Saturday, March 02, 2013

All I Want For Valentine's Day

I totally thought she would have lost her two front teeth before Christmas but they hung in there and were a crooked mess as they were being pushed out for almost 2 months. But now they are both out and she will have lost a total of 6 baby teeth. The 2 center ones on the bottom are all the way in and the other 2 bottom ones are about half way in. As of this post the first top one she lost is about half way it, it really just started pushing through and there is just a tiny tip of the other top front one coming through.

The two on the side on top are not wiggly at all, so maybe the tooth fairy will have a break for a while.

The first two teeth the tooth fairy brought gold coins, but then Isabel mentioned she would like paper money that she can use more easily, so the tooth fairy has been creative with leaving different oragami sculptures made from her dollar bill. She also gets a pack of gum (stuff with xylitol in it which is supposed to be good for your teeth and helps them be healthier) from the tooth fairy as well.

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