Saturday, January 23, 2016

4th Grade - Class Pictures

Isabel & her friend Koda wanted to plan a surprise for their teacher's birthday (in Februrary) and are giving her a framed picture of the class. Some crazy kids in here :) These are all of them I took. We were able to get these pictures because I also volunteer in her phy. ed class once a week in addition to the 2x a week I go in her classroom. Phy Ed is the only volunteer time that I actually get to be by
 her since I am basically just there playing with all the kids, but my other volunteer times I have students to work with that need additional help, which is not Isabel at all.

Anyways, I think the picture I am having made for the teacher is one second from the bottom. Her friend bought the frame already and some time after our trip the 2 are going to get together at our house and made a big card for all the kids to sign. I did order a copy of the picture for Isabel to hand out to all her classmates as well, as a surprise.

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