Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rock Wall Video

She is becoming an experienced Rock Wall climber. She has climbed the rock wall at camp at Eagle Bluff the last couple summers, she did an outdoor rockwall on her 5th grade field trip and was the only one in her grade to do the toughest wall & she did it 5 times. This was on a Sunday, then the next day she went to a rock climbing camp through River Bend Nature Center. They did indoor rock climbing at ROCA on Monday and she said she did 21 climbs that day (& was exhausted afterwards) and then on Tuesday they went to Barn Bluff and did outdoor climbing on an actual cliff (not a rock wall man-made like at Quarry Hill Nature Center - her 5th rade field trip location). They had a lot more waiting to do and the climbs too longer at the outdoor place (BB) and I think she said she did about 6 climbs there over the 7 hour camp (plus they had to drive an hour each way.)

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