Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day

 Above are the Valentine's that I made for Isabel (on Shutterfly) for her to give to her friends. They are really fantastic valentines.

Here is the front view of Isabel's Valentine hair. I don't think I gave her special valentine hair last year, but this year she asked for it and remembered when I did when she was in both years of preschool.
Here is the top view of her hair with the 3 joined hearts. She loved all the compliments she received from everyone at school.

Science Fair Project

These are some pictures I took of Isabel when she was starting her Science Fair project. The Science Fair is next week Thursday and since we have a snow day today, we have been working on her presentation board, report, presentation notes. She is in awe of the ability to Cut and Paste and very thankful she doesn't have to retype everything.

 Her question was, "Which Seeds Sprout Faster?" and her hypothesis was that "Small Seeds Sprout Faster". She completed two trials with 3 small seeds and 3 large seeds in each. She did prove her hypothesis but she did have 2 kinds of large seeds that did not sprout at all, so she will have some "discussion" to include about that.
This morning we transplanted several of the seedlings in to small pots so that she can add to her display. Hopefully the transplantation will take.

I am very interested to hear what she thinks about the Science Fair after she is done with everything. At her grade level she only gets a participation ribbon (in 3rd grade she can compete), but she still has to do just as much work. I am not making her do all the research that she would have to do at the competition level, but she is having to type everything and do most of the work for the project and the display and the presentation she has to do on her own.

I am curious if she will think it is all too much work or not. It really is a lot of work and I think all she really cared about was doing the experiment. Plus I am not sure if she will like the presentation part of it as she didn't want to do cheerleading again this winter because she didn't want to cheer in front of a crowd.

She isn't finished yet. She has only prepared 3 of the 5 sections for all 3 parts (display, report, notes) so far and the 2 that are left each have as much typing as all 3 combined. I am envisioning a lot of complaining as she is not familiar enough with the keyboard to type efficiently.