Monday, November 30, 2009


We did family photos ourselves on Sunday to use for our Christmas cards and give away individual photos of the kids. We wanted to have Skye take pictures, but that isn't in the budget so we will wait until this spring to have her take pictures of 4-year old Isabel and 6-month old Henry and family pictures. So, this is Isabel's 3 1/2 year old picture. I just ordered prints online to give our to family.

She wore several outfits on Sunday. She likes to stay in her jammies as long as possbile (who doesn't) and then she picked out her outfit for the day. She picked out a striped top, tights, & socks (she figured because they were all stripes that they matched) and some solid shorts. Later in the day she put on her Christmas outfit for pictures & we went out later since we were all clean & dressed up nicely.

We were quite crafty on Sunday. Well, mommy & Isabel were crafty while daddy & Henry took a nap. This first craft is a paper chain advent calendar. I found all the ideas for all three crafts online in different places, but because I closed the windows and I am sleep-deprived I cannot remember what the urls were. But you can get the idea of how these were all made by looking at them. I don't know that any had directions either. I think they were all pictures anyways. On the paper chain advent calendar (it's 25 links) we wrote activities or getting something from the candy dish or extra hugs/kisses on each of them. She still has the advent calendar I made her last year which will have chocolate in it (which reminds me, I need to put the chocolate in there tonight). These are mostly activities, which I also happened to correlate with things I already have planned, like visiting Santa or writing a letter to santa or a visit to the library, etc.Isabel helped me come up with what to write on each.

This was pretty fun & simple. It was based just on a picture and then I just googled "cone pattern" to get the larger pattern and then free-handed making it smaller to have 2 different sizes of cones to decorate. When we made this I really got to see her creativity. On the first one she put a star at the top and then proceeded to put 4 more stars on the top and then decorate the rest. The the other two she wanted them to be "different" and she put other shapes at the top of the tree.

She wanted to continue being different and she wanted to make her own design with the strips I precut. She made 2 of the cards and I did the others. I figure these cards we will use to attach to some gifts we give. She also made a bunch of stamped Christmas cards a couple weeks ago. Anyways, I have to wonder if the reason why the teacher said she had trouble following a pattern was because she wanted to be "different". She followed the pattern just fine when she made her card, but she was not happy about it. Apparently, she must have quite the artist spirit in her.

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