Thursday, June 17, 2010

Isabel & Her Friend Aleah

Last night Isabel went to her friend Aleah's 5th birthday party and had a ton of fun. They got to swim in their hot tub (it was set to a much lower temp so it was a swimming temp), jump in a bounce house they rented (since the one they bought didn't arrive in time), play on her playet, have cake & ice cream & watch her open presents. I was very impressed that Isabel was genuinely interested in watching her open presents from everyone & wasn't concerned that she wasn't getting anything. She was very excited to give Aleah the presents he got her and for her to see the card she made her.

Isabel & Aleah are also in a Little Tykes Sports (Ball Skills) class together on Monday nights. They are two of three girls in the class (which is too bad, maybe other of the LTS classes have more girls in it). Isabel had a great time and is looking forward to the next session.

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