Thursday, February 11, 2016

Phy Ed Team Tumbling Routine - 1st place!

In phy ed class they did tumbling routines. They have been working for about 2 weeks on them. Isabel was gone on our winter vacation for the first half of them planning and practicing. The kids had to make up their own routines and work together as group, nothing was planned for them.

They first had to win their class (6 groups) and then the top from each class had to perform again to compete against their whole grade to win one of the top 3 spots.

Isabel's group won their class and also happened to have the best score out of all the groups in the grade, so it wasn't really a surprise that they ended up winning first place.

Sorry, for the poor quality picture on this one. Apparently I was walking & trying the take the picture, but here she is with the other 3 members of her group waiting to hear the places.

And there you have the routine. This is the first time through. I taped the second time through on my new phone and it is not exactly uploading properly. Although they didn't really make any changes to their routine. They had a good one, why tweak it and potentially screw things up.

Isabel's teacher putting her medal on her. Then the phy ed teacher promptly asked for them back. LOL! She just had them for the pictures and needed them for the 5th & 6th grade routines (so she will get to do this again in the upcoming 2 years). She did say she will have something for them on Tuesday (no school on Monday) that they get to keep.

All 3 places! The 2nd place group did a nice job and have 2 gymnastic class girls & 2 dancers (one is a dancer & gymnastics) in the group. The 3rd place group actually didn't have any dancer/gymnastics kids in it and they did a really good job of picking out a variety of tumbling tricks and poses. In Isabel's group she does have a girl who is on a gymnastics team, but as well as she performed (which was great) the other girls still had to do very well together because this was a team rout5ine. I guess 5 years of gymnastics for Isabel may have been slightly helpful, although seriously her cartwheels and round-offs and backbends are just things she just does around the house or when we are trying to walk across a park. I am not kidding, she will cartwheel across a park.

Isabel's Tumbling Team

Isabel with her 4th grade teacher. I think she was pretty proud that the top team from her class took first place over the 4th grade.

Ok - got the 2nd run through of the routine to upload, so you can see it. There are just a couple things that are different that they added in, but it is the routine that got them their 1st place of the 4th graders.

Even though, Isabel did a good job on her routine and her team won first place, what I am most proud of her for is what a good sport she is and kind person. She was so excited for all her classmates and after many of their routines told them how awesome it was and parts that she thought were really neat. She was very positive towards others and not at all self-absorbed. She is just a nice friend and it makes me happy to see that she is encouraging of others

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