Saturday, September 30, 2006

19 Weeks

I'm a Big Girl Now!
Actually, that is some little slogan from a commercial, I think it's Pull Ups. Isabel is helping me type. She thinks it's fun to pound on the keyboard and here the clicking noise of the keys. She's also pretty amazed at watching mom type so fast.

19 Weeks already. Time is sure going by fast.

Let's Dance

She just woke up from a 2 1/2 hour nap. I would be this happy too if I could get a nap that long. I did get one for an hour today while daddy played with her. Today we are busy working on stuff to get the sunroom/Isabel's playroom in tiptop shape. Daddy is finishing the floor and I was woorking on her toybox/side table. It should look nice once we are all finished. We are still waiting for a call from the furniture store to say our stuff is ready to pick up. They had to order the barstools (which will go at the breakfast bar area.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Trying a New Food -- Green Beans

What the......

Daddy got the tail end of her face from the first taste. Apparently, it must be ok because she ate all of it.

Ok - I Can Eat This.
So, now she is eating rice cereal, bananas, carrots, & green beans. She only kinda likes the rice cereal, but if we mix it with something else she likes it just fine. She needs to eat the cereal so that she gets the iron. After about 6 months, breastfed babies don't get enough iron from breastmilk.

Start Reading Early

I read to Isabel every day. Every morning for sure, and then in the afternoon if she is up to it. I read her at least one book a day. Usually I read more when we just pick some up from the library because I am excited to hear what the story is about.

Now she is really starting to enjoy looking at the pictures and turn the pages and isn't very gentle, so I understand the need for board books. This is not a very attractive picture of me. You gotta love the spit up going down my shoulder. I guess I'll have to change before we go out tonight.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Learning New Stuff

Very Happy
She's not into taking much for naps these days, and so she wants to play more. I put her in this exersaucer that is in her bedroom. It's the kind that just has a try and you put your own stuff on the tray as you see here. She has the other kind with all the attachments, but that is downstairs. I think she likes that she can pick up her toys here.

Very Serious
She also likes that she can crouch down and suck on the pink edge or the endge of the fabric seat. Now I see why everything has removable cloth seats that can be washed. She's a drool machine. She also figured out that she can move around in the circle with the seat. She used her walker today (which I think she just recently grew another inch because she looks taller in it) and she was walking forward (slowly, but walking.) She wears her sandals with thick soles thats she got from her aunt Phanie when she is in her walk or the Johnny Jump. They were always too small during the summer, but now they work great when she wants to move around in things.
Get in my Belly!

Yes, everything goes in the mouth, except the teethers. For soem reason she doesn't pick those up and put them in her mouth. She will gnaw on them if I hold them to her mouth but she'll never grab them from me like she does with the hard toys.

Also, recently, she figured out more about eating and opens her mouth when she sees the spoon come. Daddy was very excited to see her discover that.

Ok - gotta go get ready for work now. No new outfit yesterday......

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Baby Looks Like Me

My mom emailed me this picture today that she found at my grandma's house. It is me as a baby with one of my great grandmas. When I saw the picture, I was like, "Wow! She really does look like me."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I think she may be starting to get some teeth in. She has started to become a mass prodcuer of quality drool and is even sporting a drool rash today. She got me up every 3 hours last night (I'm very tired today!) and wanted to nurse all afternoon once I got her home. She's been sucking on her fist or some linkerdoos like it's going out of style. She took 3 bottles @ daycare and didn't have any left for the afternoon (luckily mom picks her up by at a decent time.) And she didn't take any naps at daycare (it took a lot of work and a lot of nursing, but I finally got her to take one this afternoon.) Normally, she likes to play by herself a bit after she finishes nursing, but she was continuing to be clingy -- then I put some orajel on her gums and all of sudden she was just fine to play by herself.

The picture is not what she wore today. She had it soaked with drool, so I took it off and just left the tee underneath and put on a pair of bloomers. But the doll is new. I bought her her first baby doll. She decided to make out with it once I gave it to her. She was sucking so hard at it's face you would swear she was a teenager already. You can see she is kinda sucking on her lip as well.

Monday, September 25, 2006

An Afternoon PIcture

I took a picture in the afternoon. This was right after she finished nursing after I picked her up from daycare. She likes to nurse & rest for 30-45 minutes right when we get home. I say nurse/rest because she's nursing but looks like she is sleeping, but the doctor says that's just resting. And then she likes to play for 30-45 minutes and then nurse again to go down for a nap.

So, normally I do pictures in the morning, but this is in the afternoon.

Her outfit today is from KO. I like to throw something pink or girly in there because whenever the outfit is on the gender neutral side, people tend to think she must be a boy. Did I miss out no some rule that once they are past a month old gender neutral colors belong to boys? That hardly seems fair. So, a pink onesie & socks under her gener neutral overalls it is.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, September 24th

Happy New Year!
Ok - so it's not the new year, but yesterday was the start of fall. Her expression in this photo just reminds me of Frosty the Snowman saying "Happy New Year!" in the cartoon every time he came alive.

Sitting Pretty

This was the outfit she was supposed to wear yesterday - Old Navy tights and a vintage dress that was an ebay purchase. She loves to pick up her dress and flash people. And she's real big into sputtering and drolling these days.

No big plans today, but yesterday we took her to Lowe's and to the furniture store. Tonight she gets to try carrots for the first time.

This coming Friday night she gets to have Carrie babysit her so that mom & dad can go out after she goes to sleep. I also talked with our neighbors 17 year old niece yesterday about babysitting on occasion and my neighbor said she would babysit too. So, I am starting to line up some possibilities. You have to have several just in case some of them are busy.

All Bundled Up

Saturday, September 23, 2006

18 Weeks Old

I guess she is kinda flippin' me off when I was taking this picture.....or if she is more like her daddy then she might be scratching herself. :)

She wore this outfit before, but we never got a picture of her in it. Actually, I had laid this outfit out for Suday, but daddy dressed her in this one instead of the dress & tights I had out. He hates putting tights on her and thought this looked cuter. This outfit is from Carter's. It is nice & soft amd it's a shirt & romper (not a onesie, which is good since her torso tends to be long and she outgrows the onesies before she can outgrow the pants.)

So, at her doctor visit she was in the 95th percentile for both height & weight and 80th percentile for head circumference. She's stil not quite 16 pounds, close though. She weighs 15 pounds 14 ounces. She handled her shots very well and did not have any problems from getting the immunizations.

I think her feet are finally growing because now some of te size ones finally fit and others are too small. There is as much inconsistency among brands in shoes sizes for babies as there is for clothes.

New Stuff

New Bag

Her daycare provider made this for her and gave it to us. She makes these for all the daycare kids. I suppose we will use it more once we don't need to have the diaper bag with all the time. Although the diaper bag is pretty full. I'll have to ask her what she hoped we would use it for. She has nice penmanship doesn't she?

Her nickanmes at daycare are Baby Girl (which what the daycare lady calls her a lot) and the kids like to call her Bel. My parents like to call her Bel too. Daddy & I just call her Isabel.

New Walker

Her feet just barely touch, but it won't take long. And if we put shoes on her feet that have thicker soles, then it will be just fine. She looks a little scared, doesn't she?

Ooooh! New Toys Too!

I took this from the stairwell looking down. She was excited to see the new toys attached to it. More things to hit & spin!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shot Day

Happy (for now...)

Dadd apologized to her the other day for giving her the double chin.

I Love to Play When I Get Up.

What a peculiar expression she has on her face. Ok - today's outfit is a new white TH romper that mommy bought, underneath is a pink Gerber onesie from KO and to top it off is a new Carter's sweater that mommy's friend April bought (it has a matching dress which she has worn a couple times before, but neer the sweater until now.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

4 Months Old

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's hard to believe that she is already 4 months old. Where has the time gone? Tomorrow we have her 4-month shots. We scheduled them as late in the day as possible, after it was recommended from a friend, so that we wouldn't have to go back to work and she wouldn't have to go back to daycare. So, I will pick her up after work and will get to nurse her and play a bit before we go.

Cute as a Button

The daycare lady told me today that she been using the walker she has, although apparently Isabel lilkes to walk backward. We don't have a walker because someone was going to give us theirs, but someone with an older kid was using it first. We have one that she walks behind once she is already walking, but not the kind that is a seat on wheels. They really aren't expensive, so I think daddy is going to go buy one tonight.

She also said that Isabel likes to watch the older kids build things with the blocks and then laughs when they knock them down. Until she mentioned it I had forgotten I had a bunch of toys that I had accumulated when I used to nany & babysit & for my nephews to play with. And a few years ago I got a box of toys that was included with another box I wanted at an auction. I kept the toys that I liked & were in good condition & threw out the rest. And in the box was some plastic blocks & wooden blocks & some old fisher price toys and some of those shapes that connect (you know what I am talking about) & some rattles. I think daddy is looking forward to building with blocks & knocking it down.

Just Relaxin'

This is an outfit that Grandma M. picked up for her. Isn't it just so cute with it's leaopard print & kitty on it; the flowers are nice too.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mommy is Tired!

I'm Laughing at the Funny Noise Mommy is Making.

She likes it when you makes sounds that sorta sound like you are Donald Duck. She has also really enjoyed sputtering her lips. She tries to do it like mommy & daddy, but she isn't as smooth yet. But she sure likes to try.

Last night was our second night of Baby&Me class. Mom inverted the times, so we were a little late. But the topic was stuff we already knew about (the Happiest Baby on the Block book).

Mommy is pretty tired because Isabel has been adding in extra feedings. She is eaing good @ daycare, 8-9 ounces while she is there. She's eating some cereal and some bananas. But she still add in 2-3 extra feedings the last week (a little over I guess) and 1-2 of those feedings are at night. I want her to go back to sleeping 10-11 straight. Please! And there is just no time or a nap for mom. I think maybe this weekend our plans may need to change so mom can take some naps when Isabel does. I just can't keep this pace up. I even keep going to bed about an hour early as well.

I Love My Toys.

Today's green onesie and warm romper are compliments of Karen's Olivia. I think so that I don't have to type that every time, I am just going to say "from KO". So, now you know.

Presto, Chango!

Hot tub that was sunk into the floor is now gone and a new sub-floor has been put in complete with with new floor joists and supports. Now, we need to finish removing the old carpet and put down new flooring & furnish the room. This is going to be Isabel's playroom on the main level of the house. That way we have one place to store it all and can close it off from guests if people come over. I guess we'll have to detour them to the upstairs bathroom instead then. No biggie. This room is huge once we got everything out of it. What ugly carpet that is!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Starting Early

Isabel & Daddy are on the computer watching a video of kittens playing. Today she is wearing a Gymboree onesie (think you've seen it before, it's pink with dogs on it) and some TH overalls that mom bought. She looks very cute. Babies just look cue in overalls, but I much prefer the ones with the button going through a hole in the fabric rather that the kind that has the metal piece that goes over a metal button - you know what I am talking about, right?

Anyways, I bought her Baby Einstein's Baby MacDonald and we watched a bit of it today. She only watches something for 7 minutes and then she is done. We might watch something for 7 minutes 2-3 times a week. Not much. We don't want her to get glued to the tv. So, anyways, there was a farmer and his son walking in a field wearing overalls and I told her that her grandpa doesn't wear overalls in the field like that farmer does, but her great-grandpa does, and then I looked at her and asid "And I guess you do too." We've only watched the first 6 minutes and it seems ok, but I think they scan over the fields pretty fast and it's hard to focus on it. She seems to like the puppet or the toys on the screen a little better than the real-life stuff. I think she definitly likes things to music better than lots of words, at least right now she does.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

17 Weeks

Open Wide!
We didn't get to taking the picture of 17 weeks until the evening, which is ok because I have not erally taken many pictures of her in her jammies. So, this is a cute little Carter's one-piece pajamas that has little duckies on it. Her mouth is open because we took her fist out of her mouth and she put it right back in after this picture.

Mmmmmmm! Fists......

We came back from grocery shopping and baby Isabel was really hungry. Daddy fed her bananas, which by the way she absolutly loves; she can't get enough of them. And then he changed her into her jammies before it was mom's turn for feeding.

Today she got to see her uncle Chris & uncle Tony again. Tomorrow she will get to see mommy's friend Jessi again & Jessi's boyfriend Alex.

Next week Wednesday she turns 4 months old. It is hard to believe she is 4 months old already. When they say the time goes by fast, it sure does. On Thursday we have her 4-month doctor appointment and will get the next roun of immunizations. Mom has a couple of her own appointments this week to the doctor & dentist. I guess it is the week for appointments for this family. I guess that's about it for now.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I think Isabel may be going through a growth spurt. She is nursing a lot; she's been getting up once in the night to nurse. And today she took 8 ounces at daycare.

I went to our local ECFE open house tonight with Isabel (they ECFE class we are taking is in a neighboring town.) Anyways, the person who does all the ECFE classes is also the preschool teacher, so they would have the same teacher from infancy until they start kindergarten. I don't know if we'll live in this town that long - who knows, maybe we will. But I do like the idea of her not having to switch teachers every year -- once she is actually school age that is fine and it's good to learn about transitions, but before then I think they need to feel some stability. The classroom was very nice and the teacher was nice and the parenting resource was small, but they had good stuff in it that I can check out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Outerwear

So cute!
This is her fall jacket & hat (well, I have other hats, but she seems really ok with wearing this one.) The jacket is from Baby Q and the hate is Gymboree.

Another Picture

It fits perfectly. So, she can't gain too much otherwise it won't make it until she needs the winter outerwear. There is a little croceted flower on the upper L shoulder. I think she looks just adorable.

I did her head& length measurements today. Her head is 16 1/3 (just a tad bigger than before - 3 weeks ago) and the length is 26 1/4" (which is only 1/4" longer than 3 weeks ago.)

Bath Seat

Well, we tried out the bathseat last night. We are probably going to use the baby bathtub for a couple more weeks until she gets just a little longer and is maybe interested in playing with toys while she takes a bath. But she is a good bath taker. She enjoys it and doesn't squirm or anything.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Baby Isabel

Anymore Smiles?

I may have used them up this morning. She's been a little tired because her nighttime routine has been pushed out and she falls alseep while nursing and doesn't nurse as long, so she has gotten up and needed to nurse early in the morning and then go back to sleep for 1-2 hours before I need to wake her for the day. We returned late from dinner with friends on Sunday and yesterday we had her baby class. She nursed some while we were there but we had to stop so that we could drive home. She did good at baby class. She liked looking at the different people and played a little in the exersaucer there. Daddy & I liked the class. We were all with the kids for te first half and then we separated (other the other side of the room divider) and we could get our baby anytime we wanted.

I Can Move Those?

She is discovering her toes and was busy watching herself move her feet & toes. How exciting!

Her ouftit today is a onesie from Karen's Olivia and a vintage Baby Gap denim dress mom picked up and some Gymboree leggings we've seen before. I need to take a picture of her in her fall jacket and this little hat I put on her. She just looked so unbelievably adorable in it. The daycare lady said she looked so cute too and was going to take a picture of her. I think she looks good in hats like her mommy. I just think the bows around her ankles on these tights are cute.

She's been doing a really good job sitting up. I think she'll be graduating to the bath seat soon.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Sunday!

Cute Cool Weather Outfit
She is wearing a new 2-piece Childnre's Place outfit that mommy bought for her. It is made of fleece. The socks are new & are from Target. They have Winnie the Pooh on them and cute lace trim. It is a bit chilly here so I thought we better dress warm. We're not quite ready to have to turn on the heat and start paying for gas to heat this place if we don't have to. Our utilities bill is not soemthing we like so much. But hopefully it will be lower this year since we put in 3 new windows at the end of December and 3 more new windows this summer. We still have plenty more to replace, but we replace them as we can afford to. But with gas prices the way they are (although they have decreased, a gallon of gas is $2.41 here) we might not see a decrease in our gas bill, we may be lucky to have it stay the same.


Actually, she has nothing to uh-oh about. She just looks like she is saying it. She was just making all sorts of faces while I was taking pictures.


Doesn't she look scared? She was trying to let me know that she is hungry by opening her mouth and smacking her lips. Although she just got done nursing (can you tell which side she was laying on) and was wanting to play for a while while daddy got her rice cereal ready.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

So Cute @ 16 Weeks

Did You Fart or Was that Me?
I couldn't decide between pictures, so I am putting a bunch up. She's such a card sometimes. She is so much fun. We have a relatively laid back weekend planned. Today, we are just chillin' at home and then tomorrow early evening we are going to a friends house for an early dinner party (there are kids involved so early dinner is preferable for all.)

I Love Daddy!

Daddy was making her laugh here and she was looking up at him. She has become really chatty and she has long talks with her daddy. He seems to enjoy it. She has also been ejoying her Johnny Jump. She jumps a little and twirls it around. Just another little something to keep her busy and entertained for a while.

No, You Da Man!

Today's outfit are a couple of pieces mom purchased new. On top we have a Flapdoodles button down top, very comfy and cozy. On the bottom we have some Oshkosh B'Gosh pants which are nicely constructed. You cannot see but there is a bird and some flowers embroidered on the top left of the pants. The ruffles on the bottom are just darling. I went to the library today and picked up 7 more books to read over the next couple of weeks.

Westside Comin' Straight At Ya!

On Monday she is staying home with dad since daycare is closed and grandma M. is coming to help out. And that early evening we have our first ECFE class for infants. Both os us are going to it with her. Daddy is hoping to make it to quite a few, but one night he won't because he is signed up to take an Infant/Child CPR class. Mom would lie to as well, but it's scheduled from 6-10pm and that just wont workout for bedtime stuff.

I Like Sucking on My Hand

I took a whole bunch of shots and half them had her face hald covered by her arm or fist as she was trying to suck on it. She was beginning to get tired and when she is with mom she likes to nurse down (although she only nurses for 5 minutes then and she's out.) The last couple weeks she has started burrowing her head into your chest if she is hungry.....she knows where the food is, although it's not there on everyone. But she doesn't discriminate, she burrows on everyone, but burrows harder on mom because she knows that there is something there for sure.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Baby

It's 4:15pm and she has an ear to ear grin. She's happy and playing. Daycare is going well for both Isabel & mom. She is starting to nap & eat better there. Mom is enjoying being back at work. It makes the time I have with Isabel even more special. She likes to be held & carried & bounced a lot, so not being the one doing it all day is ok. She has been getting up @ 6am, so I am with her most of the time then until I drop her off at daycare and then I pick her up right away and am with her all afternoon and into the evening until she goes to sleep. I was a little concerned if she was spending more time with the daycare lady than me, but it's about equal (not including the 10 hours she sleeps), plus I get her on weekends and days off & all summer. Plus, I'm mom and that just can't compare. Well, back to my baby.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mom is Back at Work

More Stuff to Hit
Picture from yesterday. We have rediscovered her bouncy seat. She used to sit in it when she was under a month old and fall asleep to the sound of mom's shower. Then we used it only for taking pictures, as she always preferred to be held than just sit there. And now, with the help of a pillow under her back she can reach the dangly items and hit them. And boy, does she love to hit at them.
Good Eater

Picture from today. She is wearing a vintage Carter's onesie & Oshkosh overalls that came from Karen's Olivia. Tomorrow she is going to wear this RL dress we've seen her in before. Or at least, that's what I have out for her. She was a pretty good napper today @ daycare and once she got home, but not as good of an eater, plus she was gassy which made her crabby.

Her daycare lady asked for a schedule of what Isabel was like with me to hopefullyget her on that schedule, so I thought I would post it on here as well:

A Day w/ Mom

6:30: Isabel Wakes Up
6:30-8:30: Playtime, Nursing (usually 10-15min. right away and then 20-30 minutes after playtime), Solids Feeding
8:30: Rock to Sleep
8:45-9:30: Nap (this one is almost always 45 minutes)
9:30*-10:30/11: Playtime (Possibly -- 10:30-11:00: Nap)
11-12: Nurse (usually 30-40 minutes) & rock to sleep
12:00-1: Nap
1-2:30/3: Playtime & Nursing (20-30 minutes)
2:30/3 – 4:30: Nap
4:30-5:30: Playtime
5:30-6: Bedtime Routine (changing, bathing, brush mouth)
6-8pm: Cluster Nursing (w/ short break in middle to change diaper, massage, & swaddle)
8pm-6:30am: Sleep (woohoo!)

*There may be an extra short (10-15 min.) feeding in the AM, just depends upon the day.
** We aim for 4 hours of naps a day right now.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Fun & Games
Here is Isabel in a couple of things mom bought her. A Nike onesie, that I picked up during the Black Friday sales last year at the Nike store, and some Gymboree tights (aren't the little bows around her ankles cute.)
I can officially say she is sleeping completly through the night. She sleeps 10-11 hours a night. It's nice. But she is lucky to get in some decent naps. She doesn't like long naps so much. She gets 3-4 hours of naps. She is much happier when she gets 4 hours combined, but shedoesn't always stay asleep that much.
Homemade Stuff

I was reading in this book about all these different things you can do to help "enhance your baby's natural development" (quote from the cover.) They recommend a lot of products that the author created in coordination with the book, which is kinda annoying, but it also tells you what kinds of generic toys or things you can create or things around the house that you can use. So, that information is useful. The ideas are for each of the five senses. I just pick & choose what seems interesteing to me and what we have the resources for. It only gives you ideas for the first 6 months, after that I guess you are on your own. It goes month by month and these are some things from month 4. A B&W (most described in this book is everything is black & white) checkerboard and her name are above the changing table. I put these there because it will give her something to look at on that side. She seems to like looking at them breifly, whereas before she never really looked at that wall for more than a half a second to see that there was nothing special there. Then there are the homemade flashcards with some letters & numbers & pictures. But all B&W and all simple. I try to do those every day once a day with her. It doesn't take long and she seems interested. If she doesn't like something or wants something else she will fuss. And finally is homemade rattles. These weren't exactly in the list of things to make, but I noticed she doesn't really hold her rattle much because I think they are either a little heavy or awkward to hold. So, I kept witht he b&w thing and took some white pill bottles and put a few beans inside and then used black electrical tape to add the contrast and also make sure the lid stays nice & shut. She hasn't picked them up to rattle, but watches as I rattle them, but she does like to knock them over and hear them make the noise. Will any of this help stimulate her development any more and make her smarter? I don't know. But it gave me something to do and gives us something different to play with and didn't cost a lot of money -- just some paper & ink & clear contact paper (which one roll will last me a LONG time.) There is also a lot of other useful information in the book as well.

Other things it encourages that don't require purchasing anything (because we already have these things) is:

  • breastfeeding (if possible)
  • listening to and dancing to classical music
  • talking/reading to your baby
  • holding (skin to skin contact) & massaging & carrying
  • Other b&w drawing & images (complexity increases as baby gets older)
  • items to smell (mom's perfume, dad's aftershave, essential oils of kitchen herbs - oregano, basil, cinnamon, vanilla, any foods you are eating etc.)
  • bells sewed onto ends of socks
  • yarn tied to fingers (very supervised!)
  • mirror toy
  • Other things common in a household: rolled bath towel, pencil, smooth brookstick, variois textures of fabric, blanket, spoons, tupperware containers, cups, apples, pots & lids, boxes

It tells you how to use things and how long to do it for. It's kinda a neat book.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Today's outfit consists of some new pieces mommy bought. First is a Tommy Hilfiger onesie (actually, it's a size 3-6 month, TH seems to make things big & roomy) and some Old Navy textured tights. And then we have some black shoes that grandma M. got for her. With her onesie & tights I thought she looked like a dancer and then I added the shoes and it was tap for sure.

Have you noticed? She gets red eyes in pictures just like mommy. Her eyes look like they are changing a little bit from the dark blue and getting other colors in there. She may have hazel eyes like mom too.

Yesterday we took her shopping. She did fine @ Best Buy, but not so good at Macy's. She was just too tired and couldn't seem to fall asleep in Macy's, although she fell asleep in the Snugli @ BB just fine. We bought a new dryer @ BB. It was an open box one so it was an even better price than daddy could get with his discount. The dryer we have was here when we bought the place 5 years ago. We figure it's about 25 years old. It's OLD! Well, it has been making a lot of LOUD! noises and is going to just not run one of these days, so we thought we better get a new one. Daddy is picking it up right now (we just had the car with us yesterday, as we had just planned on looking yesterday) and then he has to pick up a few things @ Lowe's because we are changing the location of the dryer. Right now it's in the basement, but we want to put it in the main level back entry near the washer (makes sense, doesn't it.) Anyways, that involves extending the wiring for it (this he has done before) and creating a venting system to the outside (this he has not done - but it's just going out the wall and the dryer is right against an outside wall.)

Isabel & I have just been hanging out here this afternoon. She took a nice nap, while I cleaned up the area the dryer will go in & rearranged a few things and she is now playing nicely with her crib mirror and allowing me a little time to put text to the picture.

We had talked about trying to get out & do something this weekend, but it's been rainy much of the weekend and is supposed to rain tomorrow as well. So, we'll see what tomorrow brings us.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

First Food

Mmmmmm! Good!
So, today she got her first taste of solids, well as solid as it gets for a first feeding. We fed her Earth's Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal. Very bland, which I guess is good. She seemed to enjoy it. We were expecting funny faces and lots of spitting it out, but she did really well. She made her first feeding really easy on us. Her first cereal mixture was 1 tsp. hot water & 1 tsp. cold water and 3/4 tsp. cereal. So, it was pretty liquidy yet. Daddy probably gave her about half of it. She's only 3 1/2 months old, but we thought this was a good weekend to start since it is a long weekend. Then we can get in the swing of feeding her in the AM before we leave. The plan is that dad is going to feed her cereal in the AM while mom finishes getting ready. We figure dad can feed her solids now since mom feeds her breastmilk. We'll probably just stick to cereal for 2 weeks until we hit 4 months, which is only a couple weeks. Then we will try pureed green beans or something and we'll probably try that in the evening.

Messy Face
This was hr first time sitting in her high chair for a long time. She does a good job at it. She sat in it yesterday as I made some homemade visually stimulating rattles (I'll take a picture & post about them later.) There is a huge tray that goes over the high chair, but we don't need that yet. Her bib (it says "I Love Daddy") got a little messy, but that was from daddy spilling on it. She didn't spit out too much. This was only her second time wearing abib, but now I am sure we'll be wearing them a lot more.

Her outfit (which lasted an hour) is a Carter's romper that came from mommy's godmother and Isabel's great aunt, Barb. She's in a new Carter's outfit (a gender neutral one) that mommy bought. It's a 2-piece one with a shirt and overalls. Very soft, very cute. Daddy says that he thinks it's the cutest outfit yet, but daddy is also more drawn to the outfits & jammies that are gender neutral & boyish. I think if we ever decide to have another child & end up having a boy, it might be dad doing a lot of clothes shopping (although, mom would still do A LOT! I can't help it.)