Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yellow Playdate

I decided that today's playdate would be a the theme yellow. I like to have themes and plan activities for our playdate. We first made yellow suns that kids painted with yellow & orange paint and then could glue on glitter, crepe paper and various items for rays in the colors of yellow & orange (popsicle sticks, construction paper or foam paper.) It was interesting to see that the boys didn't want rays on their sun, but the girls did. Then we made rice krispie bars and put in yellow food coloring and some easter egg sprinkles (that had yellow in them). Next up was lunch of mac&cheese, corn & pineapple. And of course there was time for free play to do whatever the kids wanted. I had another activity planned, but we just ran out of time.

Isabel's Pictures

Isabel took these pictures at the RADZoo yesterday. She took about 40 pictures and here are a few.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sleepover with Maizee

Isabel had a sleepover at our house with her friend Maizee a couple weeks ago and these are some of the things they did while they were here. They planted tomato seeds, made rainbow popsicle stick puzzles and had a fashion dance show.

Not sure how they had the energy to do any of these things in the morning since they stayed up way too late. I actually made Isabel go sleep in the guest bedroom because they would just not stop giggling and talking. And when two (almost, but not quite) 5 year olds are still up at 11pm, something has to be done.

Winter Dance Recital

Fun Times


Yarn Flower Hair Tie

I made this for Isabel a couple weeks ago, I'm just behind on updating the blog. Haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, but I will get updated with what I have.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011