Thursday, September 01, 2016

1st time at the MN State Fair

We took the Express Shuttle bus out of Bloomington. It cost $5 each RT and worked pretty well. 30 minute bus ride and we didn't have to fuss with traffic or parking. This is us on the transit bus.

We made it!!! First time for the this girl at the MN State Fair. She liked it a lot. There is so much to take in and we only did a very small fraction of it. 

She even allowed us to dress alike. Made this mommy happy.

I don't think she has ever seen the voice. The kids don't watch much Prime Time TV, mostly Netflix for them. But it was a photo opt, so why not!

We went to the Kare 11 News barn so we could try to be on the 4 o'clock news, which we were. It was a really cool experience to watch how they did a live broadcast. 

Some of the food we ate....a Candies Bacon BLT and a spicy (not really spicy at all) pork and rice bowl. They were 2 of the new foods this year at the fair.

We had the flavor of the year at the Dairy Barn , which was "Call Me Breakfast" which was a shake with donut chunks and sprinkles in it.

Isabel in front of the Princess Kay of the Milky Way carving out of butter for this year.

She certainly is a turkey. :)

 She thought this egg chair was neat. It was in the barn.

 More fair treats! Sno-Cone, cotton candy & candy sticks. Most of this came to the concert with us to have during that time and share with our friends.

Her first concert

Last year I had intended to take her to her first concert, also at the MN State Fair and we had tickets o Meghan Trainor. But then she needed vocal cord surgery and cancelled her tour and hasn't gone back on tour yet. So, we tried again this year. This time we saw Demi Lavato and Nick Jonas, with opening act Mike Posner. Like last year we went to see this with her friend Amelia her her mom Caitlin.
With her friend Amelia at the start of the concert. She wore her glasses so she could see better.
Another picture of her with Amelia during the concert.

Mike Posner was the opening act. We didn't think we would know anything other than his newest song, but we know 2 songs that were older. 

When Nick Jonas went on stage the crowd went wild. We had seats at the plaza level, which is the ground level and were pretty decent seats. Plaza LC, Row 26, Seats 5-8.

Isabel was just in awe of all the cell phone lights, she has no idea they used to be lighters. This one was taking during Nick Jonas.

Lots of flying sparks when Demi Lovato came out on stage. She sure knows how to make an entrance.
Isabel (was pretty dark and getting late by this point) and Amelia during Demi's performance.
Several pictures in a collage from Demi Lovato's performance, She played all the favorites and popular songs plus a few we had never heard.

The state fair does fireworks right after their grandstand concerts and it pretty much started 2 minutes after she finished. The fireworks were pretty nice, a nice bonus to see those and we didn't have to wait long.

Next time we will get seats further away in the stands so we have stadium seats instead. It was a little hard for the girls to see. Isabel had a great time and I was happy the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert, that could have ruined it if it was raining or we had sever weather. We were prepared with ear plugs and that made it so much better. I can't wait to take her to another concert.