Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nickelodeon Universe

Isabel got an unlimited ride wristband to Nickelodeon Universe on her birthday from NU. As long as your sign up on their website and bring the email they send you as well as proof of birthday & come on the actual birthday (sounds like lots of hoops, doesn't it, but worth it for a free unlimited ride wristband that is worth $30) you get it for free. It's really an incredible deal. And because of her height, there are some rides a chaperone gets to ride on free with her and other rides she has to ride on by herself (or we can pay to ride with her).

We did buy a points wristband so we could take Henry on some rides and everything he was able to go on he got a free chaperone, so we just had to pay for him. There was just one ride that Isabel went on she could have done by herself that we paid to go on with her.

Eating Cotton Candy!

Daddy & mommy each got to go on a different roller coaster ride with her because she wasn't tall enough to go on it with out a (free) chaperone. She liked the one she went on with daddy, but the one with mommy was too fast & scary. In total she went on 12 rides (I think!). She was very happy and fell asleep as soon as we got in the car that afternoon.

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