Friday, December 28, 2012

Opening Christmas Presents

 Here she is opening that present that was #1 on her list (mommy told grandma & grandpa M what that was).....
 Look how happy she is that she got the Password Journal that she had been asking for.

 And her second present from grandma and grandpa M was a homemade light blue sparkly dress. It is very pretty and Isabel loves it and is a handwash type of dress (until she get a stain on it, then all bets are off.)
 Starting to open her family presents on Christmas Eve.

Here she is holding the needle felted fairies that mommy made her. Can you tell how sick she is in this picture. She ended up puking 5 or 6 times (I lost count) over the course of the day & night. 

Of course, this picture she doesn't look sick at all because she is so happy that she got an mp3 player from mommy & daddy for Christmas.

 Checking out what is in her stocking from Santa. The big guys put some pretty nice stuff in there this year, but if you ask the kids there wasn't enough candy. LOL!

Here she is all excited because Santa gave her the DVD Baribe Princess and the Popstar which she had been wanting.

Madeline's Christmas

 A couple of picture of Isabel from when we took the kids to see Madeline's Christmas at Stages. Isabel also met one of the cast (playing Daphne) before the show started.

Friday, December 14, 2012

1st Grade Christmas Concert

 Here is Isabel in her new Christmas dress. This was her first occasion to wear it, so she was pretty happy. She loves the sequins on it. She'll be wearing it for more holiday occasions and then it can become an every day dress. My thought is since she loves it why not let her wear it whenever. Doesn't cost me any money to let her wear the dress and she is happy. So, she is often wearing holiday dresses thoughout the year. She has one that is very "Mrs.Claus" like and it cracks me up when she wear that and it is summer.

I got most of the first grade class in this picture, there are few on the edges that were cut out.

Here she is ready to sing. She is surrounded by her friends. She is a friendly little girl and gets along well with others. Someday she will look at this picture and remember she was with Tessa Kynnedie, Peyton & Ciarra in this picture.

3rd Lost Tooth

She was complaining to daddy that it hurt to chew her breakfast, so he felt it and it was extremely wiggly (just a day before it was just a little loose), so he pulled it out.

This is the third tooth she has lost. All of them have been on the bottom. She has a pretty wiggly one on the top and it is being pushed over the top of the the other top center one (that one is just a little loose) and there is a big space between the center and the next tooth. So big that she thought she already lost a tooth and when I went to volunteer in her classroom the teacher asked me to look at her mouth. Since I had noticed the gap was bigger earlier I wasn't surprised, but the gap looked even bigger that day so I can see how she made that mistake. But I had her open her mouth and counted her teeth. They were all there on top. I commented that her jaw was just growing to make way for her big adult teeth and then all the kids must have thought I was a tooth expert and keep telling me about their teeth and asking questions.

So, we are just waiting on another one (two or three) to come out. I would not be surprised if she lost that top one before the new year.

Gotta love her messy breakfast face from having nutella on her toast. I cleaned her face before she left the door, just not before the picture. #ParentingFail I guess. LOL!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Santa at Harley-Davidson

 With the last Santa she told him what she wanted for her big gift and he kept her list, so she wasn't sure what she was going to tell Santa this time because he already knew what she wants and has the list. I suggested she give him a couple of ideas of things to put in her stocking and she said  candy and anything from Justice.