Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Party Ideas

A friend asked for some ideas for a Halloween Party she is organizing and thought I would share with you what I had shared with her.

* Decorate a Mask or Hat (Michaels sells white paper masks & party hats, decorate with feather, stickers, markers, crayons, etc.)

* Pin the nose on the pumpkin/witch

* Temporary Tatoo station

* Face Painting Station

* Fishing (homemade fishing pole - long stick with rope tied to it with clothespin on end - thrown over a barrier & someone clips prize to end)

* Guess the number of candy corns in a jar

* Toss Across Tic-Tac-Toe

* Bean Bag Toss (we were at one where they used stuffed animals tossed into a laundry basket or popcron tin)

* SandWITCH making (let kids spread butter on a piece of bread and put sprinkles on top, cut out with Halloween cookie cutters)

* Pumpkin Candle Holder (decoupage orange tissue paper on out side of baby food jar, glue on black face pieces)

* Bat Craft (we are making this soon -

* Playdoh Fun (make up a bunch of orange playdough and put out cookie cutters & rollers to play with them)

* Cupcake Walk (Isabel really loved doing this at a Halloween party we went to)

* Monster Mash Limbo & Dance (or any other Halloween songs, do the limbo & do freeze dancing - when music stops they stop)

* Monster/Pumpkin Bowling (there is a monster bowling kit that someone makes & sells, or you can paint 2L bottles with monster or pumpkin faces)

* Skeleton "Bones" Craft (gather a bunch of pasta shapes and have kids glue them on black paper into a Skeleton - have a sample available, we did this at a library Halloween party and it turned out really neat)

* Caramel Apple Sundaes (slice/core apples in a bowl, squirt caramel sauce on top, squirt some whip cream in center & top with nuts or sprinkles)

* Create a Pumpkin Face Game (draw plain orange pumpkin on poster board and cover it with clear contact paper with sticky side facing out, then make black face pieces for them to stick on, or you could make a big felt board &pieces to do the same thing)

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