Thursday, July 22, 2010

Her Summer Dance Recital

This is before we left for her recital. I put a little eye makeup on her and she thought that was so special.
There are actually 5 ballet positions that they learn & did, but I didn't get my camera going fast enough, so you just get to see of them.

She received flowers from her grandparents (Thanks again for getting there so early & getting us front row seats!!!!!) and her daddy. She was more than excited to be getting flowers. With several dance recitals a year, she will have received more flower by the time she is 5 that I have in my whole life. Lucky girl.


Josh said...

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CatWoman said...

I haven't had a computer at home for 2 years and haven't really surfed blogs for that matter for 2 years. But saying that, all I can say now is OH MY GOD! What a gorgeous little girl she has become. Such a little beauty. God bless.