Grandpa S. Isabel picked out a mermaid Barbie and she has a couple dollars leftover which she is saving for rummage sale season, which is almost upon us, and the rest goes in her bank account.

Pool Birthday Party for a Preschool Friend

One of Isabel's friends from preschool had a pool party for her birthday. This was the third birthday party for precshool friends that she has been to in a month. I know there will be one more next month, as well as her own party with her friends, which we have decided to limit to a specified number of preschool friends that she will get to pick out.