Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ice Skating and a Craft

I belong to a "Creative Cirle" group that meets about twice a month. And whereas most women at it crochet, some of others do other crafts. So, I made the above "paper" dolls for Isabel to play with in the tub at our last meeting. The idea came from Serving Pink Lemonade. I thought this idea was genius. It sticks so good. She stayed in the bathroom for 45 minutes playing with these dolls, well, until her baby brother woke up and I stuck him in there with her and he amputated an arm on one of the dolls, but that is simple enough to make another one.

These are pictures from skating tonight. I planned out a playgroup family event at a skating park that has a bonfire on Saturday nights. It was so much fun to roast hotdogs and marshmallows in January. I hope we can get out to do this one more time this season. I am sure we'll get out ice skating more, but the bonfire is what I am talking about. We had seven families join us.

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