Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playing Around

Isabel is now very interested in this doll she got when she was just small herself. I think she got it for her first Christmas from grandma & grandpa S. Anyways, at that time we named it baby Henry because it seemed more like a little boy doll and Henry was her back-up boy name. But ever since the other day when she took it out and we compared it to brother Henry, she has been super interested in it. And says, "We now have two Henrys."

Isabel likes to crawl up on my lap when I am holding Henry and say "Awwww! Mommy and her two little children." Funny little girl.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Going on a Bear Hunt

So, this week's theme was bears (another collage of activities will come later) and I took the kids to Cabela's to go on a bear hunt. We were singing our own little bear hunt as we went around the mountain finding bears. We did find out that they have 4 different kids of bears: brown, black, polar & grizzley. This was definitly a lot more fun to come looks at the animals when trying to find one kind in particular. It made it more interesting and then she kept trying to find bears throughout the store.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

House of Bounce: Rochester, MN

Today we went with 4 other preschool families and a MOMS Club family to the House of Bounce in Rochester since the kids had no preschool due to school conferences. So, with 5 preschool families being there that was 1/3 of her class. Originally it was just one preschool family that is also in MOMS Club with us, but then I emailed the other preschool families I knew to see if they were interested and they were all interested and we had one other from MOMS Club when I asked if anyone there was interested.

She had a good time, but we really need to go back with someone along to hold Henry or be able to leave Henry at home with someone. There was one slide that she really wanted to go on a lot but it was kind of scary to her (didn't stop her from wanting to still go on it) and she had to ask the other moms to slide down with her (since their kids were ok with it). And another one she really liked that was an obstacle coursen that lead to a slide, but the way to get up to the slide was with a rope and stairs with wider spacing that she could do, which she did do a couple times with the help of another mom. So, it will be nice to go back there with her and be able to do it with her. The other moms had a blast bouncing on everything. But overall she had a great time and there was about 13 different bounce houses there.

Tonight was conferences and it was short & sweet. She is doing very well and knows everything she needs to know, is playing well with the children, listens & cleans up & helps when asked. It also helps that she has learned how to write her name & draw people already. There were no suggestions on things we needed to work on with her. So, I guess we just keep on keeping on.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Police Station Tour

Today was a pretty day. We went with MOMS Club to tour the police station in a neighboring town. She really wasn't so sure what to think of the police officers. The tour was a little above their heads, not sure they have really given one to this young of a group. But it was interesting for the moms to see since I am sure most of us have not been inside a police station before (or maybe I am just speaking for myself.)

Then we met a friend of hers from preschool and another friend from MOMS Club at McD's for lunch. The girls are all the same age and had ECFE together and all take gymnastics and had a great time playing with each other.

Then it was a nap (she actually asked for one) and then gymnastics. And then finally after supper I took her to Hy-Vee with me. I heard from a friend that they had free childcare there (how come I never knew this? I would so have been shopping there all the time!)

Actually, this makes deciding where to grocery shop harder. I hardly ever grocery shop at Super Wal-Mart unless I have a ton of household stuff to get (but have been buying a lot of that from these day) and used to not really shop at this store because they didn't "offer" any perks for us - but I guess they do.

Here are the benefits for us at each of the grocery stores:

Cashwise - Penny Horse, free cookie in the bakery, free item with $25+, closest to our house
HyVee - pregnant & new mom parking up front, lots of samples all the time, nice big carts (fit carseat & lots of groceries nicely & have dual seats), upfront "car" carts

Nelson's - close to things we frequent (ECFE & Library), Long Cheng is there, good prices on organic produce
Hy-Vee - free childcare, cents-off coupons for their gas station
Aldi's - cheap basic food

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Week's Theme: Dinosaurs

Ok, here is what we did this week:
* MN Children's Museum Visit (Dinosaur Exhibit, plus more!!!)
* Dinosaur Dinner (trees: broccoli & asparagus, ferms: spinach, volcano & lava: mashed potatoes & gravy, Dinosaur: chicken meatballs; on dinosaur plate w/ dino cup & dino placmat)
* Egg Carton Stegasaurus
* Paper Finger Puppets of T-Rex & Stegasaurus
* Dinosaur Songs
* Dinosaur Books
* Free play with plastic dinosaurs
* Dinosaur Memory Game
* Dinosaur coloring pages from the Imaginarium
* DVD: Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Next week the theme is Bears

Happy Valentine's Day

We took the kids to the Minnesota Children's Museum and were there for 3.5 hours. Isabel had a ton of fun and didn't want to leave. We got to all but one of the rooms. We still have not been able to do then entire museum in one trip, but this time we got in the room we had not been to before (the craft room). Once it gets warmer the rooftop garden will open and we will have one more to try to get in.

My mom made these for the kids for Valentine's Day and sent them to us. She crocheted 2 sets of heart barrettes for Isabel (red, lt. pink, & dk. pink)

Crafts Today

Here are some crafts we did today, a frosted snowman (from this website that grandma sent us) and glittery toes. Plus 2 other crafts you can find on the Green Blog.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ice Fishing

Daddy took Isabel to Kids Ice Fishing Day at Cabela's today. He also took her to Lowe's for a Build & Grow Clinic (jewelry organizer) this morning and with him to get a haircut.

Another Week Gone By

Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winterfest 2010 @ RBNC

These are just pictures of some of the activities we did, there were many more.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

This Week's Highlights

A couple nights ago Isabel was playing dress up and she was a pirate & she dressed daddy as Little Bo Peep (which was pretty funny, but I love him too much to put that picture on here.) She kept saying "Ahoy on Deck!" She loves to play dress up.

Our theme this week was birds. We read bird books, watched Peep on DVD, made a bagel bird feeder, made a bird mask/costume, boiled & colored hard boiled eggs, did a bird coloring page, made a partridge craft and an owl craft (still have this left to do.)

This was from this morning. I got her this new fun paint set that she is just loving. It's pretty neat and allows you to paint rainbow colors at one time.
This was at the end of the RADZoo presentation at her "gym" class on Thursday. It was actually a 45 minute presentation and they brought a bunch of animals for the kids to see and teach them about and at the end they were allowed to get in line to touch the tortoise and the alligator. She still had a 1/2 hour in her gym class before this presentation. We didn't know this was going to happen, so it was a fun surprise for her. Henry & I still had our Baby & Me class, so we missed out on it. I just went in at the end when they were touching the animals and got pictures (& got to touch them myself.)
Making snow ice cream is so much fun. This was the first time we made it this season. I think we might try snow candy next. Sounds like we will be getting snow the next 2 days, so we should have some good clean snow to do it with.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More Pictures from Playdate with Taryn

These are some more pictures that Kirsi took that I really liked. Actually, there are so many I like,but I just chose a few favorites to make a collage with.