Friday, November 06, 2009


She had preschool yesterday, but seems to be getting stir-crazy when she is used to go-go-going all the time with mom and now we have been at home so much this week. Since we weren't going out to playgroups or having playdates really this week, she has started to ask me to set some up.

Today, she did have one with her friend Cole and tomorrrow she will have one with her friend Amelia. And todat daddy took her to gymnastics open gym & I took her grocery shopping. When I asked her how her day was today at supper she said, "I had a really good day."

The past couple of days she has been interested in knowing more about dinosaurs. I told her we would take her to the Science Museum so she could see the bones & skeleton. Of course, now she wants to go tomorrow, but it will have to wait a week or 2 I think.

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