Sunday, June 05, 2011

Super Saturday

We started out our day with a trip to a (new-to-us) park for playtime & a picnic. Then to the barber shop for haircuts for daddy & Henry. Then the kids got to go to the candy store for a treat.

Then we came home and watched Gnomeo & Juliet while brother napped.

Then it was tim to play in the pool that we blew up & filled in the morning.

And in between all of that Isabel would play in her box house she made up. She had a "couch" and "bed" in it, some snacks, and a small couch & bed for baby dolly. This was all of her own creation.

And the day ended with roasted marshmallows. FINALLY! Isabel had been asking for about 2 months to have a campfire with roasted marshmallows and we have just not had good weather when we have been home, until now.

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