Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lots of Pictures

I am playing catch up from this past week with photos, so they are not in order, but these are all from this week.

The top picture is from Saturday when we celebrated her birthday with my family & friend Kendra that came to visit. This was her third party (of sorts). The first was lunch & Nickelodeon Universe that I took her too and met one set of grandparents at on her actual birthday. Then the day after her birthday we had a birthday party with a bunch of friends and finally we celebrated one last time with my family. Oh, I guess we had a small family party for breakfast with just out family on her birthday.
On Saturday we went with grandma S. to the nature center. She had never been there before. We found some wild strawberries while we were there.

Here is Isabel walking into school on one of her last days of 3-year old preschool with her friends Casey & Dani. This was Thursday morning.
This is Thursday afternoon and the Fed Ex guy dropped off her butterfly garden & caterpillars. This is very exciting and the caterpillars are eating a lot and growing huge. It is like seeing the Eric Carle book in real life, except our caterpillars are a dark brow & kinda fuzzy and not green.
This was Friday went we went to the FFA Baby Farm Animal Day at the school. They had a scavenger hunt which she thought was pretty neat. Her favorite animal there was the three little piggies.

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