Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Theme: Clouds

We have had a lot of fun with our weekly theme so far this week. We started out the morning by making cotton ball clouds. It wasn't merely just gluing cotton balls on the paper, we would stretch them & shape them and see what they would become. The one picture with the scorpion is a cloud she stretched and she thought it looked like a scorpion claw. There are also clouds that are a butterfly, baby dolly, a heart, a marshmallow & ear muffs.

In the above collage you can see all the game we played with a couple of straws and a couple cotton balls. It was fun and when we were finished we used the straws for our cloud drink (see bottom collage.)

She was super excited about this activity because I told her it was magic. We talked about what happens when you color white on white and she told me it is camoflaged, then I asked what would happen when we paint over it and she didn't know. So, I had her color a cloud on the white paper with a white crayon and then we painted with blue paint. She thought the end result was pretty neat.

We had so much fun with our cloud snacks today. The popcorn clouds were her idea. She comes up with such great ideas some times. Anyways, we didn't just pop it & eat it, well, we did but there was more to it then that. First, we made popcorn in a brown paper bag in the microwave so there wa so measuring and adding of ingredients. Then when it was time to eat we would pick out one piece at a time and see what it looked like, just liek you do when you look up at clouds in the sky.
Next came our cloud drink. She was a little nervous pouring the 7UP on top of the vanilla ice cream because she knew something was going to happen, she just wasn't sure what. She thought it was fantastic that it foamed up and made a cloud on top.
We also read the book Little Cloud by Eric Carle during storytime with her brother. And with each cloud image she would act/sound it out. It became a very interactive storytime. When I had told Isabel about this theme she went in search of the books because she knew it would be perfect.
There is more to come this week. We have some videos of clouds to watch. Hopefully the weather will clear at some point and we can get out & watch the clouds & look for shapes. We are going to have a tactile activity of playing with colored clouds. We will also make a cloud in a bottle. And finally we are going to talk a little bit about cloud types and try this matching game online (which means mom has to learn this stuff too!)

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