Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had So Much Fun in the Dells!

So, we went back to the Waterdome. We told Isabel we could go back to one waterpark and this was the one she picked. She did go down the big waterslide tube ride there with each one of separately. She & daddy did go over to Klondike Kavern for a little while too.

Today she asked for a blue sno-cone and it instantly turned all lips & mouths in contact with it blue. And I am sure we earned bad parents awards for feeding our 5 1/2 month old a couple sips of it (he did love it!).
So, we were there three days and I almost think we could use just one more day there. I know we could have stayed latere or gotten there earlier on the first day, but with young ones (& for us too) it was important to have a room to go back to rest. So, this time we did all 4 waterparks at least once (actually, did two of them twice) but we never did the dry playpark. I was also thinking it would have been fun to do the pottery painting thing with Isabel and next year she will be old enough to do the Wild Kids Club events (well, close enough.) But it is nice to have the time we did have there and an extra day might have just gotten really exhausting too.

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