Saturday, July 22, 2017

Future Meteorologist?

Not sure if meteorology is in her future or not, but she sure had fun doing a weather segment for me to video tape.....

Rock Wall Video

She is becoming an experienced Rock Wall climber. She has climbed the rock wall at camp at Eagle Bluff the last couple summers, she did an outdoor rockwall on her 5th grade field trip and was the only one in her grade to do the toughest wall & she did it 5 times. This was on a Sunday, then the next day she went to a rock climbing camp through River Bend Nature Center. They did indoor rock climbing at ROCA on Monday and she said she did 21 climbs that day (& was exhausted afterwards) and then on Tuesday they went to Barn Bluff and did outdoor climbing on an actual cliff (not a rock wall man-made like at Quarry Hill Nature Center - her 5th rade field trip location). They had a lot more waiting to do and the climbs too longer at the outdoor place (BB) and I think she said she did about 6 climbs there over the 7 hour camp (plus they had to drive an hour each way.)

Videos from Swim Camp

They had a relay swim meet at the end of swim camp. So, here are her 3 swims. She is so well for being exhausted after 5 days of constant exercise!

Minnesota Achievement Championship

Last weekend, she participated in the Minnesota Achievement Championship. We went to the Farmington location. Because she aged up from 9-10 time standards to 11-12 time standards she had some work to do to get those faster times.

At this event she placed in 5 of 7 swims. They place up to 8th place in each event. At this event there was about 40 swimmers in each of the 50y swims. She also got 4 PRs for time and one of those PRs was in her 50 Free, which she qualified her to swim in the Minnesota Regional Championship this weekend. However, because she just has one swim for it and it is quite expensive to swim in these championship meets I wasn't going to let her unless she had at least 2 events on one day, which she doesn't have yet. The MRC is a 3 day meet and even one day is a considerable time commitment as well. But don't worry, I am not a bad mom making her miss this. She just got in to the 11-12 time standards, so she will still have 2 winter MRCs and 1 more summer MRC that she could swim in with that time. So, the MRC is already on my calendar for March and hopefully she will pick up a few more swims for that meet in the meantime. She is really close on her 50 Fly.

Of her ribbons, she got one 2nd place, two 6th place, and two 8th place. The other 2 events she didn't place in, she just missed it by a few places. So, NEXT TIME!

Saturday she had 3 swims and got a PR in each of them and placed in 2 of them. Sunday, she only got one PR but 3 ribbons. She wasn't feeling as well on Sunday. Her brother had a stomach bug on Saturday and puked 5 times, so who knows if she had a bit of it or what.

That was her last meet of the summer. There is only 1 more week of swim practice left for the summer and then she has the month of August off. The whole team doesn't swim in August.

Not sure if she will swim next week at all, maybe 1 or 2 days or maybe we'll call it good for the summer. She is off to 3 days of camp at Eagle Bluff on Sunday. This year she is doing the Firearms Safety Certification Camp and will get to shoot a shot gun and a rifle and take her test for Firearms Safety and once she turns 12 she can submit her test results and her classroom time and field experience hours and get her certification. Then she will be able to be on the Trap Team at School once she in 8th grade. Not sure if she will do that, but she is open to considering it and it's just a good idea to teach kids about gun safety.

As for the rest of August, she still goes to rehearsals for the summer play 4-5 nights a week. It is quite a big commitment! And she has to really get to work on her 4-H projects for the County Fair.