Friday, April 08, 2016

Talent Show: Ballet - "If Only" (& Teacher's Act)

There is a talent show at school every year in which all of the elementary school gets to watch, but only grades 3-6 can try out to perform. Yes, they do have to try-out and kids do get cut, which Isabel felt so bad for some friends that were cut. Anyways, this is the ballet that she did in the fall dance session with her friends Lydia and Jillian. They were the only 3 from our school that was in the group. They spent the last month working on figuring out how to end & when to end, since it could only be 2 minutes long and this was originally about 3 1/2 minutes long. Plus there was a section that they did different things when they did the dance and they had to figure out what to do instead and agree. So, below you can now see it because I didn't tape her dances from the fall since I had forgotten my camera and only had my phone.

And then there was the Teacher's Act at the talent show. There were 15 acts total including an act by the Student Council and a Teacher's Act by just some of the teachers.

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