Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oregon Trip - 4th Day

 Two years ago we went to Art ala carte and the kids loved it. You never know what will be here for you to work with. Two years ago they had some Barbies that had no clothes and Isabel made clothes for a Barbie that cheap was able to keep and play with on the trip. She still has that Barbie. This time there was no dolls but she created all of her own fairies and mermaids by using a variety of materials and hot glue.
 Here is a picture of the collection that she made while we were there. The plan is to make a fairy house at home or at the cabin but now it looks like we will have to make some kind of Little Pond next to it for the Mermaid too.
 It was hot and sunny at Fort Vancouver but the kids still indulge me with taking some pictures but I had to be quick as they were getting grumpy standing in the Sun and with how hot it was. Last time when we came here two years ago it was hot and sunny just like this. I think we came a similar week in July last time to.
 Pure Isabel is in the center of Salmon Street Springs. She really wanted to go back to the Keller Fountain but her brother wanted to come here so she was grumpy about it and refused to go in for the first 10 minutes but it was pretty warm outside even in the Shaded bench we were sitting at and she eventually gave in and went in. The kids just went in and played in their clothing since we were only a couple blocks away.
The kids didn't really have a choice in this activity. There has to be some stuff that are geared towards adults. I wanted daddy to feel like he had part of this trip as well even though he has to work during the day while we are out and about. And after having to try to get out of the city during rush hour the night before I didn't want to do that either and this was in very easy walking distance. However tonight we might try to get out of the city to do something. We will see.

Not sure if I will get to posting anything tonight or tomorrow about day 5 or what I will post during the rest of the trip. We will be driving around Oregon and Northern California to do other national parks and monuments and Rec areas and I am guessing I may not have cell service everywhere.

Today is our last full day in Portland and as of right now the only thing for sure on the docket is the kids and I are going to a chocolate factory for a tour. They start making their chocolate from the beans they get from Ecuador. I'm very curious to see how that beginning process is. You often see images of chocolate factories of them melting chocolate bars and putting them into molds and other things but I have never seen how they turned the beans into chocolate which I think would be

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