Monday, September 24, 2012

1st Grade Field Trip to Trump's Apple Orchard

 The bus ride to the orchard. Isabel with her friends Ciarra & Netty.
 Group picture of the 1st graders (well, missed a few "yellow" ones) in this picture
 Ok, this is a better picture of all the 1st graders (minus a few that were absent) at her school
 Listening to them tell about how they sort apples
 Showing them the store. Isabel is already eyeing up which bag of apples she wants me to buy.

 Picking out their Honeycrisp apple that they get to snack on.
 Eating their apples
 I LOVE this picture! If you notice, she is biting into her apple from the side because she has wiggly front teeth.
 On the wagon ride, before she was stung by a wasp.
 On the wagon ride
Yelling "apples" with her classmates

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