Friday, August 12, 2016

VBS trip to Camp Omega

Isabel went to VBS Tu-Th this week. She had farm camp on Monday with her friend Bennett. She went to VBS with her neighbor friend Kaitlyn. This top picture they are playing Gaga Ball. 

They got to use the pool at Camp Omega while they were there. It was very hot and humid so it's good they had a chance to get wet. This is the first time they have done a field trip to Camp Omega with VBS. She didn't go to the program last night because she was at a hotel bday sleepover for Kaitlyn, if which she slept 1-7am, which might mean a cranky girl on the drive to WI.

Isabel is wearing a purple tie-dye shirt and a pink swimsuit in the pictures. Henry has on an orange tank top and bright blue swim shirt in the pictures. It is hard to get pictures of the group when kids are constantly moving.