Friday, December 14, 2012

3rd Lost Tooth

She was complaining to daddy that it hurt to chew her breakfast, so he felt it and it was extremely wiggly (just a day before it was just a little loose), so he pulled it out.

This is the third tooth she has lost. All of them have been on the bottom. She has a pretty wiggly one on the top and it is being pushed over the top of the the other top center one (that one is just a little loose) and there is a big space between the center and the next tooth. So big that she thought she already lost a tooth and when I went to volunteer in her classroom the teacher asked me to look at her mouth. Since I had noticed the gap was bigger earlier I wasn't surprised, but the gap looked even bigger that day so I can see how she made that mistake. But I had her open her mouth and counted her teeth. They were all there on top. I commented that her jaw was just growing to make way for her big adult teeth and then all the kids must have thought I was a tooth expert and keep telling me about their teeth and asking questions.

So, we are just waiting on another one (two or three) to come out. I would not be surprised if she lost that top one before the new year.

Gotta love her messy breakfast face from having nutella on her toast. I cleaned her face before she left the door, just not before the picture. #ParentingFail I guess. LOL!

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