Monday, June 16, 2014

Nisswa, MN Visit

Paddleboarding at Father Hennepin State Park

 Isabel & myself took a class on paddleboarding at Father Hennepin State Park. It was offered by Outdoor Adventures, but now I think we have a pretty good idea how to use them so we can go rent them at Sakatah State Park where they just got 2 of them and don't offer a class.

Monday, June 09, 2014


Be sure to also check out brother's blogs and SGBG blog (in a couple weeks) for other pictures from LARK Toys.

Camp Omega Family Day

We went to Camp Omega for the their family day. Some day I would like to send her there, or both kids but summers are just to short and we run out of time to do activities and budget to do them too. So, we go there for their family day and have what fun we can then.

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Some pictures from the last day of 2nd grade, before she heads off to school