Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Sleepover & TKD Class

Today we started some seeds that will be transplanted. The advanced organic gardening class I went to recommended starting tomatoes & peppers only 6 weeks in advance and planting smaller transplants in the ground. They said they withstand shock better and develop bigger & stronger plants because they didn't start getting leggy before transplanting. So, that is what we were working on this afternoon.

Later this month we will start some squash and cucumbers indoors when we have our Earth Day playgroup (which is actually a week later due to scheduling conflicts). But we like to give some seeds to our friends so that they can start a garden and have them plant them that day. We will also probably buy some flowers in cells that her friends can plant directly into pots to put on their porch.
I mentioned on Henry's blog about how much they love each other and how helpful she is. She just loves to help out with Henry as much as possible. Today she asked if she could push him around in the stroller. She was so happy to be able to do that.

So, I dropped Isabel off at her first sleepover without mom or dad sleeping over too. This is her first sleepover without us EVER. She is there as I type and I keep wondering if I will get a call to come pick her up. I stayed for about a half hour and the girls were so excited for the sleepover that they got into their pjs at 6:30pm (right when we got there) and then went outside to play.
I had to admit that I have knots in my stomach and I am not sure how well I will sleep tonight. Not sure this was the best plan since we are leaving in the morning for a couple nights in WI Dells, we will pick her up on our way out. I feel like how I felt the first week she was at daycare when she was an infant and her first preschool day camp. I was a nervous wreck, but she did just fine. When did she become such a big girl?
I don't have picture of it, but she had her first Tae Kwon Do class this week. We are trying this out because there is no dance in the spring due to the instructor having surgery & needing healing time. So, she had her first class and she loved it. She did really well and has good form and enjoyed that they got to kick & break a board at their first class. This is only 6 sessions and I don't know if community ed. offers it in the summer or not. We'll see how much she continues to like it and if she has to choose between her activities in the fall.

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