Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day of 2nd Grade

Isabel started 2nd grade this year. This was her choice of outfit. Dang long capris make her look like her pants are too short. It looked cuter afterwards when she was wearing flip flops at home but they can't wear open toe shoes to school.

First week of school went well. She is figuring out all the new expectations and how her new teacher works. I met this teacher for the first time at the open house and seems like it will be a good fit for Isabel. Although, Isabel is such a good student it is hard not to think that she wouldn't do well with pretty everyone.

She has a couple friends in her class, although the majority of her friends are with a different teacher and one is with the new 2nd grade teacher. She is so adaptable that she just takes the attitude that she will just become better friends with new people in her class and know she will still be friends with the old ones

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