Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Creativity

Picture One: We put blue & purple finger paints in her hair to geive her colored streaks. She thought that was kind of neat. I thought about doing it after I saw how well it showed up when her brother grabbed her hair (he was more interested in finger painting his sister than his paper, but he did do his project.)

Picture Two: The idea for this project came from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. She has many other projects we will attempt later. I let Isabel draw the circle & cut it out, we already owned colored popsicles sticks,so we didn't need to paint those. But everything in this project she did on her own. She even drew in lips and gave it a tongue.

PictureThree: The idea from this one came from Blissfully Domestic. We didn't use watercolors, but instead fingerpaints since I was doing it with a preschooler and an 8-month old. For now we are leaving the project as a big piece. These are what the kids are enterting in the county fair for their "flat"art. I might have the kids of some friends I am babysitting on Tuesday do this same project.

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