Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MOA: Dora Toddler Tuesday

We called it "Dora Day" because it was Dora & the Pirate Treasure Hunt Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America today. We have been waiting for this all summer. I have not stayed at the MOA this long with both the kids before. They both fell asleep within minutes of getting in the car to go home.

Isabel was so thrilled to meet Dora (again) and she went by her twice today. Each time the attendants working with Dora pointed out how Isabel was wearing a Dora dress and Dora sandals. Isabel felt pretty special that Dora saw that she was wearing her on her clothes.

This time we were able to go on the rides, not as many as we would have liked to because it was CRAZY busy. We have never been there when so many people were there. People must have not liked the morning rain and were sick of the hot weather and extreme humidity and wanted to be inside. Isabel went on the Wonder Pets ride 6 times. It's her favorite. She wanted to try the bumper cars again, but still doesn't like them and looks like she was on the verge of tears every time someone would hit her.

As part of Toddler Tuesday, they showed a Dora video on the screen & kids could meet Dora. They also had pirate hats to make and a map to go on a treasure hunt in Nickelodeon Universe (which at the three treasure chests they got a chocolate gold coin, an eye patch, and a periscope), and Underwater Adventures was there with a table to explore some living & non-living sea creatures. I still have not take the kids to the actual Underwater Adventures; it's just so expensive, even the yearly pass is kinda spendy. Maybe when the kids are a little older we'll get the family pass (since Henry would be free) and they can both appreciate it more.

It was a pretty great day!

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