Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 Talent Show - Science Experiments

Izzy really wanted to be in the talent show but was very particular about what she was willing to do on stage and who with, finally she decided to push people's ideas of what makes a talent (not just singing and piano playing and gymnastics) and show that being smart is a talent too. She asked her friend Savannah to do this with her and they spent a lot of time coming to out house to try out a variety of different experiments to find 2 that would be "show worthy", meaning they could be seen from the stage and quick enough to do. They didn't always agree (as you see in the audition tape), but as you will see in the final production for the talent show they pulled it all together and put on a great show and I think they opened a few eyes as what consitutes a talent ad maybe we will see some other "different things" next year.

They also made this poster for the front of their table.

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