Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Minnesota Achievement Championship

Isabel had a fantastic swim meet on Sunday. She got 2 B times, actually one was a B+ time and a C+ time, missing a B time by .98 seconds on her 50 Fly. Her B+ time was in the 50 Back and she got 1st place overall. Her 100 Free was the other B time and she got 5th or 6th overall for it. She got 3 ribbons, 1st, 5th and 6th overall. She did get 1st place in all her heats, but there was 3 heats for each race with 20 kids in each race.

This meet was for those with a C time or slower, which is what she had. This is the first time she had achieved B times. No A or B times could enter the meet. Her B times qualify her to be in the next Championship meet that is this weekend, but of course those events are all on the day we leave for Portland so she can't. It still qualifies her for that same Championship meet in March, so we will get that on our calendar.

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