Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crafts & a Playdate

These are all pictures from several different days.

Since our next holiday is Thanksgiving, we have been making turkey crafts to decorate our dining room picture window. After next week we will begin our Christmas crafts.

The top picture is a toilet paper roll turkey.

This turkey hat was made tonight when we went to the Wee Pals childcare & preschool open house and Run, Yell, Tell Puppet Show (teaching kids about strangers & bad touch). It was a free event and it's a good thing to start teaching kids at this young age about being able to say no and getting permission from a caretaker before accepting anything from anyone.

Isabel got this sun catcher kit as a present from her friend Gavin after Henry was born.

Now that Isabel has been feeling well we have been working to fill up her social calendar, although it has been tricky since other kids have gotten sick. But we did have some friends over yesterday to play in the bounce house. It was nice for her to burn off some energy and play outside.

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