Saturday, October 15, 2011


 Isabel takes gymnastics again this year. We started in the summer. She says she likes taking gymnastics, but doesn't like how sweaty it makes her. She gets to take class with her friend Lili, whose mom is the one who took these pictures.
 What a sweetheart!

 Doing a straddle jump over the blocks.

MOA Fun With Friends

 Last night we went to the Mall of America right after school with a bunch of friends to go the MN SEALife Aquarium (we are really getting our money's worth from the membership), then met Sponge Bob.....

 We are missing 2 kids that didn't want their picture taken with SpongeBob.

Then on to Legoland, and dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, and another trip through the aquarium.

Our friends Rebecca, Scott, Casey & Dani are moving in about a month, so we won't get to do all these fun trip with them anymore as they are moving to Arkansas.

Kindergarten Volleyball

 This is about half the kindergarteners that were in volleyball. Guess a lot couldn't make it for the lats practice. Isabel had a lot of fun and I could see so much improvement at this practice compared to when they started 5 weeks ago.