Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Breastmilk Gives Me Wiiinnnngggsss!

She has a peculiar expression on her face, but you can see her wings sticking up in the back. They normally lay flat because they are made of a thin material, but the edges kinda stuck to the seat and they are out.

Happy Halloween!

I am SOooooooo Not an Angel!

She got me up 3 times last night, but at least the longest time was 10 minutes. But her final wakeup time was 5:15, even though she went to bed later because of class. I wonder if getting up that early was because of the time change or teething.

Class last night was ok. The kids part was about physical floor play & not putting kids into "containers" ALL the time. By containers they meant swings & playpens & cribs & exercausers (you get the idea.) You can still put kids in them, but some parents put their kids in them too much and never hold them and don't allow much for free physical play. The adult part was about flat head. They had a Physical Therapist from the hospital there to talk about it, what to look for and how to correct it and then she looked at our babies' heads. She said Isabel has a beautiful round head.

Earning Her Wings

She seems to like this outfit/costume. She likes picking up the skirt and sticking it in her mouth and playing with it. It's a good way to keep her busy hands occupied. I wasn't sure if this would fit her because it seemed an inch longer than the bumblebee outfit, but it must be cut different so that when it's on her it fits great. It's a size 9 months.

gfn (I typed this.)

I let her bang on the keys of the keyboard when we are on the computer. She likes it.

I sang her a couple of new songs today -- She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain and the Oscar Meyer Weiner Song. I had to look up the additional verses to SBCRTM, and you know what I found -- all the songs I found had the first 3 verses the same, but there are many different versions of the remaining verses. The one I put a link to is the version I had learned. On Top of Spaghetti is a song I tried to sing to her yesterday but I couldn't remember past the second verse.

Daycare Costumes

This isn't all of the kids, but some. This was taken after school when the older kids come home. I picked up Isabel at her normal time and then brought her back for the picture. The girl holding her is the daycare lady's daughter and her son is holding the giraffe. Actually, the giraffe is a neighbor of ors. Thing 2 has a twin who was Thing 1, but Thing 1 didn't want to stay in costume and didn't want to come get his picture taken. And there are a couple 2 other girls that are at daycare; one wasn't there that day and the other had already left and was not coming back.

Monday, October 30, 2006

My Baby Bumblebee

This costume fit perfectly. Not too short, just a little extra length so she could do some kicking. And easy enough to put on & off frequently. She also wore it to class. It was a small class last night, only half the kids showed up (which is 4) and only 1 other dressed up. He was a cow.

A Runny-nosed Bumblebee

Can you see the wings here? They are black with small polka dots on them. Kinda hard to see. The hat is really cute. We can take the striped vest w/ attached wings off and she is just wearing a romper all day. The bottoms of her feet say Buzz.

The Bumblebee Song

(This is the version I learned.)

I'm picking up a baby bumblebee,Won't my mommy be so proud of me, (Cup hands together as if holding bee)

I'm picking up a baby bumblebee,Ouch! It stung me!(Shake hands as if just stung)

I'm squishing up the baby bumblebee,Won't my mommy be so proud of me,('Squish' bee between palms of hands)

I'm squishing up a baby bumblebee,Ooh! What a mess!(Open up hands to look at 'mess')

I'm licking off the baby bumblebee,Won't my mommy be so proud of me,(Pretend to lick hands off.)

I'm licking off the baby bumblebee, Oh, I don't feel so good. (Put arms over stomach and lean over like you are ill.)

I'm puking up the baby bumblebee, Won't my mommy be so pround of me. (Pretend to lean over and puke.)

I'm puking up the baby bumblebee, Oh, What a mess! (Look at the floor.)

I'm sweeping up my baby bumblebee, Won't my mommy be so proud of me, (Pretend to sweep the floor.)

I'm sweeping up my baby bumblebee, Now my mommy won't be mad at me. Hi mom! (Wave to mom.)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Visit from Grandma & Grandpa M.

Grandpa M.
Today Grandpa & Grandma came to visit. They are daddy's parents. (Mommy's parents are Grams & Gramps.) This is Isabel with Grandpa. He makes funny sounds and faces like daddy does, but not quite as silly as daddy.
Grandma M.

This is Isabel with Grandma. She had been waiting a long time for a girl in the family. Daddy was supposed (hoped) to be a girl, but he ended up being the 4th boy. Isabel has two boy cousins. Today she is wearing an outfit Grandma bought from Toys'r'us; it has ballerinas on the front.

Isabel seemed to have fun showing them how to use her toys. She needed to warm up to them a bit, as it had been a while since she had seen them. She has a picture of them in her "Who Loves Baby" book, but I don't think she made the connection. Actually, she probably just looks at herself in the pictures and ignores the others who are with her. She likes to look at pictures of herself.

Tomorrow is the Halloween party for daycare and also for our ECFE class, so she will have a couple of places to wear her costume. I have to go into work super early (an urgent matter just came up & I need to be there @ 7am), so I don't know if I will get a picture taken (& on here) before I go.

We had to work all day to stretch out that hour we gained. I hope it worked and she is on schedule. As an adult, I love gaining that extra hour, but as a parent -- well, it just screws things up. She got a little fussy at times because I was trying to get her back on schedule, when her body was on a different schedule. Luckily, it was bath night and that helped stretch it out that last little bit. She seems to forget about being hungry & tired if she takes a bath.

Daddy and I have now finally figured out how to make that "after" bathtime more pleasant and free of crying (or at least minimal). Well, first I get the space heaters going in both her bedroom and in the bathroom to make them both nice & toasty. Then when it's time to get out, daddy comes to get her. But before he takes her I dry off her face & hair with a handtowel while she is still in the bath (she doesn't mind it much when she is still in the water) and then daddy wraps her in this new super soft towel I bought her and brings her to her room and talks to her while he gets her dressed and then mommy comes in after she gets dressed to help finish up. It's quite a process, but it works and she has been tear free the last 3 times -- so we're not going to screw with it.

Playing in the Nude

Sputtering Nude
Yes, the funny expression is because she is sputtering. I decided to let her play nude. She thinks it is fun.

It was a hard night & morning for me. She got me up 5 times -- yes, 5 TIMES! And finally on the 6th time she wanted to stay up because it was 5am. I knew she was going to want to get up then, since her internal clock doesn't know we put the clocks back an hour. It should be an interesting day. Maybe I can get an extra little nap out of her because of it. (*wishful thinking*)

The thing that sucks about those 5 times is that I had to do them. Daddy would have, but she just starts screaming when he comes in at night. Personally, I think he goes in and pinches her to make her cry so mommy has to come in and mommy just decides is best that mommy always goes in. She didn't want to nurse all those times, just be held. I tried shhhh! her back to sleep with my hand on her belly, but she got more upset until I picked up up. When she wakes up at night, it seems being held by mom is all she wants, which is ok once a night, maybe twice a night, but 5 times is exhausting!

Grabbing Feet Nude

It's so much easier to play with your feet when you don't have a diaper on. She was just loving it.

Yesterday, daddy fed her breastmilk out of a cup. I had noticed when we take a bath she is always trying to drink the water out of the dish I use to pour warm water on her. So, then I brought smaller dishes/bowls into the bath for her to play with, and what do you know, she was trying to drink the water, although she hasn't quite figured out how to hold it ad tip it herself. So, I told daddy to try feeding her from a cup (actually, he used the same small dish she was using in the tub) and he was able to feed her. He also tried feeding her with a bottle ans she didn't want any of that. He's going to try the cup again today. Mommy is pretty excited that daddy can feed her milk now and not just solids. Maybe this will mean mommy can get out a little bit, and not just to work when Isabel is at daycare.

Today Grandma & Grandps M. are coming to visit. I'll wait to take pictures of Isabel all dressed up today until I take pictures of her with them. They bought her the outfit she is wearing. It's a 6-9mo. outfit and the top fits great, the pants length is great, but the belly is a little big. Good thing she has a diaper on, otherwise it would slide right off.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

23 Weeks

A little outfit from KO and a Gymboree head wrap mom bought. She's having fun playing today and getting a lot of attention from mom & dad.

The Wal-Mart Portrait

She's not smiling, just like I told you before. If you can see the picture bigger, you will see the droplet of drool on her chin -- very cute! Since that is what she's all about now. We're going to try the Wal-Mart pictures again, but this time when daddy can come with and sit at her side so that mom can try to make her smile from the front. Those who get pictures from me of her, will be getting them as soon as I see you or have time to mail them out.

Frog Sitting

Yup, that's what they call it. She just started frog sitting this week without falling over on her face. She sometimes gets a lean going, but she can hold it with a lean. It won't be long until she sits all the way up on her own.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Too Early to Be Up Typing a Post....

It's before 6 am. She got me up around 5am and I was just hoping it was for a quick nursing, but it wasn't. It was a long one that she does in the morning, accompanied by playing. She was not a good sleeper last night. She got me up 3 other times. I am going to really be dragging today.

Last night when she took a bath with me she farted twice in the water. OMG! Those stunk something rotten. What am I eating? Just because she's cute, doesn't mean she can't smell foul from time to time.

Her outfit today is from KO. Some jeans she has worn before and a Halloween t-shirt. The little barrette in her hair came from the daycare lady. She gave Isabel a set of ribbon barrettes and a headband that says Boo! (It's a little big, it will be better for next year.) as her Halloween gift since she is too young to have any of the candy the others will have. Which reminds me, I need to get together the Halloween prizes Isabel is sharing @ daycare.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Couple More Playing Pictures

Little Baby, Big Couch
I'm trying to encourage her to play with some toys in here, since this will be her play room on the main level of the house. Up until this point the cats have been enjoying having a couch to lay on in a south facing window. Although I have hung out with Isabel in there too; she loves looking out the big window at the trees. She really loves the outdoors. If she starts getting cranky we just need to take her outside for a while and she calms a bit as she looks at the trees.

So, Is This an Orange or What?

"It doesn't matter; I'm going to eat it either way."

We have to pay attention to what toys of hers are left around when the dog is in the house. The dog loves chewing up balls and torturing stuffed bears. Guess we'll have to make sure things stay picked up or that we are keeping a careful eye on what the dog is doing when in the house. She's not allowed in the baby's room (although sometimes she sneaks in if we are all on the main level doing something), so as long as we keep toys in ther eor in the toy box in the playroom we should be ok.

Playing With Isabel

Crinkle, Crinkle
Well, now that she is getting older she finally has interest in some of the toys she has. Here is a Baby Einstein book I bought her. The pages crinkle and she seems to love that. And she can grab the rings (& chew on them) and there are 2 flaps that she can chew on as well. And there is a squeaker in the middle (on the duckie page).
Jingle, Jingle

This toy I picked up at a rummage sale this summer. I think it is by Lamaze. But now she finally has the strength to pick it up and toss it around. She liked holding it when she was younger and liked some of the sounds it made, but it was too heavy for her. Now Super Baby is strong enough to toss it around.

Counting is Fun!

This is the squeaker page. She wasn't as entertained by that as she was by the crinkling.

Check Out My Balls.

She has bigger balls, but they are hard to hold. She's not into rolling them back and forth yet. She just likes ones that are attached and she can push & roll. This whole section of the post could draw a lot of negative attention, couldn't it.

Mmmmmm....Bear Meat.....
She's not at the age where she cares much about just holding a stuffed animal or doll. They all go in her mouth. Actually, if you had a lineup of toys, it would probably be the last thing she chooses, except the Care Bear Grams and Gramps bought her. It's a smaller version and is a bright aqua. I think she likes the bright color. She tries to bring it in to suck on its head.

Isabel's Charts

Weight Chart

Length Chart
Hmmmmmm.....consistently a tall girl.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5 Month Measurements

Can I BE Any Cuter?

Today I took her to the County Family Clinic and had her weighed.
Weight: 17 pounds 10.5 ounces
Length: 27 inches
Head Circumference: 17 1/8 inches
The County Family Clinic was pretty decent. It is a free program that just started in March. It is for family and kids of all ages. They have tons of literature and nurses are staff it that can answer any questions you have. Plus it is available every Wednesday from 12-4pm and is walk-in. They even have snacks and juice there for kids. And they had a bunch of toys out for kids of all ages. They even had a carboard box fort - neat! Isabel had some fun playing with some new toys. And I guess they will have educational topics & discussion depending on if there are enough people sticking around. So, you don't have to just drop in and leave right away. I liked it, not just because the hours worked for us, but I did like going to the newborn clinic during the summer. It gave us something to do once a week and I got out there to see other moms & kids. I got the impression from the moms that were there that many of them come every week. They were very friendly. So, I don't know how often we'll go there during the school year -- at least once a month to get a weight, but in the summer we might go more often.

My Normal Smile
Today's outfit is her second one. This one is a vintage Gymboree top I bought paired with KO jeans she has worn before. She stayed home today with dad. He was feeling under the weather and we weren't exactly sure we wanted her to go to daycare anyways. Yesterday 2 kids were sent home -- one with impetigo and another with pink eye. Then that evening she told us that she took her daughter to the doctor and she has pink eye as well (her daughter plays with the other girl a lot I guess.) She didn't have to close daycare because it wasn't an airborne contagious thing, even though it is extremly contagious and her daughter is there. But it is only contagious through contact or being in contact with something the infected person was in contact with. Her daughter was going to be quarantined to the basement tv room, away from the other kids. But we feel better knowing that she will have had antibiotics for 24 hours before Isabel goes back. She's going back tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Funny Baby

Pink Bunnies for Everyone!

She was standing, but those pictures didn't look as nice. She kept thrusting her hips forward as she stood, not sure what that was about. She must have realized that she can move her hips on her own while she stands. I suppose that is a good thing because then she will hopefully start picking up her hips more when she's on her tummy.

At last night's class they kids did oatmeal play, just as it sounds, dry oatmeal in a pie tin. She seemed to like it and was grabbing the oatmeal and dropping it and rubbing her hands in it. I just read today that when you want to let you baby play in a sandbox, but are afraid they will eat the sand, then fill the bottom with some cornmeal.

She starting to learn how to play in the bathtub. She likes kicking the water and trying to catch it as I pour it. She doesn't splash much yet with her hands, but that will come. Right now she just tries to gather toys in to her in order to be able to pick them up and eat them.

Today's outfit is a Funny Bunny onesie and pink pants with a ruffled bottom from KO. The sweater is one we've seen her wear a bunch of times. I dress her in layers, just as I dress myself. Then it is always easier to be prepared for any type of temperature. She has a little barrette in her hair; it's a pink bunny. Isn't it cute. I hadn't actually planned that out. After she was dressed I decided that she need a hairpiece and I looked to see what I had. This is actually something that I had growing up.

She was in such a good mood this morning. She wasn't interested in eating, more interested in playing & talking. It was good for daddy to get some happy baby time in with her today.

I think tomorrow after work I plan to take her to the County Public Health Family Clinic to get a 5 month weight for her. I can't make the newborn clinic now that I am back at work, so we'll try the family clinic. It's free, so that's cool. And it has a longer time every week that also includes time after I am done with work, so that's very cool.

No other plans this week or this weekend. So, we are right back into ur normal routine, which is good for her. She really likes keeping routine. It keeps her happy, and if baby is happy then we are more likely to be happy.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aunts & Uncles

Auntie Razz & Uncle Shane
Auntie Razz (a.k.a. Miranda) and Uncle Shane want to be the next one to bring a baby into the family. Auntie Razz just loves babies and was over every day we were there to visit with Isabel. Now Isabel is big enough and strong enough that no one is afraid to hold her. All the guys seemed comfortable holding her this time. Auntie Razz took her turn at feeding Isabel some solids for one of her meals.
Uncle Al

This is Uncle Al. He is mommy's only brother. Mommy is the oldest and has 3 younger siblings, Uncle Al, Auntie Phanie, & Auntie Razz. Uncle Al lives very close to Grams and Gramps, as do Auntie Razz & Uncle Shane.

Auntie Phanie & Uncle J

Auntie Phanie (a.k.a. Stephanie) was hoping Isabel would have been born on her due date because then they would have shared their birthday. We spent last night at Auntie Phanie & Uncle J's new house. It's very nice. And the guest room would make a good nursery in the future, once Auntie Phanie gets over her fear of babies crying. I think Auntie Phanie had a good time playing with Isabel this morning.

Isabel spent part of the morning watching one of their cats dig every one of Isabel's toys out of the bag and strew them all over the living room floor. I wonder if Isabel is already thinkig she can blame things on the cats. Then before we left she actually leaned over and pet the cat, just like we had been showing her with our own cats. Up until this point she never leaned over and did it on her own. I was pretty excited to see her do that.

Uncle J

So, Uncle J (a.k.a. Jason) got 2 pictures on here. I just thought this was so unbelievably cute - him leaning in over her, her holding his hand, both of them smiling. Actually, Uncle J was pretty comfortable with her right from the get-go, which seems to be odd with any guys. He held her at 2 weeks and wasn't afraid to just go pick her up if she was crying. So, Phanie, what are you afraid of? J will be there. Just looks how good he is with Isabel.

You probably have noticed that almost every picture Isabel is smiling. Most of the time if I ask her to smile for me (Smile for Mommy) she will. Everyone was pretty amazed that I could get her to smileon cue like that and that she is such a ham to the camera. But she can't help it, her mommy is a little obsessed with taking pictures, so being in front of the camera with mom on the other end of it is very comfortable to her.

Grams & Gramps

Playing Spider
Isabel enjoyed playing Spider on the computer with Grams. Well, they didn't really played. Isabel just liked watching the cards go across the screen and hearing the sounds the cards being dealt made.

Story Time

Gramps listened on as Grams read Isabel a story from a book that she bought the day before when Isabel went shopping with mommy, daddy, & Grams. I think Gramps was enjoying listening to the story just as much as Isabel.

First Time in the Barn

Grams & Gramps have a dairy farm. So, this was Isabels first time going out to the barn. She was too little to go out there when we visited last time. We were only able to get the one picture because after a while Isabel gota little scared of the calf. We did go in the barn and see one of the cows, but I think it was more afraid of her than she was of it, but mommy was holding her that time and she does much better with new things if mommy is holding her.

Finger Play

This picture was take on the way home today. She got some sleep in, played a little with her toy bar, had to be entertained by mom a lot, and played with her fnigers some. It was fun to watch her. She was trying all different ways of putting them together. It was cute.

The Great Ones

Isabel & Great Grandma S.
Think the sweatshirt was a coincidence? I don't think so. Grandma knew we were coming over to visit & take pictures.

Isabel & Great Grandpa S.

I should of had her wearing her pink Oshkosh overalls . Then she could have matched her great grandpa. He wears overalls all the time, unless he is dressed up, then the overalls get a rest.

Isabel & Great-Great Aunt Mary

She used to babysit for mommy when she was little. She also shares her birthday with mommy as well. She also got to meet a couple other great-great uncles (Russ & Chub), but they were gone before the camera came out.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weeks & Months

22 Weeks
This is a picture from today. She is 22 weeks old today. Her outfit consists of a sweater from the Femrite's (the matching dress is at home) and some jeans mom picked up for her at a rummage sale and some Gymboree socks mom bought her and this new handpainted onesie (which you really can't see the painting here, but it's nice flowers.) she has a cute little wave going on, this may be my new favorite picture.

5 Months

This is a cute little denim and velvet outfit. We now have a lifesize poster of her from this picture becuase Grams wanted to try out this new software program she got which makes lifesize prints. So, she tried it out on the smallest person in the family. It's very cute watching Isabel next to the poster because she touches it all the time. She's probably wondering why that baby won't play with her.

As long as she stays up a littlw while longer I am hoping to take her out to the barn with Gramps so she can see a calf for the first time. I'd like to get a picture of a calf licking her fingers, but we'll see how she handles that.

We got to Wisconsin on Thursday around 2:30 and after being here for an hour we went to see Miranda & Shane's cabin. It's a nice place. Yesterday, Isabel went shopping with mom, dad, & Grams. She also went visiting with mom and saw her great grandma & great grandpa s. and great-great Aunt Mary & Uncle Russ. I took some nice pictures of her with them, but since the connection here at Grams house is dialup, it takes forever to upload the pictures. So, they'll get up here later after we get back to Minnesota. Today we are relaxing until the afternoon when we drive 1.5 hours south to stay with Aunt Phanie & Uncle J and see their new house. Then, Sunday morning we head back to Minnesota.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wisconsin Here We Come

She's dressed all nice, warm, & comfy in an outfit from KO and ready for the long car trip to visit family in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All Dressed Up

Here's today's cute little oufit. I can't remember if it came from KO or is something Grandma M. pickedup for her. She's wearing the jacket as a jacket, rather than as a top and has a cute ruffled onesie on underneath. The jacket was just too heavy and stiff to be a top. But it is very cute & roomy for a jacket. And she has her cute little Gymboree hat on as well.

Tomorrow we are off to Wisconsin.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fun Supper Time Pictures

Ooooooh! What's That?

More Peas Please!
Uhhhhh! Can I Get A Little Help Here?

A Mouthful

Hooray for School!

Isabel likes to open & close pages of the board books. It's a good place to start to develop a good relationship with books. Plus, I read to her every day (at least one book) while I nurse her in the morning. Sometimes I get another book or two in there. She likes to study the pictures sometimes.

Today she came into work with me (I work in a school) for a couple hours. She did a fantastic job there. There was a panel of 7 moms & babies of different developmental stages. She shared her toys and was chatty. She only fussed a little, but then I rocked her to sleep amd she stayed asleep until the kids clapped. After that she went to daycare. I think the Child Development class we went into is a good class, especially since they had actual parents with infants there to talk about their experiences. I still think there were a lot of starry-eyed girls in those classes who think babies are cute and want one, like now, but hopefully they realize how serious becoming a parent is. There was one 16-student there with her child, as well as a 19-year old who had to put college on hold after a semester, and a mom who got remarried and had a baby after having children who are now almost adults, plus a few of us around 30 that had jobs and husbands and went to college, and then had a baby after we did that stuff. So, it was a good mix of moms.

Tomorrow is a long day at daycare for her as mom has a meeting after work, but then Thursday - Sunday she's with me all the time.

You know - whoever said that laughter is contagious must have had a baby. Because I can start laughing and she just joins in, even though she has no idea what we are laughing at. She just thinks laughing is fun. Now, yawns -- when do those become contagious, but that doesn't seem to be catchy for her yet.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Pictures

Day @ Home
The daycare lady had a sick kid of her own so Isabel had to stay home. Luckily, daddy was planning on working from home already. So, we didn't need to try to make other arrangements. Although he was quite a bit bummed that he could not sleep in longer because he had a baby to tend to. Although she did fall back asleep before mom left and slept for 45 minutes, so it gave dad a little more sleeping time. Mom just came home to feed her, but went in to work.

The outfit today is from KO.

Check Out the Curls on Top!

Yup! All natural, all hers.

She did great tonight at class. The topic tonight was Music (w/ infants) and Sleep (adults only part). Dad is still at his Infant/Child CPR class.

Oh, Isabel has fuond her high-pitched squeal. She was practicing it several times last night & early morning. She didn't need me or anything, she was just practicing.

It's been funny watching her on her tummy because she can get her chest in the air or (I say "or" because she isn't getting them to happen at the same time) get her butt in the air and get on her knees. So, she's working on it. That belly always stays on the ground though.

Tonight we tried peas and they were just fine. Carrots are still her favorite, followed by green beans and bananas. Sweet potatoes, pears, & applesauce were only fine. When we feed her we always mix cereal & fruits/veggies together. There hasn't been anything she flat out hates (so far!). I guess we'll see what happens when we give her the prunes some day.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Nice Day

Appaently a nice day for mom & dad to be busy and get things done around the house, but not a nice day for taking naps. She was not a good nap taker today.

Yesterday , she went with mom to Wal-Mart and was absolutly perfect. Today, we took a walk to the park and she had a ride in the infant swing there.

She has had sniffles the last couple of days and it's not anything I can suction out, so she sounds congested quite a bit of the time. And we just wait for her to sneeze out a big snot ball -- gross huh!

Tomorrow night we have class and we learn about music. Dad goes to his Infant/Child CPR class. On Tuesday, she gets to come to work with mom for a couple hours because we are going to be guests in a Child Development class. And Wednesday will be a longer day at daycare because mom has a meeting after work she needs to go to. And on Thursday AM, we head out to WI. We are going to spend a couple days at Grams & Gramps house and then a day aunt Aunt Phanie & Uncle J's new house (this will be the first time we have seen their house in person since they bought it) and we will also go see Aunt Razz & Uncle Shane's cabin too while we are back there. And while we are there we hope to go visit her great grandpa & grandma S. and her great aunt Mary & great uncle Russ. Lots of visiting.