Thursday, June 29, 2017

And she's swim camp

 Doesn't she just look to growing up here. She is in a college dorm for the first time spending 5 days here while she goes to swim camp at Gustavus. She was appalled by how land and blank the walls were, I wouldn't be surprised if next year she brings along some posters for 5 days there that is if she is going next year we'll see how this year goes..
 Here she is in front of the building where the pool is in and is ready to go swim her time 100 to put her in her group.
 She is the one diving into the water off the blocks. This is the pool she will be training in a lot 4 the next five days. Actually when I am posting this I will have just picked her up I didn't want to post where she was at while she was there because you never know what creepos are looking at stuff on the internet.
 This is one of the group's schedules. It may be the group she is in but I won't know that for sure until later. But at least we have an idea of what the schedule looks like for the most part. And can look at it again next year.
 She gave me lots of hugs before I left period I took her out for supper after her time swim and before she goes to start her training. We went out for Mexican food, which is her favorite.

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