Monday, April 14, 2014

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation

Before picture of both of us. The curls make it hard to see just how really long our hair is.

Here you can see it combed out and how much was there before the cut.

Nervous little girl who thinks its going to be really short, like "boy" short. It's not though. 

After picture: Neither of us is too sure about the short hair.

She donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which only require 8+", but they require virgin hair that is free of gray. I researched hair donation places and there are 4 different ones. Pantene is the one that will take the least amount, but nothing that has ever been dyed, which is why I had to donate to Locks of Love because I have used permanent dye on my hair. Locks of love requires 10+ inches.

Now we both have to figure out how to do our short curls. I learned already I have to take the brushes away from her because it leaves her hair quite frizzy, and teach her how to use product because otherwise her hair gets all poofy, like mine.

We are both proud that we donated our hair to help make wigs for cancer patients, but it's gonna take a bit to get used to our short hair.

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