Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Week

The top picture is from library events at both libraries. For one it was their summer kickoff and for the other is was their Friday Fun Day event, a juggler.

Her butterflies emerged, all five of them and was has been thrilled to have a reason to go out to pick flowers so that she can put sugar water droplets on them to feed her butterflies. It has been a really neat watching the whole process. I recommend the butterfly kit from InsectLore to everyone. We hope to get another kit some other time. She wants a ladybug one, but I want a praying manthis.
We have friends who did ants (worked well for them) this spring and frogs (not so well, after three months they still only have a tadpole.)

Isabel was so thrilled to go meet Cinderella. The musical is at a local stage and Cinderella was going around to area businesses to meet kids to promote the show. I don't know if we will take her. She wants to go though.

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